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Battle Through the Heavens is a quite long but very exciting and interesting story. It is available in an online version, so all the potential readers can reach it through the NovelOnlineFull website.

Battle Through the Heavens is a combination of a dozen different genres such as Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Comedy, and Romance among several others.

A reader has an opportunity to move through all those genres by reaching the final point of the story. However, it is definitely going to be along a journey with an unpredictable end. That's because the story is still in an ongoing phase, and no one can yet figure out how the end could look like. There are over 1100 different chapters in Battle Through the Heavens book, new ones are about to come. 

The content is definitely great for long ride readers, but you have to have patience and will to finish this book. If you prefer short stories, this might be a wrong fit for you.

The story, however, has the strength and power to boost your reading senses, thanks to the interesting content. The main plot is placed in a distant world where magic is not present or allowed. The strong and rigid rules signify that place, and all the inhabitants are expected to follow those strict laws. 

The punishments can be quite severe, harsh and strong against those who reject and refuse to accept and follow the rules. They can be at great risk and serious danger, so there are very few of those who are ready to take the risk and try to oppose the authorities. However, the readers have an opportunity to find out that this world has another side as well. It is not so strict and dangerous at all. 

In fact, it is really great and wonderful. A lot of beautiful things are hidden in that place, and they are waiting to be discovered. The world is very rich indeed, however, that fact is often masked with other more problematic aspects of that world. Some citizens have a clear chance to take serious advantage of the richness of this place, but it is not always easy to stay at the throne even after reaching it. The story of Xiao Yan clearly explains that. He had everything including fortune and fame a few years ago, however, he suddenly lost all that. It is a good example for others who are searching for a way to those things in this world. It provides a lot of opportunities, but you have to be quite wise to keep everything you have gained so far. 

It also means you have to follow the rules in order to avoid any potential sanction that can lead to the loss of fortune and fame. Readers have a chance to find out stories of other characters in Battle Through the Heavens which struggle to achieve all they want.

They are often involved in different exciting actions, so you have a chance to enjoy while reading about their adventures.
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