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Su Ke stared at the black lace underwear that he stole and felt completely helpless with a little bit of excitement. Why did he feel like he was becoming a pervert? Also, the tasks sent by the system seemed to have a sense of perversion. 

He really didn't know whether the next task would make him want to stop even more.

"Let's just forget about it! I've already taken it, so let's just quickly finish this task!" 

Even though Hong Chen had taken the black lacy underwear and put it into her drawer, because it happened so suddenly, the needle hadn't been taken out, so Su Ke continued working on it. 

As he worked, he suddenly heard the sound of his door opening; his parents must be home. 

His movements became even faster as he tried to finish the task before they walked in.

This was his bedroom, so it could be counted as his s.p.a.ce, but he couldn't be too careful. 

"Son, have the results been released!?" 

Zhang Xue and Su You Fu had been asking about their son's grades the whole day. 

After all, today was the day the exam results would be released, so they came home early, and in a moment of anxiety, they directly pushed open the door.

Su Ke never expected that his mother would just barge in. 

He didn't know what to do, so he could only play dead and hide the black lace under him. 

He looked up at Zhang Xue's face, which transformed from the former warmth into doubt as she frowned and walked over.

She didn't say anything as she lifted Su Ke up from the bed and grabbed onto the black lace. 

Her originally suspicious face became ashen, angry, and disappointed as her chest started to undulate strongly.

Bthump, bthump!

Su Ke had never thought this would happen; his legs instantly going numb from fright.

His mother's eyes were like daggers, instantly him raw as his brain turned to paste. 

Zhang Xue was so angry that she stomped out of the room and ferociously slammed the door closed. He then heard her angrily shout, "Su You Fu, come over here! Look at what good thing your precious son has done!"

Su Ke's eyes were dull and felt that his entire body was drenched in sweat; his limbs were soft and his forehead was throbbing. It was like the end of his days was fast approaching.

With every second feeling like a year, if becoming an idiot would make this embarra.s.sing situation disappear, then Su Ke would like to request to become an idiot.

He didn't know how long pa.s.sed when Su You Fu finally opened the door. 

Similarly, his face was gloomy. 

As he looked at Su Ke, it felt he was hating iron for not being steel. 

"Son! Come! Sit first!" 

Su You Fu didn't fly into a rage as soon as he stepped into the room; he felt more like the dark undercurrent of a tide which could turn into a hurricane at any moment. 

He then patted Su Ke on the shoulder as he tried to keep his voice even, "Son, speak truthfully. You're grown up now, do you feel like you are more interested in girls?" 


Su Ke's brain hadn't turned back to normal yet as he unconsciously nodded. 

"But you still can't steal a girl's underwear!" 

When Su You Fu finished speaking, Su Ke's face turned bright red. He knew he couldn't avoid this anymore. After all, he did actually steal the underwear from Hong Chen's house.

Su You Fu thought that Su Ke was speechless, so he took a deep breath and said, "If you still have any of these kinds of items, dispose of them all. If someone calls the police and they search for our house, we'll be doomed!"

Regarding his father's reaction, Su Ke felt that he was making a mountain out of a molehill. 

He only stole one piece of black lacy underwear; Hong Chen wouldn't call the police, right? 

He used all his effort to squeeze out an awkward smile, "I only have this!"

"En!" Su You Fu decided to trust in his son. 

However, the next question was pretty deep and he needed to mull it over first. 

After a brief pause, "Son, Dad knows that you're going through p.u.b.erty and that you're interested in the opposite s.e.x. h However, you're still young and need to look after your body!"

Su Ke lifted his head and looked at his father. He really didn't know how this had anything to do with his body. Even if he had stolen some underwear, he wouldn't be killed because of that right!

Seeing that Su Ke didn't understand, with a very innocent appearance, Su You Fu was extremely embarra.s.sed and fell silent. In the end, when he thought of what Zhang Xue told him to do, he could only cement resolve and say, "You, you really shot your gun too, too much right! You even tore the underwear, such a big hole!"


Su Ke really didn't understand. Shot his gun? That was an undertaking that really left people speechless! Thinking back on the words Su You Fu had said about looking after his body, the big hole, and the feeling of him shooting his gun and tearing the black lace.

Thinking until here, Su Ke's originally extreme embarra.s.sment changed to speechlessness. 

He felt like yellow mud had fallen into his pants. Even if it's not sh*t, it's sh*t now!

"That thing of yours, I'll ask your Mom to throw it out later! You need to focus on studying now and control yourself more. This kind of thing, wait until after you're married, then you can do whatever you want!" 

Su You Fu looked at Su Ke's red and ashamed face and also felt a bit ashamed. 

"Ah? Throw? No!" 

Suddenly, Su Ke seemed like he had been poked by a needle. This was a task, a task with 'a wish' as a reward! If he threw it away, then he had gone to all this effort for nothing. 

Not only did he let Hong Chen despise him for nothing, but even this situation would lose meaning. 

"What did you say?" 

Su You Fu felt that he had been extremely patient already, but this disappointing son actually had some objections. At that moment, his anger was about to erupt.


The situation was coming to a head, but Su Ke actually took a deep breath and quickly reached out and tried to hold a placating posture, "Calm down! Calm down!"

Su You Fu was really furious. His eyes were stormy and he even thought of beating Su Ke up as he sternly asked, "Brat, do you know what you're doing?"

"Dad, you need to listen to me! You've overcomplicated this situation!" 

Su Ke was at his wit's end, his forehead was covered in sweat and his voice was hoa.r.s.e. 

"Do you think that I'm the perverted thief who steals underwear that is always on the news?"


Even though Dad was unwilling to accept this reality, but reality was in front of him now. 

Su You Fu could only nod his head and ask, "Then do you think that I've stolen quite a few?"


"Then do you think that I've shot my gun using this underwear?"


"Then do you feel that I was too hasty and that hole was something I tore open?"


Su Ke looked helplessly at his father. Looks like he had only one way to clear his name. 

He grit his teeth and could only cut off his means of retreat as he asked, "Dad, if I said that this underwear is my girlfriend's, would you believe me?"

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