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Cromwell was explaining what he meant .

“400 years ago there was a prophecy that said: awaken the seven stars, borrow their power and bring stability to the world”

“What are you saying!?, they are a curse left behind by Concealed God”

“Yes, but I have been told that has been dissipated after years of being sealed “

“… There is no such thing…. I know for sure because I was sealing the Dragon King, to the end it was  raising a voice full of grudge and its will to rule world! “

“What!?…. But in the story we heard….”

Well, there is something wrong here.

Should I kill you now?

Let’s keep listening for now.

“I know about it firsthand! Who is the one you believed that story from? Whats it the Concealed God? Who the h.e.l.l did you hear that from?”

“A priest of Saaru country … … that person said it we should believe in the Creation God”

“Why would you believe a child has not lived through the New Dawn? How can you believe such human words?…. Weren’t we elves the ones who put the seal thanks to the sacrifice of so many of us?”

“That priest-dono and his descendants have summoned powerful existences from the outside world many times in this 400 years  and  so far two seven stars have been successfully awakened. “

“What did you say?” What happened to the places where they were sealed?

“It’s extremely stable, I hear that the plants are giving fruit and that the monsters that were previously protecting it are also gone.”

“No way, no….”

This is getting more and more confusing.

However, it is true that the Dragon King would have caused a disaster that Rue not maintained the seal.

Then, really those two of the seven stars…. they really were broken free from the curse of the Concealed God’s grip.

“Sorry to interrupt but…. Do you know the power relationship between the Seven stars?”

“By the way, your name was Kaivon right?, what’s your relationship with Rue-dono?”

“Can we leave that for later? I want to hear about the Seven Stars”

“It seems that among the Seven stars the power will increase from 1 to 7. The Dragon King that was sealed by Rue-dono is SEVEN, the strongest existence possessing both dragon and God aspects”

“So you can say that there is a possibility that the influence of the Concealed God was the stronger than in the other Seven stars? At least I have always been suffering from  nightmares for over a thousand years and I’ve spent all this time listening to his curse words in my sleep.”


During the days I spent with you for a year, were you always constantly suffering from being exposed to such malice?

I was right there but I didn’t notice anything.

I guess Rue didn’t open her  heart to me that far?

“This is the first time I’m hearing that Rue”

“It’s fine, is not it? I mean now at least the Dragon King can’t be freed, and indeed that forest is overwhelmingly inhabited by demons that are more powerful than normal, which is more evidence than anything else. “

“Well, there is no doubt it is like Rue-dono says , it’s been said that in the past few hundred years, Only ONE and TWO of the seven stars were awakened. It makes sense if you consider their power….”

“Well, if another Seven Star is going to be released, I might as well go and see that.”

“Please do so, in that case now that Rue-dono is here….”

Please make an excuse like “he was resealed” or “there is a method that does not require sacrifice”.

But, I did not expect this to happen to him and it was my last fight!

Try eye contact with useless. And make you feel insecure, self-confident expression!

“Hehe, the dragon king is no more, its being defeated”

“It is such a foolish thing! A lady who lived during the New Dawn should know best!”

“No, he is really dead, I confirmed that”

“Rue, suddenly, Mr. Cromwell is really surprised. we need to calm him down first.”

(“Rue, I will seriously ask of you”)

(“Of course I am learning because I am also”)

As he paused with a loud voice, again looking at Mr. Cromwell, he seems to be confused.

“First of all, do you know the reason why the Seven Stars appeared when the New Dawn started?”

“Does it have to do with the legendary era known as God’s Yoke ?”

“Yes, that era certainly existed, and surely the first seven stars were punished, so it is no wonder that even they can still be subjugated in the present era”

“But, it is far more difficult for us than for the people of that era… No way, is Rue-dono…..?”

“Yes, I’m a survivor from that era … If not, I guess I will not be able to live in such a way”

“What did you say?…. but then why did the Elves from the old days did not notice even such a thing and did something like that to you…. Even if you save power, although it says that it is done without sealing, however….”

“No, don’t you get me wrong, it was Kai not me, it was Kai who brought him down”

“Hey Hey”

Why did you go around the bush so much if you were going to end up just saying that?

Please just say it directly!

That person would also have persuasion powers!

“He is the same as me, someone from the era of God’s Yoke, he is also the hero of that era, The Liberator Kaivon himself!”

“What do you say?… where did you learn that !?”

My hands come out unintentionally. Hold the deadly compulsion forcibly.

“What do you do, Kai-kun! You made it easy for Kai’s strength to be transmitted!”

“No, it is not so! Why did I do it?”

“Huh? I guess if you let me know that you are really strong last time, could have not done such a thing?”

I do not understand the meaning at heart, it’s all confusing here.

“Is that really the truth?

“Oh, it is a fact. I thought that Rue was tied up because of that Dragon King.”

“No way … if that … … that would be a proof … … Well, are you in possession of the divine item that became the cornerstone of the seal?”

What is that?

I wonder if that horn is useless.

“Oh yeah, there was such a thing, Kai-kun, didn’t he drop a weapon? The one that seemed to be a really precious weapon.”

“Oh, that one?”

I select it on the item box’s menu screen and make it materialize.

A transparent sheath of transparent material highlighting a  transparent chain relief as if drawn with ice.

As I tried pulling out the blade, a beautiful deep blue blade appeared. I read its description.

“God Sword 『Ryuzen』 “

“A crystal materialized from the will of the elven people. It kept the power of the Dragon King suppressed for millennia and was ultimately sublimated into a sacred treasure with the prayer of one woman. “

“Attack power 1095”

“Magical power 2050”

“Attack Attributes:  Ice  Divine”

What’s this.

My sword’s the performance is great, but this one….

“Is this it?”

“Oh … … exactly as the tradition is, it really was able to beat down really ……”

“Kai-kun, please lend it to me a moment, lend it to me”

Rue s.n.a.t.c.hes the sword from me.

The way she gazes at the blade, she looks like a dangerous person.

Oh, I guess she really likes blue. It can not be helped.

“This is like a crystal of my magical power and the Dragon King’s power, so why don’t you let me have it”

“thumbs up”

“… Are you sure it’s okay?”

“I have my own sword, so I don’t mind”

Rue’s clothes are as loose as ever.

The clothes that she is wearing are mainly a white blouse and a blue long skirt.

However, she had not equipped any kind of armor at all, so she really seems to be acting as a magician .

“Didn’t you know that I am also good with swords? I lost my love for swords a long time ago, I have been fighting with magic only since then, but this sword seems to be able to endure my magical power as well as fencing.”

“That was the reason?”

Oh … I remember the effort at that time.

You needed a rare material that had a low probability of dropping from a monster that had a low probability of appearing.

We put it in an amount that seems crazy  and weapons are then created with a low probability that its even dumber.

Further strengthening it also had a crazy low probability of success, at last it evolves by pouring the rare material you get with an even  lower probability.

How many people went through the h.e.l.l in the game? Including me would I even need all my fingers to count them?

And you were able to make it ojou-san! ! ! !

“What happened to the damaged sword?”

“I did something like a seal though, but could you possibly fix it? “

“Yeah, I’m an outsider but, I had friends that could probably fix it”

That friend of mine made that sword, did not he?

Its performance is certain …… Oh, no, I’m weaker than the old sword.

It has been moved to tears.

“Well, so what should I do with this fact?”

“Oh, I forgotten, I will ask you to continue the story , Kai-kun likes to interrupt”

“I do not understand why, even if I have the cause, I’m sorry, could you please talk about this place only somehow if you could make a new seal or seal it in another place”

“Well …. honestly you will not believe me even announcing this fact … … as well as the person who knows exactly the location of the seal with it, I am the only elf … ….”

“Mmhhm Cromwell-kun? Well, maybe it’s my warehouse”

“Yeah … I devised a technique and spread it to the guilds around the world and now so many years later, there are a small few that know the real reasons, but even now, as a prayer for a safe travel people offer goods. “

“Yeah, well, thanks again, because of Cromwell-kun I was able to survive”

Cromwell ‘s story seemed to be for confirming the identity of Rue after all, so it was once opened up.

I was able to save Rue thanks to him, so I shared secrets and promised to lend my power if something happens.

Sooo, back to the adventurer registration problem.


“Adventurer rank EX”

Apparently that’s a special rank.

The ranks in the guild are from F to A and then S for special achievement.

This time it seems that it is the maximum evaluation given by Mr. Cromwell ‘s power which is only the chief of the adventurer guild of one city.

Its different from S because it is not an indicator of strength or the degree of achievement on requests, but it is said to be ranked directly under the guild director, that it has certain power within the guild.

With this, it seems that procedures for receiving a high ranking request are exempted, furthermore any request can be given priority, and furthermore it is possible to refuse guild compulsory requests.

It can even be said that it’s the equivalent of a lower n.o.ble.

However, there is one thing that is bothering me.

“Rue Semiere”

“Adventurer rank S”

“Well, it seems that there was an activity record from the past that was applied.”

“Even thought it’s less powerful I feel that it sounds superior”

“Huh-Hu, when it comes to working experience I’m at the top right?”

Rue is showcasing her card while doing a doya face. (TN: this )

Her guild card was made of platinum, it’s the proof of being an S rank.

Apparently guild cards are made of common metals up to a certain rank …… It is normally made out of iron, but it will go up to copper, silver, gold, and platinum from there.

Mine is a jet black card made of some mysterious material.

Even with credit cards it is told that black cards are proof of celebrities and I do not know but ….

“Hey, are you serious … who was the last on this continent to achieve platinum?”

“And she is caught with that modest looking man … …what a dangerous beauty”

Only Rue is conspicuous.

Even though I’m not a demon king don’t I really look like one?

But adventurers are overwhelmingly men!

What happened to the ratio of men and women in the game era!? Arghh!