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Yemo Shayi rushed back to the water city with Feng Xing, Yi Di and the others. But once they saw the city from a distance away, all of them gasped in shock.

The enormous city floated on the water surface, without moving even slightly. A soft layer of green light covered the city, releasing a strong, inviolable power vibration. The ten-thousand starry void spirit turtles, which were pulling the city, now hid their heads and limbs in their, quietly floating on the water and daring not to make any sound.

Yemo Shayi stopped, standing on the water surface with the others. They dared not to approach.

In that beautiful small world, the Flood Dragon King had his eyes fixed on the small white dragon coiled in Priest Hu’s hand.

"How did you predict that?" Abruptly, the Flood Dragon King curved his lip corners upwards, yet the fire of anger was burning in his eyes. "Snow lost her body. Did you plan the whole thing behind? You must have, you’ve done many things like this back then!"

The Flood Dragon King slightly trembled. He pointed at Priest Mu and shouted, "Back then, the deaths of the first generation of original divine G.o.ds in Pan Gu world…The disappearance of the first five divine emperors…You and your brother, you should be blamed for all those things!"

Priest Mu slightly dropped his eyelids, silently looking at the small white dragon in his hand and said nothing.

The Flood Dragon King sounded a bit hysterical when he continued, "If you weren’t warned by someone, if you weren’t expelled to the poorest Western Wasteland, and if you were allowed to leave Western Wasteland, with your greediness and evilness, you would have ruined this world already!"

Gritting his teeth, the Flood Dragon King lowered his voice and sneered in a frosty tone, "Good, good, good, this time, your scheme is targeting me! You want me, fine. But, why did you hurt Snow too?"

A few creaking noise could be heard. Spider-net-like cracks suddenly appeared on the iceberg, spreading quickly, as the Flood Dragon King’s true body sealed in the giant iceberg, was moving slightly, seeming to come out and start a life-and-death fight against Priest Mu.

"I am not targeting you with any scheme." Seeing the Flood Dragon King almost exploding, Priest Mu finally responded slowly, "I swear with my heart of Dao, without a foresign, I just suddenly realized that your daughter needs help. Then, I specially went to the North Sea Glacier, broke the ice, and captured this ice dragon. She is not yet mature, and neither is conscious."

Raising his eyelids, Priest Mu slowly glanced at the Flood Dragon King and continued, "I’ve also purified her body and helped her grow nine strong meridians, by using the ‘three light divine water’, ‘sky one true water’ and ‘great dark dew’. I also consumed some of my own spirit blood for that."

The Flood Dragon King’s face twitched again. Subconsciously, he glanced at the small white dragon in Priest Mu’s hand. Clearly, he was surprised.

"This pool of mine is generated by the natural reward power, and the water in this pool is the water of natural reward. My friend, if you nourish your daughter’s spirit pearl with the water in this pool, then let her take the body of this ice dragon, she will be as healthy as before." said Priest Mu blandly, "I want you to join us with honesty and sincerity, my friend, to be our third Master."

Yuan Li was dumbfounded; he couldn’t even talk now. The ‘three light divine water’, ‘sky one true water’ and ‘great dark dew’, were all top-grade pre-world spirit treasures. A single drop of any of these could create an ocean, and could even generate miracles. To any water-kind creature, these three types of water were even more precious than dragon spirit blood. Dragon spirit blood could provide water-kind creatures with a possibility for them to become true dragons, while these three types of pre-world water could largely improve the bloodlines of all water-kind creatures. With enough amount, these three types of pre-world-water could make an ordinary water-kind creature’s bloodline as strong as the dragon bloodline!

For this little ice dragon, Priest Mu used all the above three types of pre-world spirit water to strengthen her body!

Yuan Li couldn’t even imagine how gifted this ice dragon was now. With nothing else but the nine strong meridians she had, she was already more talented than Snow with her old body. Yuan Li clearly understood that Snow was a little silver flood dragon, and she only had six main meridians inside her body.

The Flood Dragon King remained silent for quite a long while as Snow’s spirit pearl floated in front of him, Priest Hu’s hand had reached to him as well, with the little ice dragon coiling right on his palm. Inside Snow’s spirit pearl was a faint dragon silhouette, glancing at the ice dragon from time to time. Apparently, she was interested in this body as well.

"The third master…" The Flood Dragon King sighed slightly and said, "If I truly become your third master, I might have to exert my utmost effort for you and your brother…What a shame, what a shame! I lived a free life in the North Sea for so many years. Do I really have to get myself involved in the world of mortals? It’s like wriggling in a mire…"

"The world itself is a large mire, and every living being is wriggling in it. Unless we can thoroughly understand the supreme Dao of this world, who can escape? Who can be truly free?" Priest Mu looked at the Flood Dragon King and said honestly, "The so-called freedom, it’s only on the surface. My friend, when have you ever freed yourself from this mire?"

The Flood Dragon King turned around and glanced at the three-thousand ice flood dragons behind him, then glanced at Snow’s spirit pearl and looked at the ice dragon in Priest Mu’s hand.

Hesitating for another long while, the Flood Dragon King smiled bitterly and said, "Alright, alright, my little girl dragged me into the mire. Fine, I’ll take it. But I will not be your third master. Give me a position without much work to be done."

Priest Mu slowly, and strenuously gave a smile with his bitter, wrinkled face. His smiling face was even worse than his crying face. He raised his hand and gently threw a little ice dragon into the pool. The Flood Dragon King sighed slightly, stroked Snow’s spirit pearl, and threw it into the pool as well.

Priest Mu turned around his palms. Instantly, a splendid glow rose from the pool, while strands of black and yellow natural reward power descended from the sky, slowly merging with Snow’s spirit pearl and that ice dragon.

Priest Mu then nodded to the Flood Dragon King and said in a deep voice, "Snow is perfectly gifted. I am willing to take her as my last disciple. In the future, when she is strong enough, she will take my place and become a new master of our sect. What do you think, my friend?"

The Flood Dragon King’s tightened face seemed to be eased a lot. He slowly nodded and responded, "How many years will that take? Not to mention the others, it’s good for my daughter to have a tutor to guide her and restrain her, so that she won’t recklessly get herself killed again!"

From a long distance away, Yemo Shayi and the others saw the green light gradually fad above the city. Suddenly, thousands of people showed up before the city. Those were the Flood Dragon King, Yuan Li and the three-thousand ice flood dragons.

A frigid gale roared in the air. The sky seemed to collapse, as countless dark cracks appeared in it. Through those cracks, fierce and frosty gales blew down. The iceberg with the Flood Dragon King’s true body sealed in it cracked, then a hundred-mile-long dragon-head slowly reached out from it and let out a freezing breath towards Ji Hao’s city.

Following the rumbling swoos.h.i.+ng noise, the over one thousand miles square city on the water was frozen, sealed in an enormous iceberg, which had the radius of over ten-thousand-miles.

People in the city couldn’t come out, while people outside the city couldn’t get in.

This freezing breath even killed countless of those lotuses in the gray mist released from the Disease G.o.d streamer.