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Chapter 347: The Possible Marriage Between the Royal and Zuo Families

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“Mrs Yan is back? That was quicker than I thought.” Feng Wu remembered that Mrs Yan had taken Mrs Ning back to Anyuan City to seek justice for the latter.

Feng Wu's murmur attracted the attention of the others.

There were six seats around the round table Feng Wu was at.

Lady w.a.n.g, Feng Liu, and Feng Wu took three seats, and three other ladies sat on the other three.

They were a mother with her two teenage daughters.

“Mrs Feng, is this one of your girls? She's so lovely. Is she engaged yet?” The longer Mrs Ma looked at Feng Wu, the more beautiful she found Feng Wu. It would be wonderful to have such a daughter-in-law.

Hence, Mrs Ma asked.

Before Lady w.a.n.g could reply, Feng Liu said with a smile, “Mrs Ma, this is my fifth sister, Feng Wu —”

She made sure that she enunciated Feng Wu's name.

Mrs Ma found the name familiar, but failed to put her finger on it. “Feng Wu… Feng Wu…”

Feng Liu was about to remind her when the older Miss Ma took her mother's hand and whispered something in her ear.

Mrs Ma looked embarra.s.sed right away.

Lady w.a.n.g only appeared to hear the question then and gave Mrs Ma a benign smile. “This is Xiao Wu, the daughter of the second branch of our clan. She's not engaged yet. Mrs Ma…”

Mrs Ma's younger daughter said arrogantly, “Mrs Feng, you've left something out. Miss Wu isn't 'not engaged.' Her engagement was annulled.”

All the ladies here were ready for some gossip.

Hearing the noise, all eyes began to turn in their direction.

Mrs Ma gave her younger daughter an embarra.s.sed smile. “Well, that was… I'm just asking…”

Lady w.a.n.g seemed to not detect her embarra.s.sment at all and she prompted, “Mrs Ma, I recall that you have an 18-year-old son…”

The younger Miss Ma glared at Lady w.a.n.g. “Mrs Feng, our family isn't interested in a woman with an annulled engagement and my brother will never marry someone like that! Please stop asking!”

Lady w.a.n.g darted a sorry look at Feng Wu and heaved a sigh.

Feng Wu watched as Lady w.a.n.g gave her award-winning performance and she could detect more and more eyes on her.

And she could hear people talking about her in subdued voices.

“So, that's Feng Wu —”

“Back then, she was the genius second to the crown prince only!”

“I heard she got greedy with her cultivation and ruined herself.”

“And the royal family canceled the engagement.”

“That was quite a sn.o.bbish thing to do.”

“No, it wasn't. The crown prince is like a deity; would you be able to stand it if he married a cripple?”

“Of course not!”

“Wait, wasn't there another girl as talented as Feng Wu back then? Zuo Qingyun of the Zuo family?”

“She's Zuo Qingluan now. The real owner of the True Phoenix Blood!”

“I heard that Zuo Qingluan has reached the peak of the Spiritual Grandmaster stage?”

“You need to update your database. She's not a Spiritual Grandmaster anymore, but a Spiritual Elder!”

“Holy c.r.a.p! That's so scary! She's only 15, isn't she?”

“That's right. And only a genius like her is good enough for the crown prince. Word on the street is that the royal family is considering a marriage proposal to the Zuo family.”