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"System, can you show me her stats? I can't afford it." Ensen asked kindly, hoping the system would cut him some slack.

[She meets the minimum grade requirement, that is all I can say.]

'Stingy system.' Ensen thought.

"What did I get myself into? I thought she was going to commute like Gerhardt." Ensen muttered while sitting on his couch.

[Since it was not stated on the auction for the slot, Karina must have a.s.sumed that lodging was included.] The system replied logically.

"Well then why didn't you put it on the auction item?!" Ensen retorted.

[... I forgot.]

"How did you forget? Aren't you an almighty Supreme system?" Ensen asked in expiration.

[Of course, I'm a mighty Supreme system! But… I was busy, so I didn't pay attention.]

Face-palming at their response, Ensen ignored the system as he sank into his own thoughts.

'Luckily Kaitlin's apartment is empty right now, but people will be suspicious if they see somebody living there.' Ensen thought before sighing.

Spending the next hour working on stuff related to school, he decided that he should go talk to her now.

Standing in front oh her door, Ensen was at a loss about what to say.

Suddenly, his eyebrows shot up in surprise as he came to a startling conclusion.

"I'm going to need a mini-van, aren't I?" Ensen muttered while trying to hold back tears.

After knocking on the door, Flora seemingly rushed to it and opened it swiftly.

Looking at her face which seemed void of dirt now, Ensen nodded and satisfaction and asked calmly "May I come in? I need to talk to you."

"O-of course." She responded in a shy tone.

After walking towards the couch, Ensen began with a question.

"Why are you so formal with me? You can sit down somewhere if you'd like." Ensen said in confusion.

As Ensen waited for an answer to his question, he thought 'Why does she have perfect posture too? Do all other-worlders have perfect posture?'

"It's just… great lady Vaughn said that you were a friend and also a holy son chosen by heaven." She said while looking at the floor.

'Holy son? Is that what they call system users in her world?' Ensen thought.

"While I am a holy son, I am first of all your and teacher for the next few months. Besides, I'm not a fan of being called a holy son." Ensen said after thinking for a moment. He wasn't sure why but being called a holy son simply felt wrong for him.

"Okay, I'll try," Flora said, although he could tell that she wasn't being sincere in that.

'Seems like holy sons have a lot of influence in her world, interesting.' Ensen thought.

"Are there many holy sons in your world?" Ensen asked out of curiosity.

After pausing for a second, Flora responded "Yes, there are a total of five known holy sons in the world, they are split into 3 different factions spanning across the land."

'Ehh? Why did she report like a soldier? I wonder if there are others with systems in this world. Although I indirectly caused Kaitlin to be chosen, it doesn't change the fact that she did gain her own system.' He pondered.

"I see. Anyways, have you had formal education before?" Ensen asked, hoping for the best.

"N-no, I'm sorry. I was a peasant at birth, but great lady Vaughn told me to follow her when she visited my village but I've never really done any work for her yet." She said with her eyes still staring at the floor, waiting for Ensen to yell at her.

"No it's fine, it actually might be better this way," Ensen said almost immediately.

Although he would love to have his students from Earth to have prior education, it wasn't necessarily the same for other places due to them possibly bringing biases to their school life. He was also in a rather precarious position as he wasn't sure how other worlds work, so science on Earth might be completely useless for them.

There was also the fact that conflict could erupt if a n.o.ble from another world came to the school which would complicate matters by quite a bit.

"Well, I've taken up a bit of your time. You can do whatever you'd like now, there are some books in the other room or you can watch TV. Just don't touch anything but the fridge, plates, and utensils in the kitchen. Some of the other things can do harm if not properly used, okay?" Ensen said, worried that she would somehow start a fire if she began playing around.

"I understand. I… I will watch this magical mirror then." Flora said while looking at the TV.

'That is… nevermind, I gotta pick my battles.' Ensen thought.

"Okay, that's fine. Do you need help learning how to use it?" He asked.

"I think I can figure it out… thank you." Flora said shyly.

After saying that he would visit again in the morning to get her some more clothes to wear, Ensen returned to his apartment.

'Maybe I really do need a dorm building.' He thought as he pulled up his missions.

[Main mission: Elevate subject knowledge to average]

[While you have acquired five students, their lack of knowledge leaves much to be desired. The first step in educating these young minds is catching up with the standard knowledge people are taught at this age. This includes all subjects taught in the academy, such as English, math, and others. Music skills are not included in this.]


[100 Ep]

[Natural History skill increases]

[Chain mission 1: Educate a student in music]

[In the student body, the student 'Leah Brooks' has the highest talent in the musical area. As such, her skill level in the music category should be increased to a minimum of D within three weeks. While this would not be possible with the majority of the population, both her specialty and innate skill will make this possible.]


[20 Ep]

[Access to next chain mission]

"I think I'm making decent progress so far. I'll need to accelerate the teachings of Leah by quite a bit to make it in time I think, though." He muttered as he walked into his bedroom.

Although it wasn't particularly late at this point, Ensen was exhausted from all of the things that happened today.

Quickly, Ensen fell asleep in bed.

Waking up the next morning early, as usual, he looked at the time and realized he should probably wait a bit before visiting Flora to make sure she could sleep well.

Throughout the next two days, Ensen bought Flora clothes to wear to school and taught her a little about the world to make sure she wouldn't get into trouble.

Although they had to drive past numerous car lots which had an unusually large amount of mini-vans. Seeing this as a taunt, Ensen grew more resolute on keeping his current car although he felt like he was slowly yielding to the idea.

"Could I hire a school bus service?��� Ensen asked the system quietly, so Flora wouldn't overhear. Although he was conflicted about the expense at the moment, he could most likely afford it in the future.

[Otherworldly Faculty]

[This allows the private academy to hire ent.i.ties from other worlds. Due to a deal between various systems, the otherworld faculty do not require payment of any sort. The host will be presented with various job applications filled out by either beings in other worlds or their system. The application is restricted to the selected student body.]


[Faculty salary -100%]

[The host may not hire beings in the same world]

'...d.a.m.n it. I really do need to hire a transportation company from another world? That's crazy!' Ensen silently protested.

[This was your choice.]


Hearing a strange noise come from Ensen, Flora stared in his direction with confused eyes.

Trying to keep a straight face, Ensen returned to their apartment building. As they stood in front of their apartment doors, Ensen said to Flora "Be ready a little earlier tomorrow, I'll be driving you as well as a few other students to school."

Seeing Flora nod shyly, they both entered their apartments.

'Looks like she will be staying in that apartment for a while, I need to go pay Kaitlin's rent later.' Ensen thought as continued reading 'The all-slaying dog'.

As the night slowly pa.s.sed, Ensen woke up and quickly made sandwiches for his students. After all, Ensen still didn't actually have a person who ran the cafeteria.

After knocking on Flora's door, she quickly opened wearing clothes that Ensen had bought on

As they both got into the car, Ensen decided to take a slightly longer route to the orphanage so he could drop off Flora at the school first.

Unlocking the front door, he quickly led her to the cafeteria and gave her a quick introduction before returning to the car.

While all four of them could it into the car, it would be overly cramped which wouldn't be fun for anybody.

As Ensen arrived in front of the orphanage, Warren yelled "I thought you weren't coming!" in a joking manner.

Smiling slightly, Ensen said calmly "Sorry for being a little late guys, I was dropping off a new student."

With shining eyes, Warren asked, "Does she live around here like us?"

"Actually, she lives in a foreign country and will only be here for a few months," Ensen responded after a moment of thought.

Technically speaking, Ensen wasn't lying.