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Extraordinary Genius

Chapter 787 - a.n.a.lytics software

"Want to follow us and see our workplace?" Feng Yu looked at Elena.

Elena shook her head. "I will wait for you at the hotel." Although Elena was not smart, her mother had taught her not to interfere with men's work.

Feng Yu called two bodyguards over. "The two of you will accompany her to go shopping. Don't let anyone disturb her. Do you all understand?"

"Yes, boss."

"Brother Ki, can I borrow one of your translators?"

Kirilenko picked one of his translators and asked him to follow Elena. He still felt Feng Yu treats Elena too well. But he did not say this to Feng Yu.

After eating, Feng Yu and Kirilenko went to his rented office. Kirilenko had rented the whole floor, and Feng Yu thought he had brought a lot of people over. But when he stepped into the office, he saw all of Kirilenko's staff occupying one room each. Most of the offices on that floor were empty!

All the staff was occupying big offices, and more than two-thirds of the floor was empty!

Kirilenko explained that he does not like to share a floor with others. He instead leaves most of the s.p.a.ce empty than sharing with them. Anyway, Feng Yu does not have an office in New York. He can let Feng Yu use part of his office s.p.a.ce.

Feng Yu suspects that Kirilenko was fooled by the Americans to rent the whole floor and was embarra.s.sed to admit it. This was only an excuse.

On the wall of the office was a giant LCD screen. The cost of LCD was ridiculously expensive now. But to Kirilenko, it was peanuts.

All the computers in the office were brand new and in front of every staff were two PCs. Some of the team were typing furiously on their keyboard and seems to be calculating something. Feng Yu thought that he should ask Kirilenko to change all the PCs to Lenovo PC.

Some of the staff stood up when they saw Kirilenko. But the rest were still glued to their monitors.

Feng Yu was satisfied with their performances. As professional brokers, this was what they should be doing. The market might change any seconds, and this was more important than greeting the boss.

If the brokers were able to help their boss make money, it's okay even when they don't greet or acknowledge their bosses. When the bosses make money, they will be in a good mood and might give the brokers higher bonuses.

Even if the brokers greeted the bosses every day, when they lose money for their bosses, they will also be in trouble.

"The three of you come over here to these PC. Show Feng our market a.n.a.lysis software works!" Kirilenko said. His tone was very proud.

The three staff sat in front of the PCs and started the a.n.a.lytical software. One of them explained: "Sir, we have discovered that there is pattern in the share price fluctuations during our research. When we look at the points of the share prices at regular intervals, the curve is very similar to rocket trajectory. We saw this pattern in over 1,000 shares from several financial markets, and the similarity is more than 95!"

"This software can calculate the changes in share price and growth. When we were in Moscow, we experiment with it and then we went to London to test it. The accuracy of the share prices and our results is 100%!"

100% accuracy? Unbelievable! Feng Yu does not believe there is any software that can predict the market 100% accurate. If this is true, then what's the point of having stockbrokers? Everyone can just buy this software and trade through this software.

What is the stock market? The stock market does not have any values by itself. It is for rea.s.signing and transferring of funds. That means money is transferred from one investor to another. The more people buy the shares, the lesser people will sell, and the share prices will rise.

If this software is so accurate, then everyone will buy the same shares at the same time and sell together. What's there to a.n.a.lyze if this was happening? This would become manipulating the market!

Fluctuations that happens in share prices is because no one is controlling the share prices. If someone or the government-controlled the share prices, then all a.n.a.lysis will be useless. During this time, first-hand information will affect the share prices directly.

Feng Yu always felt that information was the leading cause of influence on share prices. If someone could get first-hand information, he would be able to buy at the lowest point and sell at the highest point. Without information, a.n.a.lytical software like this would not be reliable.

But a.n.a.lysis could still be referred to as a guide. If this software can include the impact of external information, then this would be a powerful software.

"How many shares have you all tested this software on, and what are the types of shares?" Feng Yu asked.

"We have experiments on 23 shares. All the shares are from manufacturing, electronics and telecommunications industry." Someone answered.

"Only 23 shares, and you all claim that your software has not problems? Do you know how many listed companies are there in this world? Just the NYSE alone, how many listed companies are there? How many component stocks are there in the NYSE? Your sample size is even lesser than component stocks. How can you claim your software is perfect?" Feng Yu said.

"Mr. Feng, we did not claim that our software is perfect. There is no perfect software in this world. Even when we are calculating the trajectory of the rockets, there will also be some errors. We know that Mr. Feng is an expert in financial market, and we hope Mr. Feng would point out what our software lacks. If we can improve the software, then we will be able to help you save some time on a.n.a.lyzing the shares."

Feng Yu glanced at Kirilenko. Brother Ki was not being honest with him. This software was not fully developed and still needed someone to test it.

"Fine. This is Brother Ki's software, and I will surely help. We will pick 10 shares randomly, and you all will use your software to predict the short-term increase in the prices."

"Why can't the share prices fall?" Kirilenko asked.

"Boss, did you forget? We had calculated and a.n.a.lyzed the market. The US stock market has a large influx of funds now, and almost all shares are rising. But there is still a slight possibility of some shares falling."

Feng Yu looked at that a.n.a.lyst. He had given an excellent reply to Kirilenko. But Feng Yu wonders if the software's prediction would be as good as his reply.

Feng Yu took out a shares code list and picked two alphabets. From the alphabets, they found the respective share. He picked out 10 shares.

Feng Yu looked at the companies, and all 10 companies were unknown.

These companies were the best companies to test the accuracy of the software.

Kirilenko had a confident look on his face, but Feng Yu was not confident. He saw the theories of the software, and it was using similarities of graphs coupled with complex calculations to predict the future trends of the shares. Of course. Feng Yu does not understand the calculations and the way the software a.n.a.lyzes the stocks.

Feng Yu's way was to ask people to gather information about the company and a.n.a.lyze it through his experience. He wants to see if the software was really as good as what Kirilenko claims.