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Chapter 145: The Smile that Carried Murderous Intent

“Second Brother, do you think what little Chuxi said is true? That she saved someone and the person actually gifted her such a valuable gift?” asked the first elder suspiciously, caressing the porcelain bottle in his hands.

“Chuxi said so, then it must be so.” The second elder smiled. With that suffocating feeling gone, he currently felt a lot better.

“How could little Chuxi move the White Stone City's Lan family? She did not seem to have known the Lan family previously. Even if she did, it would not be the good kind of knowing them.” The first elder frowned in doubt. “Just now Yichen said that she defeated the Lan family's genius.”

“Genius is a t.i.tle that others put on her. What is a genius? There is always someone out there who is better. This has proved that our Chuxi is stronger,” said the second elder, his face full of pride.

The first elder was still caressing the porcelain bottle. “Who should we give these two pills to?”

The second elder's expression also turned serious. “We have to select carefully. And they must keep it a secret.”

“Yes,” replied the first elder, nodding seriously.

If it became known that they owned the Tian Luo Pill, that was naturally not a good thing. If others thought that they had more and came to s.n.a.t.c.h them, then what would they do? Or if someone tried to force them to disclose the origins of the pill, how would they explain?

Therefore, the allocation of the Tian Luo Pill was actually extremely important.

After Ling Chuxi briefly explained the Ling family's current situation and her strategy in the letter, she despatched someone to bring it to the Lan family. All that was left was to wait for the Lan family to send over the medicine the next day.

In the deep of the night, Ling Chuxi sat alone at the table by the window. She stretched out her hand to gently caress the Luo Chen Sword lying on the table. Her gaze was incomparably sharp. Little White was sitting on the other chair, quietly looking at Ling Chuxi's actions.

Suddenly, she took up the Luo Chen Sword and turned to the window, squinting slightly. A smile that carried murderous intent appeared on her pretty face.

The Qin family and the Luo family desperately desired to swallow the Ling family, but they also needed to see whether they really were capable enough to do so. This debt definitely needed to be calculated. It's just that, before that, Ling Chuxi need to collect some interest first.

Tightly clenching the Luo Chen Sword, she suddenly stood up. Patting Little White's head, she gently said, “Little White, be good and wait for me here. I will return once I have settled some stuff.”

She took out an exquisite human skin face mask and put it on. Carrying the Luo Chen Sword, she lightly leaped out of the window. The face mask was something extra she had made when she made a face mask for Mu Liufeng. She never thought that she would have a chance to use it so soon.

The night was quiet. After a few leaps, Ling Chuxi silently landed on the roof of the Qin family's home.

'Qin Nanfeng and Luo Qiying actually tried to kill the second elder. Unforgivable! Tonight, they must pay the price!'

After Ling Chuxi left, Little White shook its ears. The next moment, the silver-haired, purple-eyed Huangfu Qingjue appeared. His exquisite face was just as shocking.

He slowly walked to the side of the window and looked out at the boundless night, shaking his head gently. “Little thing, you really are impulsive.” Although he said such words, his eyes contained a deep affection.

As he said those words, he also silently leaped out the window. A stunning silver light flashed as he chased after Ling Chuxi.

At this moment, Ling Chuxi had already snuck into the Qin family's ancestral court. She knew that Qin Nanfeng's cultivation was stronger than hers, but so what?! She was willing to use her all to beat him.

Furthermore, she had absolute confidence that she would be able to retreat without harm! She was a venomous doctor, a shocking venomous doctor who had once caused fear with the mere mention of her name!