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Yuito woke with a start.

By looking around the room, he could tell that he was in his own room right under Aoi's. It was a small room of about six tatami mats. With a simple layout of a bed, a small desk, and a walk-in closet.

-Huh…!? What's this!? I… with Aoi-sama…

Looking down, he saw that he was wearing his favourite pajama shirt. His body that should have been dirtied by s.e.m.e.n had been cleaned as if nothing happened.


Dazed, he looked up at the small window of light coming from near the ceiling. The outside was bright, and the blinding light flooded the room. He looked at the clock and saw that it was six in the morning.

「Uh… wh. No way, was it a dream…」

「Yuito-. Are you up-?」

In that moment, the door quickly opened after a light knock. Getting used to it, he always thought there was no point in knocking. Mornings were the busiest time, and Seita was impatient anyways.

「Se-Seitsan… good morning…」

「The effect of the medicine is impacted by the amount that is used. Below a certain amount, nothing happens, but above a certain amount, it may cause harmful effects. Next time, keep the dosage as prescribed.」


「This is the medicine that you dropped in the rose garden. Furthermore, with this amount… I'm hoping that you weren't taking it every day.」


As he was talking, Seita took out the bundle of medicine Yuito carried around from his inner pocket. The blood in Yuito's face drained away.

-I knew it wasn't a dream…!! What should I do… it's already out… actually, why am I sleeping in my own room!? What happened!?

「Seitsan… um…」

「Why are you here even though you were just rolling around in bed with Aoi-sama?」


「Well, well… where to start…」

Seita sat down on Yuito's bed, his head lowered with a sour face. Unusually, Seita's hair was slightly disheveled.

「…Um, I…」

「Oh, it's fine. Keeping it a secret that you're an omega.」

「Huh!? Why!?」

「Why… That you've kept it hidden up until now, must mean that you have a good reason. I'm assuming it's something about your grandfather.」


「Besides, it seems that Aoi-sama may not be willing to let you go.」


Hearing Aoi's name, his heart rate sped up. His face heated up, and a painful throbbing radiated from the center of his body.

Seeing Yuito's reaction, Seita let out a small sigh and gave a wry smile.

「I know that you also adore Aoi-sama.」


Seita spoke with a smile as he crossed his long legs. His black leather shoes with a slight pointed tip were polished well today as well.

「…Yesterday evening, Aoi-sama contacted me for the first time in a whole day.」

「Contact…? Wait, whole day?!」

「When you collapsed in the rose garden, it was the night before yesterday. In other words, you and Aoi-sama were rolling in the sheets for almost twenty-four hours.」

「Rol… you don't have to say it like that…」

「Don't mind the details. In the middle of the night, Aoi-sama phoned me in a trembling voice.」

Seita took out a small mobile phone from his pocket and shook it as he said so. It was for Aoi to call Seita in the case of an emergency, but it didn't seem to have much use. However, it rang twice in the last two days.

「『Yuito stopped moving… please help me.』」

「Stopped moving…?」

「I was flustered and came running, you… were exhausted and had fallen asleep. Aoi-sama looked worried and was only wearing a shirt, you were wrapped in a blanket as he held you in his arms.」

「…Aoi-sama did…?」

「Aoi-sama thought he had over done it, and may have broken Yuito, he looked very frightened. Seeing that face was the first time for me. I've worked here since he could no longer see, but even then I never saw it.」

「Anyways, at the time, I thought that alphas weren't like human beings. Especially since Aoi-sama excelled even when he couldn't see, and with his personality, it felt far from human sometimes… but looking at that face, even that child, I thought he looked like a regular nineteen year old.」

Seita stowed the phone away in his pocket as he finished speaking.

Yuito couldn't imagine what kind of face Aoi had at all. Like Seita said, Yuito may have also put Aoi on a pedestal in his mind. It was impossible to imagine Aoi's trembling frame and quivering voice.

Yuito was attracted to Aoi's gentleness and strength, but truthfully, he wasn't aware of what was going on in Aoi's mind. He was a gentleman, and although he would tease Yuito by saying something mean, Aoi would always have on an indifferent expression, it was difficult to figure out his feelings.

That Aoi was upset… Yuito's chest set off like an alarm bell.

「Aoi-sama said that it was prohibited to mention that you are an omega. When you recover, you can return to work as usual. Tomorrow, I'll be accompanying you to a hospital examination.」

「Um… I… it's okay to stay here…?」

「Well… even I would be troubled if you were suddenly gone.」

Yuito sighed in relief. But at the same time, an uneasy feeling crept in his mind.

This would mean that Aoi would have to hide it from Ren. Along with the eye surgery and his partner selection, this was an important time for him…

Yuito's face clouded over. Seita slapped Yuito's back and asked him a question.

「That thing I asked you about a while ago, are you taking suppressants everyday?」


「Hey, hey, hey, that's what I thought. You're not supposed to take these like that!! You're lucky nothing bad happened until now!!」


「I'm guessing you haven't followed the prescription. Since how long have you been taking these?」

「Umm, two years… I guess. They sold it cheap in town. I bought it a long time ago.」

「You've been taking these every day for two years!? It's no wonder they wouldn't work!」

「…I'm sorry. When they weren't being as effective, I thought it would be alright if I just increased the amount…」

「Goodness, it's not that simple at all… One of my old friends is a doctor. When I told him about you, he prepared medicine at once. From now on, quit taking these cheap and suspicious suppressants, and get proper ones from him. That guy might be a little stiff. But it'll be alright.」

「I'm sorry…」

「Seeing how you are now, it seems that your heat is over.」

「…Ah, that… I've been feeling a bit weird for the past week…」

「Is that so… here, take this.」

A pale blue pill was handed over. Yuito gazed at Seita in confusion when he couldn't find the name of the medicine carved on the small pill.

「It's a morning-after pill… this sort of thing, I really don't want to give it… but right now, if you were to carry Aoi-sama's child, things will become unnecessarily complicated.」

「… Ah, yes… you're right…」

-Carrying Aoi-sama's child… that's right… I'm an omega…

After doing those kinds of things, it's hard to say if Aoi's seed hadn't taken root inside of Yuito. Yuito took the tablet from Seita's hand and swallowed it down with a mouthful of water. And then, he let out a heavy sigh.

「…I… what should I do…」

「That is something I can't answer… what do you want to do?」


He didn't want to leave this place. He wanted to stay by Aoi's side forever. That's all Yuito wished for.

He had a physical relationship with Aoi, but Yuito couldn't hope for anything more than that, or rather, it wouldn't be good to do so. That was a very natural reaction from a young alpha under the effects of an omega's pheromones. He shouldn't have expectations of Aoi's emotions…

「I, as always… will continue to support Aoi-sama.」

「…I see, I have no objections.」

「Yes. I have to go now, Aoi-sama will need to get up soon.」

「That's right. You should change your clothes quickly.」


Yuito nodded and tried to get up. But his lower body felt heavy and he staggered as he struggled to stand. Seita said「oops」and grabbed Yuito's arm to support him.

The area between his legs was throbbing with pain and his waist was heavy. Although he wasn't in a condition where he could work ordinarily, Yuito put strength in his legs, and straightened his back.

Author's Note: This is the end of Chapter 1. Chapter 2 will be from Aoi's point of view. If you don't mind, please stick with me. Thank you very much.