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The Favoured Genius Doctor and Businesswoman –182 – Kidnapping Other's Wives (拐人妻子)

Qin Zhi Xue's voice wasn't loud. When compared to other people who always kicked up a loud fuss when they made trouble, his condition was as if he was making a simple complaint. However, his every word were like knives that stabbed into Gan Song Bai's heart every time. It made him feel like his brain was receiving wave after wave of sharp pain.

"Doctor Gan, please relieve your anger. I'll go call the director right now…" A nurse by the side instantly panicked after she saw how he had become and rushed out.

Qin Zhi Xue still didn't intend to let go and spoke with an expression full of seriousness, "Go ahead and call him, I also want to see the head of your hospital. Do they actually indulge all their doctors to do this kind of immoral thing?"

"Oh right, Doctor Gan. Just where have you hidden my wife? I'm begging you to have mercy and let my family go…"

"Scoundrel! Utterly impervious to reason!" Gan Song Bai slammed the table in anger, his face green, "It was obviously you who mistreated your wife…"

Before he finished speaking, Qin Zhi Xue directly interrupted, “How am I abusing my wife? It's just that we've had some small problems recently. You can't do such unethical things just because of this…”

Qin Zhi Xue felt quite smug at the moment.

Recently, because of company affairs, he had been criticized everywhere he went. Every day he was insulted and disdained. Now that he had seen the main offender who had caused all this, he naturally couldn't let him go so easily.

Gan Song Bai had the intention to explain, but the other side kept interrupting his words and even wants to charge him of a lawsuit. This only fueled the rage in Gan Song Bai's heart. 

Gan Songbai felt extremely aggrieved.

Since the say he left, he had never again seen Xiang Jin and thus was even more unclear about Old Madam Qin's complications and starvation. Furthermore, because he knew that the Tang family had involved themselves into the matter, he'd kept his heart back where it belonged, only asking Jing Yun Zhao to visit them to show some concern. He himself never contacted the junior at all. 

But who would expect for such a calamity to arise? 

At this moment, he couldn't talk himself out of the situation even if he had the eloquence to do so. The consultation room was squeezed full of people whose gaze were filled with disdain towards him. It was the first time the old doctor had come across something like this and he was seething in anger. If it weren't for the fact that he was already old and his legs weren't as nimble as before, he would definitely rush towards Qin Zhi Xue and shower him in punches right now.

But after much deliberation, Gan Song Bai still couldn't come up with a solution. 

Only the parties involved could clarify the matter, if they continued making a scene, his whole life's reputation would all go down the drain. 

In the meantime, he could hear the voices of the patients outside as well as their families whispers become loud criticism and denunciation. 

“Aiya, this old man can still be called a doctor? How could there be such an unscrupulous old man in the world? Just based on his moral conducts, who would dare look for him to be their doctor…” 

“You can't say it like that. The cla.s.smate of the child of my friend's uncle's illness was cured by this Doctor Gan. I heard his medical skills are great, maybe this is a misunderstanding?”

“Misunderstanding? The man has already found his way to the door, can it still be a misunderstanding? Just because his medical skills are good doesn't mean he's also good in other aspects. Old but still so unscrupulous; He's already lived for half a century, but he still wants to ruin other people's families. Let's not mention him dragging away people, he almost even caused someone's mother to starve to death! You tell me, if the man isn't given justice then is there still fairness under the heavens?!”

The Director arrived to see people throwing insults and accusations non stop, causing him to break out in cold sweat. 

The weather was originally very hot, adding the ruckus onto the situation, it practically made people restless.

“All of you, stop creating a ruckus! Just what is going on here? Sir, if you slander us without evidence, we will bring you to court!” The young Director had a flash of light in his eyes after he entered, his words carrying hints of guilt. 

Hearing such enthusiastic discussions from outside, how could he possibly figure out who was in the right or who was in the wrong in this matter?

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