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I could see her watching me carefully as she further explained some concepts about mana. It was interesting and useful, but a lot of it did not really apply to me right now. Though the bit about how each element has separate specialities within it, was interesting.

"Now then, let's get onto one of your core subjects. Darkness."

I began to focus on her, again. This time paying my full attention. Ready to take in and sear everything she says into my skull.

"First thing you will have to decide on a specialty. I will teach you the basic stuff, yes. A specialty is important so you have an aim and know where you will be going with the element. You can choose shadows, death and last of all chaos or well it's like h.e.l.l magic. It's not evil, just more related to destruction. Your fire magic would go well with this."

I looked at her, a bit confused when she mentioned fire magic.

Seeing my look, she had an odd look on her face, before she went a bit red.

"Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you, You can, if you wish, study the fire element as well. Well, I a.s.sumed you would. It boosts the highest amount of destructive capability among all of the elements. That is if you lose it like that. Like all elements it has its own spelisations. One last thing, you will need to decide on an element as a base. Basically, that element will be your main element and you can use others yes, but other elements will alter your main element. Such as h.e.l.l fire, or you can have well honestly, I don't know. It is too hard to do it like that. So I would suggest using fire as your base as you have the highest affinity with it."

Once she finished speaking, she took a big breath. Then looked at me and smiled.

"That is the basics covered, now you better go to the fire hall. It is not that far."

I stood up to go, but then I remembered what she had said about a reward, turning around to ask her about it. She was there in front of me. She gave me a little kiss on my cheek, then pushed me out of the door, slamming it in my face.

I stood there for a minute, confused at what had happened. Then I began to walk off to the fire hall. Once I arrived, I noticed one thing. It was packed. I just managed to find a free s.p.a.ce, though it was right at the back of the hall.

When the master walked in, it was with alot of dramatic flair. He walked in through a door way made of fire. Though from what I had previously leanred, that was not actually that hard to do, it was just some basic manipulation of mana.

The lesson started off, very similar to what I just learned. Although there was alot more questions as time went on. The specialties i found out were, magma user, fire weaver and inferno. Inferno focused on the destruction side and the heat fire generated, magam was more focused on liquid fire and fire weaver was the control of fire. The basics were spells for attacking such as flames, fireball, fire spears as well as the fire wall for defences, though I can think of ways so that it can be used for an attack. In fact the only difference with my previous lesson was that instead of talking about darkness magic, he was speaking about fire magic.

I began to lose focus in the lesson and began, thinking of the demons again and my last encounter with them. That battle, as I alongside the others charged through. Then my wound, as I thought about the axe in my shoulder, I subconsciously moved my hand over it and grimaced as I remembered the pain. A few people around me looked at me oddly.

The closest to me, a man of around my height came a bit closer near my ear. "Are you alright?" He whispered to me.

I looked over to him. "I am just remembering something."

The cryptic answer I gave, did nothing to dissuade him from talking to me as I hoped, instead it seemed like he was more interested in talking to me now, than before.

"What could be so bad that you make that face for? It is not like you were in a battle." Though he was still whispering, it was like his voice was an explosion going off next to my ear.

"You are right in that, I was in a battle, a big one at that. Now leave me alone."

After finishing talking to him, I began to try and focus on the end of the lesson. It didn't last much longer and the teachy left in the same flashy way as he had entered. I was one of the first up and out of the door. I headed for the library as I wanted to see what kind of information there was there. Though not just about magic, I wanted to find more about the world itself.

The library was like the hall elements. It was one of the ma.s.sive halls. As I entered the library, what I found was a small entrance. On the walls, were scenes of a ma.s.sive war. Lots of different races all fighting for what looked like five divine thrones which were empty. All of what was said on the sign for it, was an artistic representation of the great war.

As I was looking at the art work, the person who was next to me in the cla.s.s came up behind me.

"So what battle were you in? Also when was it? I don't meet soldiers often. Especially here."

After I had seen who it was, I sighed lightly, at the fact that he was still curious about me.

"I never knew what it was called, and to be honest i'm not even sure how long ago it was. All I can tell you is that it was a ma.s.sive battle against the demons."

After I told him that I had been fighting demons, the look on the man's face became a somber one.

"I can't imagine what that was like, anyway I have a great respect for those who have fought the demons, once I am strong enough, I will be there, alongside my older brother Ajax." As he spoke he began to light up more and more, when he got to the part about Ajax, there was a fanatical glint in his eyes.

"Is your brother a knight by any chance."

He looked at me in surprise. "How did you know that..wait. Do you know my brother?"

"Yeah I do then. I met him once."

When I said that I heard someone yell my name. Walking through the door was the people I floored last night, but only this time it wasn't just the five of them.