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Half of the ride was silent. Xu Zhuya looked out of the window, watching the running cars and people whereas Wu Yanchen focused on his driving.

After some time, Xu Zhuya looked at Wu Yanchen and asked "Your wife must be very lucky to have you."

Wu Yanchen hearing Xu Zhuya, looked at her. He wanted to say something but he felt his words to be very less. He felt speechless. He gave a nod and focused on driving.

Xu Zhuya also turned her head back towards the window.

After a minutes later, the car came to a halt. Xu Zhuya looked around thinking that she had come to her destination. But, she felt something amiss.

"Why did you stop the car here ??" Xu Zhuya asked looking outside. It was a deserted place and she felt herself to be the only one here along with Wu Yanchen.

Soon her mind was filled with dirty thoughts. 'Why did he bring me over here?? This deserted place, is he planning on something ?? Ahh, who would have thought a person like him cannot be trusted ?? I shouldn't have trusted him ??'

Nevertheless, she shook her head and broke her train of thoughts.

Seeing her shaking her head, Wu Yanchen gave a laugh. Through her nature, he understood what she was thinking. He then said, without any hesitation "It's not what you think ."

Xu Zhuya looked at him dazed "???"

"I have to meet someone over here, that is why I stopped the car." Wu Yanchen said while looking here and there from the window.

"Ohh, there they are." He then pointed at someone with his index finger and got out of the car.

Seeing him get out of the car, Xu Zhuya also opened the door and was stepping out, but then she heard Wu Yanchen speak "You stay here!! I'll come soon."

Xu Zhuya gave a nod and closed the door and adjusted herself on the seat.

Sitting in the car, she looked at where Wu Yanchen was going.

"He has got a nice figure." Xu Zhuya mumbled to herself. Suddenly, she realised what she said and hit her hand on her head.

"Aish !!! What's with me ?? How can I think like that of someone whom I barely know ??" She again looked at the person walking.

She felt herself having a b.u.t.t fetish, when she looked at his b.u.t.t moving up and down as he walked.

Shaking her head from her dirty thoughts, she again hit on her head. "Stop it, Xu Zhuya !!! That's too perverted of you. Calm down and look somehwere else."

Saying this, she looked somewhere else. She looked at the person who was walking towards Wu Yanchen.

From far, it looked like as if it was just one person. But when, the person came nearer, there were two people.

A man was holding a small kid of around 5 or 6 years in his arms. She couldn't clearly see the boy's face but, from his silhouette, she felt that boy to be in the photo which Wu Yanchen had shown her in the hospital.

But, she again, shook her head and waited for Wu Yanchen to come back.

Since, it was taking some time for Wu Yanchen to come back, Xu Zhuya took out her phone and opened the Internet.

She typed for some company's name in the search engine. The owner of that company was Xu Gang - her father.

She opened the images section and saw pictures of her dad.

She clicked on a photo in which she, her mother - Xiao Mei, her brother - Xuan Yu and her father were all there. "I'll be coming back, mom and dad. I'll soon be with you all..."

The Xu Family was a famous family in Country X, thus, their photos were on the Internet.

They weren't famous worldwide, but, well known in Country X.

She wiped the tears which were escaping through the corner of her eyes and closed her phone.

Before, she could look at the place where Wu Yanchen was standing at, the front door of the car opened and Wu Yanchen entered inside.

She looked at her car door also getting opened. She looked at the boy who opened the door. It was the same boy who was there in that photo.

Wu Muqing after looking at his mother, gave a big smile and eventually hugged her legs standing outside the car.

Xu Zhuya was surprised by his actions. First of all, she didn't know him and secondly, he just hugged her like his long lost mother had come back to him. She felt some message from his hug.

Wu Muqing wasn't aware of Xu Zhuya losing her memory, because Wu Yanchen hadn't told him. So, he felt weird when Xu Zhuya didn't take him in his lap.

However, he let go of her legs and opened his arms towards her, indicating her to pick him up.

Xu Zhuya looked dumbfounded at him. She was willing to pick him up, no one would deny such a cute boy asking for you to be picked up. But, she felt uneasy.

Seeing no movements from Xu Zhuya, Wu Yanchen came a little closer to her and whispered in her ear. "He wants you to pick him up."

Xu Zhuya stood stunned for a moment, then she remembered that the woman in the photo and she, herself have the same face. So, this could be the reason why the little boy hugged her so lovingly.

With a smile, she picked him up and made him sit on her lap. She combed his hair with her hands and held him tightly by the stomach.

Wu Muqing felt happy to reunite with his mother after these many days. He laid his head on her chest and tightly hugged her with his small hands. Small tears escaped from his eyes as he felt his wait for his mother was now eventually over.

Just as Wu Muqing hugged him, Xu Zhuya saw something flash in her mind.

She saw herself playing with a little boy. Both of them were playing with a ball. However, she wasn't able to see the boy's face clearly, but, she saw the same silhouette as Wu Muqing.

Then after sometime, a man entered and she sees the young boy running towards the man to hug him. This time also she couldn't see the man's face. Soon, her flashback turns into blackness and she feels her head throbbing badly.

Feeling intense pain, she grabs her forehead with one hand and with the other hand holds Wu Muqing tightly by the stomach.

Wu Yanchen looks at Xu Zhuya holding her head. He worriedly, looks at her and asks "Are you alright ?? Are you feeling okay ??"

Giving a nod, Xu Zhuya says "I'm fine. It's alright. Let's go or else we will be late."

Recollecting what she saw in her flashback, she asks to herself in her mind 'What was that ?? Who were they ?? Why do I feel it to be similar ??'