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Chapter 1678: Let's Make a Move Now

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Ao Liancheng answered, "Let me tell you! Your majesty, please rest! When we talk about the 'thing', we'll have to start from 10,000 years ago when none of us here, a time when not even grandfather was even born yet! According to the history books, a Demonic Beast from an unknown starfield invaded our capital planet and ma.s.sacred our people! That beast was already a Yuan Shen cultivation level Earth G.o.d! It was a giant - as tall and as wide as a mountain and its talent was formidable! Its combat power unfathomable by living beings!

"More importantly, it kills without motive! It killed to kill! There was no way to communicate with it, no way to negotiate at all! It just kept attacking until it threated the safety of the imperial city! When push came to shove, the three peaks of G.o.d-Ascension elites came together and decided to fight fire with fire in order to get rid of that Demonic Beast once and for all! When the battle took place… the three of our elites were able to subdue the Demonic Beast using the power of three Earth-G.o.d's instruments."

"When they were about to go in for the kill, the beast released a ma.s.sive cloud of black toxin! All three elites were hit by it, resulting in their combat powers cras.h.i.+ng and were subsequently subdued by the Demonic Beast. In such moments of desperation, the three elites decided to sacrifice themselves and used the three Earth-G.o.d's instruments to activate an ancient formation belonging to our race to seal the beast in a holy altar. Just like that, the three elites' self-sacrifice and the three Earth-G.o.d's instruments successfully sealed the beast which brought many years of peace and order to our people!"

This explanation answered Chen Xiaobei's myriad of questions.

What Ao Liancheng would say next was all very easily predictable.

"A few months ago, there was a ma.s.sive earthquake on the seabed! The seal on the altar was broken, and the Demonic Beast was freed causing it to approach the imperial city! Grandfather took our people's last Earth-G.o.d's instrument and attempted to stop the beast but was poisoned instead. Luckily, grandfather managed to escape and return!"

Chen Xiaobei was puzzled. "His majesty has been poisoned for a few months now. Why hasn't the beast attacked yet?"

Ao Liancheng answered, "That's because the Demonic Beast found out about the Spirit Channel core in our capital planet. It has been sealed away for 10,000 years, so its body is very weak. These few months, it has been frantically absorbing Spiritual Qi to recover!

Chen Xiaobei suddenly put two and two together. "No wonder there was a problem with the Ambergris! The Demonic Beast was hogging the Spirit Channel dry!"

"Yes. It has been cultivating these few months!" Ao Liancheng said. "Only yesterday, our intelligence division reported a big movement in the ocean current. That tells us that the Demonic Beast has recovered to its full strength and is on the move!"

Chen Xiaobei frowned at this news. "If it's impossible to kill it when it was at its weakest, it's going to be even more impossible now that it has fully recovered!"

"Yes… The three of our two-star Earth-G.o.d instruments were left behind in the ruins of the holy altar…" The emperor heaved a heavy sigh. "Now, I only have one One-star Earth-G.o.d instrument. I figured that if there was a way to neutralize the beast's toxin, I could attempt to fight it. But now we know it's not possible… there's no way for us to win…"

"Why not go to the altar to retrieve the Earth-G.o.d instruments?" Chen Xiaobei asked.

"The earthquake was so violent that the altar is now completely unrecognizable. We'll have to dig at least three feet below to retrieve the instruments!" said the emperor in dismay. "On top of that, all the places that the Demonic Beast had set foot are now permeated with the toxin. If it cannot be neutralized, no one can reach the altar!"

"Mm, I have a better understanding of the situation now… Please wait for moment. Let me think…" Chen Xiaobei said.

Everyone in the bedchamber went silent, watching Chen Xiaobei intently and waiting for his conclusion.

From this moment on, everything that Chen Xiaobei said could affect the future of the entire Neptune race.

"I have a rough idea!" Chen Xiaobei finally announced. "Tell me the location of the altar, and then bring me the most detailed blueprint you have of the altar!"

"Why… is that?" The people asked, perplexed.

"That's easy." Chen Xiaobei answered. "I will go and search for the three Earth-G.o.d instruments, rebuild the altar, and the seal the beast again!"

"How… is that even possible?" Every person in the room was doubtful.

Ao Liancheng spoke up, "Childe Chen, say you have a way to get through the poisonous waters, finding the instruments and rebuilding the altar will take an infinitesimal amount of time! Won't it take years if it were to be only you doing all the work?"

"Yeah!" Da w.a.n.gye nodded. "The Demonic Beast is breaking out in full fury! Danger is at our doorstep! We cannot afford to wait that long!"

"Don't worry! I have my own way of doing things! I won't make you wait for too long!" Chen Xiaobei said confidently.

"Childe Chen! Even if you have a way to find all three Earth-G.o.d instruments, and rebuild the altar…" The emperor frowned. "There's a very complicated seal formation inside the holy altar! Even if we have the materials to build the formation, it's impossible to form the 3,000 high-level runes that the formation needs in such a short time!"

"Don't worry! I have a way to fix it!" Chen Xiaobei shrugged.

"How… is that possible…" Everyone's eyes widened.

Had it been someone else making these claims, they would never have believed it. But since it was Chen Xiaobei who had made them, they could not help but believe him.

Of course, even if they did believe him, they could not wrap their minds around how Chen Xiaobei was going to complete this impossible mission!

"The particulars to this plan are my secrets so I won't reveal them!" Chen Xiaobei said. "The only thing I'm worried about: would it require an elite at the peak of G.o.d-Ascension cultivation to sacrifice his life to seal the beast?"

"That's not necessary…" The emperor answered. "Back then, the three elites had not reached Earth-G.o.d cultivation. So, they had to use Spiritual Stones to wield the Earth-G.o.d instruments. By the end of the battle, they did not have enough Spiritual Stones so they had to resort to life sacrifice!"

"Understood!" Chen Xiaobei nodded. "So, as long as I have enough Spiritual Stones, I can administer the seal!"

"Exactly!" The emperor confirmed.

"Alright! I know what to do now! Let's make a move now!" Chen Xiaobei announced.

"What? Leave now?" Everyone stared at Chen Xiaobei, mouths ajar.

They were talking about fighting an Earth-G.o.d level Demonic Beast, not going on a holiday. How could he take off just like that?

Chen Xiaobei a.s.sured them, "Don't worry. Just leave everything to me!"