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At the moment Nikalas was in the dining hall of Everlight seeing the scene before him with surprise. Since Everlight had grown in population, only at the dinner time the people of Everlight could get together and dine together.

And everyone dining together shocked Nikalas because clearly there was no social status in the room as the maids, servants, everyone dined together in the same long oak tables.

"Riya, why are you standing?"

Seeing Riya standing beside Nikalas Amaryll asked

"Riya, it's fine you can sit. We don't have a thing such as n.o.bles here so you can sit with us"

Riya couldn't believe what Amaryll had just said, how could a maid sit with them in the same table so she shook her head nervously and stood there even though she could see every one, even the goblins having dinner in the same room as Knight.

However, suddenly an invisible power moved her body against her will and made her sit beside Nikalas.


Amaryll knew that it was Knight who did this as she gave a death stare at him

"What? she was going to stand there until we finish our dinner"

"No, she was not"

"Yes she was"

"Oh come on you two, we have new residents here"

Uncle Dior said and stopped Knight and Amaryll from start bickering

"So tell us Nikalas,Riya do you like Everlight?"

"Uncle Dior, they have just arrived here. Give them some time"

Seeing Nikalas taking some time to answer, Amaryll intervened and said

"No no, I like it's just... "

Nikalas looked at the happy faces and buzzing in the dining hall for a moment

"All of this is new to me"

Just like he said, Nikalas had no experience of dining with others or people treating him this nicely before, all of this felt like a dream to him.

"Yeah, this place has that effect on everyone"

Uncle Dior said as everyone in the table nodded.

"How's Don and Arrora doing out there?"


Hearing Amaryll, Nikalas frowned and asked as he knew Don but never heard of the name Arrora before

"Its Adria for them, Amaryll"

Knight reminded Amaryll as Nikalas realized that Adria's real name was Arrora.

"They are fine"

Although Nikalas heard how his uncle treating Don from Riya, he didn't want to reveal that to everyone here

"I kinda miss those two"

Amaryll said

"Even Don?"

Knight asked with a mocking grin on his face as Amaryll rolled her eyes

"Yes even Don"

"I thought you hate him"

"I don't hate him, it's just he's always so cold. I mean would it kill him to smile now and then?"

Riya was shocked to see how Amaryll is addressing her king by his first name because it would be a crime to address the king by his name in Korrinth but she also saw that no one seemed shocked like her hearing Amaryll

"He made us smile, didn't he? that's all it matters"

Uncle Dior said as everyone in the table nodded

"Speaking of Don, Knight what's happening in Korrinth?"

"The Agorians are getting ready for war with Korrinth as we speak"

When Nikalas heard Knight, he couldn't help but worry because even after everything that happened to them Korrinth is still his home.


(Present day)

"Your majesty, our spies reported that King Garreth and his army is just a day away from us"

"Father, what are we gonna do?"

Kate insisted on taking part in the war meeting with General Wil as King Harold agreed unwillingly.

"General Wil, how many men King Garreth has?"

Darlene asked as General Wil sighed and said

"At least eight hundred men, your royal highness"

"That's tough"

"Don, Korrinth is depending on you"

From what Don had heard until now, Korrinth has no chance of winning against the Agorians, no chance at all.

"When are your men arriving?"

Even though King Harold was ready to stab Don in the back any time, he still didn't want to take any chances.


Nodding at Don, King Harold turned to look at General Wil

"Do whatever you want to raise the troops' morale except drinking. I don't want my men to be drunk on the battlefield"

As he said, King Harold turned to leave the tent but he heard General Wil call him

"Your majesty"

"What General, spit it out"

Don could see the cold sweat on General Wil's face as he swallowed and said

"Your majesty, according to our spies King Garreth have at least hundred master level mercenaries on his side"

At this point, King Garreth knew it's going to be a losing battle but hearing General Wil, the little bit of optimism he had till now disappeared.

"They don't even hide their cultivation your majesty, it seems King Garreth wants us to know"

King Harold had nothing to say as he shook his head and looked at Don

"I hope you have a few masters in your army to put up a fight"

As he said, King Harold left the tent before General Wil drop more shocking news and cause him a heart attack leaving Don, Darlene, Kate, Arrora, and General Will behind.

After seeing King Harold leaving the tent, Don and Arrora also stepped out of the tent to see the army of Korrinth. Looking at their faces, Arrora knew there's no hope for Korrinth. Every single one of them had seemed like they had already been defeated, there was no hope on their faces.

"Poor guys"


"Alright listen up"

At the moment Knight was standing on the stage looking at his men. Besides Knight, Ken, Dhursir, and Prince Nikalas were standing as Ken and Dhursir had a proud look on their faces.

The black armor Ken and Dhursir designed for them would definitely strike fear in enemies' hearts. Nikalas could see the armors were made of high-quality metal and forged with the utmost care by the dwarves, especially the infantry unit.

And when he looked at the archers, he could see the delicately made longbows in their hands and the shining dark metal arrows in their quivers.

Just by looking at the arrows and bow, Nikalas could guess that these archers would be a nightmare for the Agorians.

No matter the unit, every single one of them wore black helms and masks to cover their faces.

"They are looking good, your majesty"

Ken said to Knight as he looked at everyone for a moment

"Next time we go to war, I want our crest to be etched onto the armor"

"your majesty, ye have at least rejected a hundred designs for tha crest"

"Because I don't like any of them, Everlight's crest must be unique and cool"

It was true that Knight rejected all the designs Ken presented, even the crest they had in his time. Since they had no crest, Everlight's soldiers looked more like in black armor mercenaries without a crest on their chest.

Besides the offense and defense units, the reapers had sacks on their backs to pillage and loot enemy dead bodies on the battlefield.

"Even though this is your first real battle, I DO NOT want any of you to die. Understand?"

When Knight told them about the war with Agorian's everyone became excited rather than worried which made Knight very happy. Since they were trained by Knight and had high-quality armor, Knight didnt want a single casualty in his side.

"Understood, General Knight"

"Good, now take this"

As Knight said, Nikalas saw hundreds of small pills appearing and floating towards the men.

Taking the pills into their hand, everyone felt the cold chill from the pill in their hand when they touched the pill.

"Swallow this pill before you engage an enemy, it'll keep you alive unless you lose your head or suffer major injuries"

It was a trick Don and Knight learned from many near death experiences in the divine continent. The pill was nothing but a chilled healing potion, after being swallowed, the pill would slowly dissolve and start to heal the injuries from within. Without this trick, they would have to retrieve the healing potion from their s.p.a.ce ring and drink it which could give the enemy enough time to end their lives before even drinking the potion.

Aside from the pills, Nikalas also draw many defense enhancing runes according to his father's diary on every armor they are currently wearing.

During these days, Nikalas spent most of his time repairing the teleportation array with the dwarves and Ken. Even though he's just a rank 2 runemaster, with his father's diary he was able to fix the teleportation array and now the teleportation array could work without a chance of permanently getting damaged.

If he wants to restore the array to its previous state, he has to level up his cultivation level and rune mastery, and to do that, he must go to an academy or magic school. However for now, the teleportation array problem has been fixed.

"Shadow demons, since you guys are the most powerful, I want you to watch over your brothers and sisters. If they looked like they are going to be killed, jump in and help them"

The blacked robed men nodded their heads as Knight continued

"And if some of you see an opening to take out enemy commanders, kill them. But avoid killing the king "

Nikalas would have been shocked to hear this but he already heard about Knight and his methods like this from Amaryll.

"Finally, you will be awarded a gold coin for each of your kills and even promoted according to your performance"


The moment the men heard Kight about the rewards, they shouted and cheered as Knight could see the morale jumping up a notch from their voices.