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Chapter 1162: A Mysterious Expert (One)

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu returned to Jian Chen’s side with sunken faces. Their expressions were rather pale. Although they had been protected by their origin energy armor, the blood-red skeleton was just far too powerful, so they had still suffered some light injuries.

“This skeleton possesses a strength beyond Saint Emperor. Even the three of us cannot stop it. If we end up in a long battle with it, we’ll end up heavily injured,” Rui Jin said in a heavy tone of voice.

All the Saint Kings heard what Rui Jin had said, and they all became extremely grim. They all knew that the trio were Saint Kings at Great Perfection, but their real strength belonged to the level of a Saint Emperor. They were the most powerful present, so if they could not deal with the skeleton, no one could.

“Beyond Saint Emperor. Beyond Saint Emperor. Legend has it that the strength beyond Saint Emperor belongs to a whole different level. The difference that exists between it and Saint Emperor is as wide as a chasm. It’s completely impossible to make up for, because it’s power that belongs to a different level,” a great elder of a protector clan said with a trembling voice. Death and despair filled his eyes. Saint Emperors were like ants before those who had surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor, let alone them who were nowhere near Saint Emperor.

“The way out has already been sealed up by this skeleton. We’re all going to die here today…”

“My clans still needs my protection. Without us, my enemy clans definitely won’t let them off. Looks like my clan will be in for a disaster…”

“It doesn’t matter if I die. What does matter is that the Tian Yuan Continent still requires our protection, or we won’t have enough power to fend off the invasions of the Beast G.o.d Continent and Hundred Races…”

Everyone sighed in despair. Many of them were filled with an unwillingness to just die here like this.

During this period of time, Jian Chen had also let out the white tiger, but to his dismay, the tiger’s ability to ignore formations and barriers were completely useful here. It could no longer pa.s.s through them like before.

At this moment, Jian Chen thought of what Tie Ta had said in the past. His Mysteries of War could break through the limitations of s.p.a.ce, so he hesitated to try out Tie Ta’s method or not, to see if his Mysteries of War could take them all out.

Just as Jian Chen wanted to release Tie Ta, the entire Death Nest shook violently. With a great boom, the formation around the third zone shook violently, vaguely showing signs of shattering.

Afterward, a second and third boom rang out close after each other. They caused the formation to shake more and more violently. Then it actually cracked open to everyone’s disbelief. A ten-meter-wide crack appeared.

At this moment, the Baleful Yin Force was already less than a thousand meters away from them. Once they were caught by the blood-red mist, even they, Saint Kings, would not be able to survive, as it was countless times more terrifying than what Houston could control.


Someone roared from the crowd and the mighty Saint Kings all fled outside as fast as they could. At this moment, the only thing they all thought about was fleeing. They never bothered to consider how the crack had appeared.

The blood-red skeleton became utterly enraged and roared angrily. It quickly charged after all the people as it swung its bone club. The moment the club fell, it became several thousand meters long, smas.h.i.+ng the Saint King at the very back to pieces. Even his soul failed to escape, shaken to parts by the terrifying force.

The skeleton swung its club again.The scarlet bone became enveloped by a dense layer of Baleful Yin Force and fell with lightning speed. It loomed over around a dozen Saint Kings.

Suddenly, a resplendent streak of light appeared. It illuminated the s.p.a.ce and purged the endless amounts of Yin Qi and grudges of the dead in the Death Nest. It shot over with unbelievable speed.

It was an extremely terrifying blade of light, shaped like a crescent moon. It s.h.i.+ned with blinding light, and it seemed to break through the limitations of s.p.a.ce. It was still very far away, but the next moment, it had already swept over the heads of all the Saint Kings with sharp blade Qi. It struck the bone club with an unstoppable, domineering force.


As soon as the blade of light clashed with the bone club, a deafening boom erupted. Powerful ripples of energy wreaked havoc within the Death Nest as terrifying storms caused all the Saint Kings to stumble and lose their balance.

The club had been blocked by the blade of light, saving the lives of over ten Saint Kings. The skeleton also stumbled a few steps back as its body shook. A terrifying crack had appeared on the huge bone club in its hands.

All the Saint Kings had left the third zone by now. They arrived in the second zone, but none of them continued on. Instead, they could not help but stop and stare in the direction of the skeleton and blade of light in shock.

“Who was it who secretly attacked? He can actually deal such a powerful attack to deal with the frightening skeleton…”

“If I’ve seen correctly that flash of white light before was a huge blade of light. Who was the one responsible for that…”

“This is a power that Saint Emperor. The senior who delivered that blade of light before must have stepped into that supreme domain…”

“Impossible! Does that mean that there are still experts like that among us humans? That’s definitely impossible. There were the four champions during the ancient times, but a fifth one has never appeared on our continent…”

“W- was it a sovereign-like figure of the arctic Ice G.o.ddess Hall who secretly interfered…”

“Yes, it must be someone from the mysterious Ice G.o.ddess Hall. They may have never interfered with the matters of the continent, but they must’ve been unwilling to see so many experts of the Tian Yuan Continent die here…”

“I don’t believe it’s the Ice G.o.ddess Hall. They don’t have a sovereign-like existence. It must be the sea G.o.ddess who’s done it, as she’s the only one still alive out of the four ancient champions…”


A hubbub broke out among the people. Someone who had surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor had actually helped them out in secret when they were utterly doomed. This was an inspiring piece of information, filling everyone with emotion. It offered a path of escape to all of them, giving them new hope.

The blood-red skeleton became even more angered. Baleful Yin Force churned violently and was endlessly poured into the ground. Immediately, streaks of blinding, red light radiated from the ground. They criss-crossed and wove together. It was actually a formation hidden beneath the ground which had been activated by the skeleton’s Baleful Yin Force, allowing it to appear.

The formation was activated and the endless amounts of vile energies in the third zone seemed to be affected. They all began to bubble violently in the air and, under everyone’s disbelief, the Yin Qi fused with the grudges formed a cloud of blood-red Baleful Yin Force.

“I finally understand. The Baleful Yin Force must have been created from the fusion between the two vile energies…”

“Everything’s due to the formation under the ground. The two energies only fuse when the formation is activated…”

“The Death Nest was created by Mo Tianyun all those years ago. Does that mean he left behind the formation in the ground as well? Why did he do something like that?”

Many people reached a conclusion, but they soon became even more confused. They all felt curious as to why Mo Tianyun had created a place like this.

The Saints’ Fruit definitely was not the main reason. Perhaps, it was only a pretense.

The two energies fused together and formed even more Baleful Yin Force. The fusion had virtually drained all the vile energies in the third zone with only a cloud of blood-red mist churning about. Soon afterward, the Baleful Yin Force formed a huge, terrifying, and ferocious ghost’s face that charged toward all of the Saint Kings with brandished claws and teeth.

With a flash of blinding light, the resplendent blade of light appeared once again. Filled with a domineering force, it flew over from the first zone and struck the dense cloud of Baleful Yin Force.

The collision of the two actually knocked back the mist that all the Saint Kings fierced. The blade of light continued on without weakening at all, slicing through the mist and landing on the skeleton.


With a deafening sound, a slash that was several dozen meters in length appeared on the skeleton. Some of its tough bones had been cleaved in half by the attack as it stumbled backward with its huge body. It only managed to stabilize itself after taking around a dozen steps back.

The Saint Kings in the second zone all became stunned. Just a long-ranged blade of light was enough to force back the skeleton that had surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor. Just how powerful was that person?

An existence like that had exceeded everyone’s imagination. Some of them even refused to believe that there was such a terrifying expert hiding in the world.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu all became shocked as well. They could obviously feel how terrifying the blade of light was. Even with their origin energy weapons, they could not deal attacks on that level.

“He’s truly surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor. I wonder who he is,” Rui Jin gruffly said.