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Chapter 1042: Abnormal Realm Growth

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Modern cultivation society was not short of serendipitous encounters, and many cultivators were able to improve their realms in a short period of time after chancing upon various types of opportunities. This sort of improvement wasn't considered too unusual. Moreover, there was a frequent trend toward minor advancements in realms. In the Cultivation Encyclopedia , there was a special term for this sort of minor improvement in a short period of time: minor ascension.

But Father Zheng's situation was clearly different. Such a huge leap in realm was usually unavoidably linked to illicit drugs or forbidden spells.

“This an abnormal growth rate for his realm. How can anyone improve this fast? This isn't a novel…” Gao Tian stared at the report and began to reexamine the incident in his mind. Zheng Jingxuan's dad hadn't harmed any of the hostages yet, but either way, taking them prisoner was already a crime.

Just like some criminals, who might put a knife to a person's neck, but in fact didn't dare hurt them at all. Killing was a severe crime, and these criminals didn't dare take risks so easily. Unless they were forced to do so, a hostage-taker usually wouldn't harm the hostage, as this would be going overboard.

And to protect the hostage, the police would do whatever they could to accommodate the criminal's demands in order to lower the latter's guard in a rescue situation.

However, there was one exception to this rule, which was a special regulation which the cultivation police had for abduction cases and hostage situations.

“What's wrong with abnormal realm growth?” Little Silver asked, puzzled.

He didn't really understand the situation. After all, he had seen for himself how heaven-defying his Master w.a.n.g Ling was… At the beginning, w.a.n.g Ling's realm advanced at a rate of one level every two years. Now, it was growing at an ever increasing rate, with the intervals between realm advancements getting shorter and shorter.

Little Silver knew very well that because of this, his Master was looking for a way to perfectly control his strength. Of course, w.a.n.g Ling and Father Zheng were in slightly different situations. w.a.n.g Ling's growth was natural, while Gao Tian believed that Father Zheng might have cultivated some forbidden spell or taken some illicit drug.

“It's over.” Gao Tian broke out in a cold sweat as he stared at the report. “If this goes on, there is a high chance that Father Zheng will be killed on site under the special regulation.”

“Is rapid realm growth against the law?” Loopy Toad asked.

“A rapid increase isn't against the law, but it's dangerous when coupled with a hazardous move like taking hostages.” Gao Tian's expression turned heavy. He explained to Little Silver and Loopy Toad, “There is a 95% chance that an abnormal growth rate is the result of using illicit drugs or forbidden spells. The reason they are included in a list of prohibitions is that they severely endanger a cultivator's body and even the mind after cultivation. If you cultivate forbidden spells to deliberate harm others, you'll definitely be convicted.

“In our world, even the mentally ill who break the law are held accountable! In addition, their families are also implicated. If family members don't carry out the proper supervisory obligations, they will also be charged.”

Gao Tian explained the current situation.

In short, it didn't look optimistic. Whether it was taking illicit drugs or using forbidden spells, there was no guarantee that a cultivator could preserve a stable mental state after trying either method. What Gao Tian was now most worried about was that the upper levels would notice the abnormal leap in realms in the data, and directly take charge across the distance to forcefully attack and kill Father Zheng… At that point, the situation would definitely become an utter mess, and the truth of the case from three years ago might be buried in the chaos once more, leaving things unsettled.

Whether it was the hostages getting injured or Father Zheng being prevented from revealing the truth, Gao Tian didn't want to see either of these happen.

Elsewhere, in the Cultivation Police Bureau head office, Chief Zhao smacked the top of a table. “Tell me! What the h.e.l.l is the situation now?! Why hasn't the Immortal Arts Mobile Squadron made a move? What the h.e.l.l are they doing? A murderer has taken hostages inside. His realm's growth rate is so abnormal, something is clearly wrong! If his mind becomes unstable from using forbidden spells or drugs and he hurts the hostages, who can bear that responsibility?!”

The a.s.sistant wiped his sweat, and said placatingly on the side, “Don't be angry, chief… Right now, most of the attention online is focused on that case from three years ago. The suspect, Zheng Tianqiang, hasn't hurt the hostages, and it may cause a public outcry if we act against him.”

“Sorry, I was being overbearing. I apologize first. But we're under a lot of pressure from above with this case, and I want it solved as soon as possible.” Chief Zhao rubbed his forehead and took a deep breath. “Who's in charge of this case?”

“Officer Gao Tian. He was promoted recently; Chief Zhao, you signed off on it…”

“Oh, him. I remember him.” Chief Zhao nodded. “Comrade Gao Tian has been doing a good job. If he's in charge at the scene, then I can relax a little.”

“There shouldn't be any problems. Furthermore, Group Leader Little Silver from the Office of Strategic Deception is also there. Group Leader Little Silver has quite a high realm. With his a.s.sistance, it'll be double insurance.”

“A group leader from the Office of Strategic Deception is also there? That's rea.s.suring.” Hearing this, Chief Zhao was instantly relieved. He gripped the cup in front of him and slowly blew on it before drinking a mouthful of tea.

“Oh, that's right, Chief Zhao, I just received news that Director Odd Zhuo is on his way there.”

” Pu… ” Zhao Ju sprayed a mouthful of tea on the a.s.sistant's face in front of him. “Why is he going over?”

“I heard he was in the area. Director Zhuo is also the group leader of the Office of Strategic Deception's supervisory and investigation team. This is probably triple insurance!”

Chief Zhao: “…” What f**king triple insurance!

“Chief… you don't look so good. Do you have a problem with Director Zhuo?” After speaking, the a.s.sistant sensed he had said something wrong, and hurriedly shut his mouth.

Chief Zhao glanced at the little a.s.sistant. “Let me ask you, who caught the Old Devil a few months ago?”

“Director Zhuo…”

“And in the Immortal Mansion case?”

“Director Zhuo…”

“And Evil Sword G.o.d?”

“Still Director Zhuo…”

“Ah Zhen, I've been in this position for so many years. If I get one more commendation, I might be able to get a promotion. This Odd Zhuo isn't part of the police, but he gets all the credit every time. I…” Chief Zhao rubbed his heart, feeling stifled with vexation.

“Then does Chief Zhao mean…”

“Inform the Immortal Arts Mobile Squadron: have a tenth of them keep an eye on Odd Zhuo. Remember, after he's had a look at the scene, prompt him to leave as soon as possible…”

“Alright, Chief Zhao…”