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12th Zombie Apocalypse and teammates that drive ducks onto a perch

Lin Yi Ning did not know that he had beaten and intruded in other people’s affairs.

They provoked many different beast just to open the second layer of the copy, not to make wedding dress for him. The task requires them to reach the number of four players before they can follow the store owner to the second layer of the copy. A companion of the three players is currently trapped outside, waiting for a chance to escape the beasts but did not expect that his position will be first taken away by Lin Yi Ning.

One of the three players sent a fierce stare at Lin Yi Ning who simply lowered his head and pretended not to see. In fact, he was not very happy in his heart, and the feeling of having his plans disrupted made him very annoyed.

But now, they can only live in harmony for a while. For them, their teammate is already unable to carry out the copy and if Lin Yi Ning is kicked out, it means immediately giving up the task. It’s better to improvise first. As for Lin Yi Ning, if he quit, not to mention offending the three people inside, the beast waiting outside is too much for him to deal with.

The two group keep their own thoughts and reached a bizarre balance.

The NPC is not interested in the players grudge and dutifully said his line: ” Jingchen is not safe now and we are going to Changchuan base. Do you want to come with us?”

Then they heard the background: Jincheng has become a paradise for zombies. After a long struggle, you met other survivors. You are overjoyed and decided to come with them to the Changchuan Base.

One of the three on the side hummed.

“Then let’s go.”

The boss didn’t look at them again, and went to the back door of the shop.

Lin Yi Ning suddenly saw the view change as he walk out of the back door of the shop.

No matter how dangerous the copy of the pet market in the Free City is, most places are clean – cool and clean. Whether it is a person or a beast, after a period of time after death and n.o.body collected the body, the game system will take them directly as garbage and dispose them. Just like processing data in a computer software, picking everything relating to it then deleting it.

The second layer of the apocalyptic copy is different. The background says that the apocalypse has arrived for nearly three months. So its suitable that the streets in this apocalyptic copy is cold and desolate. The slab-covered street were evenly strewn with dust, with dried leaves on its wedges. The winds swelled and the leaves rustled.

Lin Yi Ning feels that it should be autumn.

The four of them followed the boss,went out of the long broken gate and into the neighborhood on the edge.

Inside the pet market is the beasts territory, the outside belong to the corpse, and they don’t bother each other. Survivors, including the boss, can only survive in the murky area of the junction between the two.

The boss led them into a bas.e.m.e.nt in the residential area, which was a supermarket warehouse. With these supplies, seven or eight survivors survived for three months.

Seeing the boss brought some people back, someone urgently pulled him: “Really brought back? Do you know what these guys do?”

The boss helplessly said: “What can I do without bringing them back? How long can we wait? They have a car. We don’t have one.”

The opposite person was dumbfounded.

【Apocalypse Series Task 1: Protection of the survivors arriving at Changchuan Base】

Lin Yi Ning heard the system beep from his ears.

“Well, yes. We have two cars, enough for 12 people.” One of the three players sincerely said, “We don’t mean anything else. You see, now that the world has become like this, isn’t it appropriate for those who survived to take care of each other?”

He should also have received the system prompt, Lin Yi Ning did not express any surprise.

The man added: ” In fact, we are not simply doing good things. Its safer to go with many people. We had two cars and could have taken two car worth of supplies, but it would be too unsafe to separate with only two people in a car. Let’s go together, its good for us and we can bring more things.”

Sometimes, a little selfish word can be more credible. After hearing him, the other survivors turned from precaution to doubt.At the this, Lin Yi Ning who didn’t really talk much is relieved. It’s really good if they can can this level with ease.

“Let’s go and get something ready first.” Another player said. “Our plan is like this, you can see if it’s not feasible…”

Their plan is like this.

Lin Yi Ning protects the survivors while they go hunting for mutant beast. The other three players went to a large mall to get something they needed, mainly drones, alarm clocks and cameras.

They will then tie the flesh and blood of the mutant animal to the drone and lead the corpses away for an easy escape.

In front of these group of players with the minimum of level six, in the current city, whether a mutant beast or a corpse,does not pose a great threat to them -but it the territory of others, its inevitable that an elephant will be killed ants. They have to run away.

They also just want to get something and did not entangle with the monsters, so the plan went well.

Early in the next morning, a group of people quietly crept to the edge of their car.

In the city, the sound of the car is too loud and will attract the zombies, but its more convenient to move things over.

The player doesn’t care much about the supplies, but these survivors in the game can’t, moving two or three times to transfer everything.

The group of three were guarding the car over there and Lin Yi Ning followed the survivors that moved things to protect them. The game was still good, the car was about 15 minutes away from the warehouse where the survivors lived. The NPC funnily ignored the bug in the game, and followed Lin Yi Ning to move stuff with a nervous face.

“Brother, you should move some.” This survivor is the son of the small supermarket owner. No one died in their family and now is quite relaxed, wanting to leave this shit hole and leisure enough to make jokes with Lin Yi Ning.

Lin Yi Ning, with a bow and arrow in his hand, gave him a look, “If I’m holding something, who’s going to kill the corpse? You?”

“Why can’t I?” Laughed the little fellow.

“Wasn’t it you who was scared to tears by the mutant beast yesterday?” Lin Yi Ning joked with him.

The little guy was ready to talk back, but suddenly heard Lin Yi Ning’s voice turned serious: “Drop the things, run!”

He shook and look back, and at the end of the road, two corpse were coming towards them, their gray dull eyes staring at them in hunger.

He immediately threw the things on his hands, pulled up his sister and ran to the other side of the car.

Lin Yi Ning tightened his grip at his long bow and aimed it at the corpse. The monster over there seems to feel the threat. Although it’s still roaring non stop, but it did not dare to move forward.

One of the monster tested first and took two steps, and Lin Yi Ning shot an arrow, hitting him in the head.

The corpse did not know fear, but knew how to act by instinct. The death of his companion let him know that Lin Yi Ning should not be provoked, but the temptation of  fresh and blood in front of him made him unwilling to retreat.

Lin Yi Ning faced him and slowly retreated to the side of the car, one hand opening the door of the co-pilot seat while releasing an arrow.


The corpse was able to easily dodge the arrow, and he seemed to understand that he have been fooled by Lin Yi Ning. Growling, he rushed over.

The player was already in the driver’s position stepped into full throttle, and the car rushed out. Two cars, one after another, galloped  on the empty road. Soon, a string of corpses fall behind them.

The young man of the family of four sat together with Lin Yi Ning in the car. He still felt silly and asked Lin Yi Ning: “Brother, why didn’t you kill that corpse just now ah?”

“Because he has a crystal nucleus.” The player in the driver’s seat drove and leisurely explained: “Some zombies have crystal nucleus, some don’t. When a zombie with a crystal nucleus dies, the smell will spread thus attracting more zombies.

“Oh.” The little guy seemed to understand.

The player who was in the same car with Lin Yi Ning smiled at him: “Nice to meet you. My name is Chen Feng. Maybe you and w.a.n.g Jintao has a little unpleasant encounter before, but now the task is important and we need to understand each other for this to work.”

Lin Yi Ning gave him a look and nodded, but he did not gave him his name.

Chen Feng looked very reasonable and did not ask again.

They are not the same as ordinary survivors, there are other props on them and then there is the aid of the app. When they made the plan yesterday, they took into account a number of situations in which the drone was used in the junction in front of a school where there could be large number of zombies.

As they approached the school, Lin Yi Ning saw the other car in front of them  had let their drone out.

The player in the other car should be a master in this area, the drone flew near the corpse head before it quickly lifts off, attracting their attention.

The speed of the car is very fast, and the control distance of the drone is limited. Its quiet difficult to attract zombies this way.

The manage to drew away half of the hundreds on corpse in front of them.

According to the plan, the drone flew into a large pit that was still not repaired — there are many of such places in the city and is being dug up everyday.

The zombies roared and broke through the thin iron sheet around the big pit, smelling the flesh and blood of the drone at the bottom of the pit and jumped desperately.

The next half will depend on themselves.

“Get ready–!” Chen Feng smiled and turned on the music in the car. In a rebellious rock music, two cars broke through the zombies and rushed to the high way with flesh and blood.

T/N: Yay! we’re going to the apocalypse~