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Chapter 126 Eight Vajrapani


Qin Lang quickly went back into hiding, he didn’t think these hunting dogs would have such sharp senses in the mountains.

The barking attracted the patrolling people, but they left after not noticing anything suspicious.

Qin Lang took this as a lesson and used blood mantis to deal with these huntings dogs. He then whistled and climbed over into the small courtyard.



Qin Lang had just landed when someone seemed to have discovered his tracks, but even before this person could raise his gun and shout for alarm, a blood ray of light cut open his neck.

Instant death!


Blood mantis’s poison was very strong by itself and Qin Lang had especially smeared its claws with even more terrifying poison before coming here, and add to that, the target area of the blood mantis was the veins in the neck, the poison spread extremely fast. It absolutely was an instant death!



Soon, three more people were added to the blood mantis’s killed list.


By this point, all the gunmen in the courtyard were dealt by Qin Lang.


Of course, there were more gunmen and thugs outside, but Qin Lang was not afraid. Because these people were being obstructed by the ‘helpers’ Qin Lang had called. Without Qin Lang’s permission, it would be impossible for them to enter inside!


Qin Lang entered the hall of the villa.




Just as Qin Lang entered the hall, all the lights in the hall turned on.


Under the lights, Qin Lang saw a middle-aged man sitting on the center chair of the hall. He was wearing Qiang ethnic clothings and was holding an old black wooden staff in his hand. At his two sides were eight ripped people who had powerful body structure. Their bodies were covered with tattoos. These eight men were undoubtedly Qinghuan gang’s top fighters.

Qing Heyun’s appearance resembled that of priests of ethnic groups. His whole body was releasing a sinister aura.

What Qin Lang didn’t know was that Qing Heyun had indeed been this village’s high priest. But he was not satisfied in becoming a priest that only jumps around the G.o.ds so he founded the Qinghuan gang and laid the present foundations, until Qin Lang appeared.


You are Qin Lang?”


Qing Heyun’s cold gaze fall upon Qin Lang, "You actually charged here alone. No wonder you were able to lay down your foundation in the underground world of Xiayang city. You are a talent and I wanted to recruit you, but you dared to kill my son-- my only son!”


"Well ... ... Your son was actually killed by An Yang and all this is a vicious scheme played by him before his death. However, it doesn’t matter that you put this debt on my head, cause today I came here to claim your life!”


"I believe you. This An Yang and his father, they both have rebellion in their bones!But I have set down the trap, so I must kill you!"Qing Heyun coldly snorted, then he waved the black staff.




Two of the eight fighters gave a loud shout and simultaneously charged out, slashing their knives at Qin Lang.


Their full force attacks seemed difficult to avoid, moreover, Qin Lang was unarmed, so everyone thought he would try to dodge, but Qin Lang actually took a step forward. ‘BANG’, Qin Lang’s foot smashed the stone bricks, everyone including Qing Heyun were astonished and cried out ‘good heavens’ in their hearts. So-called ‘the more stable pillaring is, the more fierce would one’s attacks be’, Qin Lang was young but being able to bring out such strength with pillaring was truly shocking!

But what made these people even more shocked was what happened next. When Qin Lang stamped his foot, the two blades had almost reached him, but despite that, the only thing it cut through was empty air. ‘Pa!Bang!" Qin Lang struck the stomach of one and the hand of the another with mantis blade.




The man whose arm was struck felt like his arm had fractured, he couldn’t keep his grip on the blade as it dropped down. The other man whose stomach was struck felt like his stomach had been hacked by a blade, a scorching pain filled his stomach, he could only retreat back while holding his stomach.

Qin Lang gave a low sigh ‘such a pity’. He had attacked fiercely and had thought these two would lose all their fighting strength. It was unexpected that these two’s kungfu were not weak and were actually able to forcibly keep themselves standing.

However, Qing Heyun and the other six men were very shocked. These eight men had the reputation as ‘eight vajrapani’ of Qinghuan gang, they were top experts that Qing Heyun had selected from thousands of members of the gang. Not only did they have strong bodies and shocking power, they also possessed plentiful fighting experience. Most importantly, Qing Heyun had further strengthened their bodies through special medicaments. All of these eight vajrapani could kill wolves with their bare hands, who could have thought they would lose so badly when fighting against Qin Lang.

The other six fighters saw the situation and so, they moved out together, surrounding Qin Lang as if he was a tiger or wolf. They were giving off a fierce aura, wishing to hack Qin Lang to pieces. But Qin Lang had plentiful fighting experience, his mantis blade was now even more refined. In Qin Lang’s hands, its might was no less than a real blade, and was even more fierce!

Don’t think that his hands weren’t as sharp as a knife, the force contained within them were much more fierce. With Qin Lang’s current cultivation, his knife hand could break arms and even shatter stones.



Qin Lang was surrounded by these eight vajrapani, but he could act uninhibited and freely used the mantis blade. His might was unrivalled, giving off an aura of annihilation. His knife hand struck the bodies of these eight fighters, causing ramming sounds. Despite no bones breaking, all these fighters that were struck by Qin Lang’s palm felt the pain penetrate even into their marrows, forcing them to withdraw. After a brief moment, they rushed up to fight again.


Qin Lang skillfully used his knife hand and was always a step ahead of these eight fighters. Before these eight fogjters could even slash their knives, they were already struck down.


An inch shorter but an inch of danger.


This phrase was very suitable for Qin Lang’s knife hand. Confronting Qin Lang’s two hand knives, none of the eight fighters could utilize their long blades. It was to the extent that four of them lost their grip on their blades which left them with no choice but to fight empty handed. However, their situation became even more miserable, as Qin Lang had no misgivings about them having no weapons; his knife hand hacked at one guy’s fist, immediately bringing the sound of bones shattering, and following it was the anguished wailing.


These eight vajrapani weren’t true vajrapani i.e they were not invulnerable. At the start, they could resist several strikes of Qin Lang’s knife hand, but their physical endurance had reached the limit, whereas, Qin Lang seemed to be a moving machine, his strikes becoming fiercer, insisting on turning these eight vajrapani to eight handicapped.


Even with all this, Qing Heyun didn’t do anything, he didn’t make any movements, not even blinking his eyes, seemingly observing and evaluating Qin Lang’s strength.


Only when the eight vajrapani were all down on the ground, did he finally stand up, walking towards Qin Lang.




Qing Heyun’s steps appeared to be light, but the stones under his foot shattered!