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Chapter 261: Slaughtering The Beast King

Qin Feng stood on top of the Blackstone Fort that was built high up using superior quality materials, or else, he would have been long gone with the ma.s.sive waves.

After all, the Blackstone Fort was built to protect Sea City from tsunamis throughout all these years, therefore, distinct quality materials were used to ensure that it could withstand such a great impact.

Also, without any presence of human beings, the ultra beasts would not even bother to ram onto the giant black rocks with such great force. As such, the Blackstone Fort was able to keep its best form to take on great impact.

Qin Feng was able to use the strategic location of the Blackstone Fort to his own advantage.

The presence of the dark abilities had turned every ultra beast into his own puppets that followed his commands, then, he was able to withdraw energy from them.

Qin Feng was also capable of taking down Sea City with the ma.s.sive army that he was controlling.

However, Qin Feng had his own intentions.

“If I were to take such a path, wouldn't I become a beastmaster?”

“External strength can never be more beneficial than self-improvement, the only way to regain the control of fate is to speed up the level of improvement to be the same as I was before rebirth!”

“Therefore, the best choice would be to take in every single one of these energy cores!”

Qin Feng held onto a giant ma.s.sive core and continued to devour it, and his physical capabilities spiked once again.

Although Qin Feng might have been gifted with outstanding capabilities that came after his rebirth, he would always remind himself that there would always be someone from another part of the world that might be stronger than him.

After all, the Three Cities covered only a small area.

It was nothing to be proud of to conquer such a small area.

With his current capabilities, it was not enough for Qin Feng to move forward.

Even by achieving tier, Qin Feng felt that it was still insufficient for him to take on all sorts of situations.

The tsunami retracted and left behind the ultra beasts that were prowling to rush toward the Blackstone Fort, and they were all decayed by Qin Feng.

Also, Qin Feng was cautious about not allowing the decayed to be flushed away into the sea, his h.e.l.lfire was used to burn every carca.s.s into ashes, while Bai Li collected every remaining high quality material that was fireproof.

The wave of tsunami that had just hit Blackstone Fort had washed away all of the ashes, while another wave of sea beasts continued to rush forward again, it was definitely never-ending!

It was also a little taxing for Qin Feng to constantly cast out his conscious energy.

However, it was extremely satisfying to do so!

Energy cores were left behind from the deaths of every sea beasts.

Qin Feng would only need to continue the devour to strengthen his energy.

Incubated energy cores could also be stored into the brain to obtain conscious energy.

Hence, both Qin Feng's physical and conscious energy were spiking simultaneously.

With such insane waves of sea beasts, it would only require several more waves to allow Qin Feng to advance to the next tier.


Another gigantic tsunami pushed forward.

Dong dong!

Countless sea beasts were brought along with the waves, and they landed outside the walls of the Blackstone Fort.

As Qin Feng was protecting Bai Li and him from the ma.s.sive waves with his internal strength, a horrifying dark-red tentacle crawled up the walls of the Blackstone Fort.

Qin Feng turned his eyes toward it, and from the splashing sea waters, he was able to identify a giant beast.

The Great Squid King!

The gigantic squid was about forty meters in length while its suckers were like ma.s.sive snakes crawling up the Blackstone Fort.


Its capabilities were merely E1-tier and were less powerful than Qin Feng's, but the ma.s.sive body size of the Squid King would also add a greater amount of energy to it.

The beast had noticed Qin Feng from the waves and instantly became wild and furious.

Within a split second, multiple tentacles reached out to catch Qin Feng.


A loud smacking sound was heard when the tentacles. .h.i.t onto the barrier formed by Qin Feng's internal strength, the internal strength barrier fluctuated with light reflections and almost cracked upon impact.

Qin Feng immediately switched to his Verdant Emperor Saber.

“Burning Sword Glare!”

Dazzling lights sparkled from Qin Feng's saber that was made from D-tier beast king material as it took down the opponent's tentacles effortlessly.

The Squid King was instantly angered as it raised and waved other tentacles around, towering waves were formed and the solid walls of the Blackstone Fort began to vibrate along with cracking sounds, powdery pieces of the wall began to fall off.


The serrated part at the edge of the city wall was flattened by the smash, Qin Feng wrapped his arm around Bai Li's waist as his Fiery Rampage burst forth, and they were able to dodge the deadly hit!

“Blazing Sky!”

Qin Feng who was already E-tier was no longer the same, with his physical energy, he was able to swiftly perform the third skill of the Sky Burning Sword Style without much effort.

Fiery flames channelled up to the sky and pierced through the body of the Squid King.


The body of the Squid King was almost sliced into half.

It was at that moment, the gigantic body of the Squid King began to collapse and transform into countless small squids.

All of them were scattered around, trying to escape, obviously, they were fearful of the situation.

“Would escape still be a viable move now?” Qin Feng pointed his finger toward the walls of the Blackstone Fort as his ability exploded.

“h.e.l.l Magma!”

All of the small squids were trapped inside the red magma transformed by the melted stones, and they disappeared in it along with a splashing sound.


An unidentified roar was heard, it was neither from a human nor a beast, and it was like a roar to express its extreme sorrow, or it was panicking before its demise!

In the next moment, a giant patch of black mist spread across the area and covered Qin Feng whole.

The black mist was nothing related to the dark elements, it was the ink from the Squid King.

It had a highly paralyzing effect and Qin Feng would not risk taking on the hit.

Without any reminder from Bai Li, Qin Feng swiftly escaped from the area within a split second.


The mist descended upon the walls of the Blackstone Fort and formed into countless holes.

However, it was merely the last chance for the Squid King to strike back!

The last attempt had cost all of the Squid King's ability to secure its own life, and the remaining small squids went past the boiling magma, desperately trying to dive into the sea.

Qin Feng's saber slashed across the sky and landed precisely onto one of the small squids.


It was sliced into half!

The moment that the squid was sliced open, it was when the shapeshifting began to fail, the small squid was merely a partially duplicated part from its gigantic body.

“Keep this material from the beast king, it's quite decent, and this can be made into a roasted squid meal!” Qin Feng said.

Bai Li raised her hand and withdrew the beast king's energy core and retrieved the carca.s.s of the great squid.

“This is for you!” Bai Li handed over the Squid King's energy core to Qin Feng.

“You can keep it for yourself!” Qin Feng answered, Bai Li's transformation would require a longer time without the presence of a king-tier energy core.

However, Bai Li did not want to take it for herself and handed it directly to Qin Feng.

“You can have it first, and once you have become stronger, you will be able to protect me!”

Qin Feng took over the energy core as the edge of his lips curved upward into a smile.

It would take immense trust for a small fox to hand out its own food to others as they would secure their own food only for themselves.

Furthermore, since when did a spatial giant beast require protection from others?

The little fox had even stopped humiliating him, saying that he was a weak master.

“After going through rebirth, with your accompaniment, it's definitely much more interesting!”

As Qin Feng spoke, he held onto the energy core that was shrinking at a fast pace.

The king-tier ability core spun at high speed and disappeared in Qin Feng's hand, turning into ashes that were then blown away by the sea breeze.

Qin Feng had achieved another breakthrough!