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Chapter 447: Two Million Medial Grade Spirit Stones of Bettings

However, Mu Xinya did not wish to use the power left by the Heavenly Wolf King. That would result in her being weakened for a long time.

Eventually, Mu Xinya lost to Gao Yangyu’s fierce a.s.sault, and her streak of consecutive victories ended at 48.


When Mu Xinya was defeated, several thousand people in the vast spectator stands all sighed together. “Not even mentioning sixty, no one broke even through fifty consecutive victories. We have really lost everything this time.”

At last, Gao Yangyu’s final worry had been cleared up. His mood immediately improved significantly. He smiled and said, “Tabulate how many Medial Grade Spirit Stones we have earned in total.”

After a while, an old man brought over a stack of information and said, “There was a total of twenty million Medial Grade Spirit Stones betted on these four people. They all stopped before fifty consecutive victories. That means all the people who placed bets will return with nothing.”

If the contestant that people betted on won fifty consecutive victories, they would win fifty percent of what they betted. Every extra ten consecutive victories after that, the winnings would double.

Sixty consecutive victories meant they would earn the amount they have bet; seventy consecutive victories meant they would earn twice the amount they have bet; eighty consecutive victories meant they would earn four times the amount they have bet; when the one betted on reached a hundred consecutive victories, the ones who betted would earn sixteen times the amount they have bet.

The payout looked extremely tempting. Unfortunately, if the contestant did not even reach fifty consecutive victories, they would not be able to earn anything at all. They would end up returning with nothing.

Furthermore, with Gao Yangyu advertising and spreading the information that the wrestling ring was conducting the first round of selection for the Ancient Desolate Tower, the amount of bets increased considerably.

It was unknown how many cultivators would end up having nothing in their pockets after the matches ended, having to start over from scratch again.

Gao Yangyu paused for a while. He seemed to recall something and asked, “How much was bet on that Xiao Chen?”

The others looked around on the information on the table before saying, “Hey, how did it suddenly reach two million?”

Gao Yangyu’s expression changed slightly. He said, “Didn’t we hide the information about this brat? How did he manage to get bets worth two million Medial Grade Spirit Stones?”

The others looked at the information carefully, and someone said, “I found it. There was only one million bet on him for the past two days. This should be something normal. After all, he is a contestant as well. However, the weird thing is that there is an additional one million bet on him today.”

Gao Yangyu smiled coldly and said, “It looks like someone made a large bet on Xiao Chen. Unfortunately, the person he chose is wrong.”

“There should be no problems in using Old Bai against that brat right? He is now the only person with consecutive victories.”

Gao Yangyu said indifferently, “Old Bai is a 150-year-old. When he fights at full strength, even I would find it hard to deal with him. Even if Old Bai cannot defeat him, Tuoba Liuyun and Mo Yan can appear one more time. Do you think that this brat would still have a chance?”

At that moment, at the wrestling ring, while everyone’s attention was focused on Mu Xinya, Xiao Chen opened another two acupoints on his arm.

Two strands of Azure Dragon Qi moved around Xiao Chen’s arm before slowly being infused into his skin.

Xiao Chen slowly opened his eyes and revealed a faint expression of joy. He said to himself, “I am just lacking one last bit for the Firmament Body Tempering Art’s fourth layer to reach Great Perfection.”

“After today’s matches, I will definitely reach Great Perfection. However, I do not know if Gao Yangyu will give me this chance or not.”

It was going to be his turn soon, Xiao Chen thought to himself, I should not continue to cultivate. He got up and went to the front to observe the wrestling ring.

Currently, it was Mu Xinya’s turn. She was using her two yinyang sabers. The strength of the challengers increased with each day.

Today, the strength of the challengers already became comparable to that of the outstanding talents present. After all, the challengers were all middle-aged cultivators.

Although all the outstanding geniuses were very talented, they had not matured yet. Furthermore, their opponents already had a reasonably good understanding of them.

Every fight they went through was very arduous. If they wanted to obtain a victory, they had to put in their full effort.

Even the strong Mu Xinya had to give her all to win. Furthermore, she still ended up with several draws.

After the eighteen matches, Mu Xinya left the wrestling ring feeling tired. Then, she received more than four thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones from the grey-robed old man.

Mu Xinya’s string of consecutive victories came to an end. It ended pretty early, giving her only fifty consecutive victories.

Mu Xinya nodded gently to Xiao Chen before returning to Jiang Zimo’s side. Pei Shaoxuan had already somewhat recovered from his injuries. He smiled bitterly and said, “These sixty consecutive victories are very difficult to obtain. There is no more hope left.”

Jiang Zimo smiled faintly, “There is still Xiao Chen. His streak of victories has not ended yet. Perhaps he still has hope.”

Pei Shaoxuan mocked, “What capabilities does he have? He can’t even defeat Ding Fengchou.”

The others also expressed similar opinions, looking down on Xiao Chen. Like before, Yun Ping continued to ridicule him.

“Relying on him? On someone who was in a miserable state every match? It will be a joke if he can win even a single match today. Jiang Zimo, your insight is too poor.”

Xiao Chen turned around and looked at the people who spoke badly about him. Finally, he focused on Yun Ping.

Although Xiao Chen had been immersed in cultivation all the while, he still used his Spiritual Sense to observe his surroundings. This guaranteed that he could make a counterattack in time if someone tried to interrupt his cultivation.

These people’s iron medallion numbers were all ahead of Xiao Chen’s, so they mocked him every single of the past few days. Even a fly would not be able to tolerate the continuous insults. Thus, no matter how good Xiao Chen’s temper was, he would still end up irritated.

Yun Ping had suffered seventeen consecutive defeats today and had significant injuries. He might not even be able to recover from them by tomorrow.

He was currently in a bad mood. When he felt Xiao Chen’s gaze, he shouted angrily, “What are you looking at?! What are you thinking of doing? Can’t you even tolerate some words? Who do you think you are?!”


Xiao Chen frowned slightly. He pushed himself off the ground and his figure flashed, arriving before Yun Ping.


Before Yun Ping could react, Xiao Chen slapped his face. The sound was bright and resounding, startling everyone.

“How dare you hit me! You…”

Yun Ping’s face swelled because of the slap. Blood trickled from the corner of his mouth. However, the most important thing was that this happened in front of everyone.

This slap completely embarra.s.sed Yun Ping, making his reputation plummet. There was a saying: “When you strike someone, do not strike his face.” However, Xiao Chen did not seem to care.

“Ka ca!”

Yun Ping revealed a murderous intent as his right hand grasped his sword hilt.


Yun Ping was about to draw his sword and attack, but Xiao Chen did not give him the time to do so. He slapped Yun Ping’s left cheek with the back of his hand.The slap was so strong that it lifted him off the ground.

The spectator stands became incredibly quiet. Several people were so shocked that their jaws hung wide open and they looked at Xiao Chen incredulously.

It was like they had seen Xiao Chen for the first time. The current Xiao Chen was extremely cold. His killing Qi was withdrawn and had not been released out, but everyone could feel a chill.

Xiao Chen seemed like a completely different person compared to his previously calm and indifferent self.


A miserable cry rang out as Xiao Chen kicked Yun Ping’s chest. The spot he kicked just so happened to be where Yun Ping got injured today.

That injury had damaged Yun Ping’s internal organs earlier. He had just managed to slightly recover when Xiao Chen kicked him there, causing his injuries to worsen. The intense pain was a small matter. However, now that he got further injured, he would not be able to recover in the next two days.

That meant that Yun Ping had already failed the first round of selections.

A few people in the crowd thought sorrowfully, Xiao Chen must have kicked that spot on purpose, he is really vicious.

Xiao Chen had not made a move and had let them say whatever they wanted. However, when he did make a move, Yun Ping lost his qualifications to continue with the selection.

The people who normally mocked Xiao Chen quickly ran away, hiding in different corners; they were trying to stay out of Xiao Chen’s line of sight.

Xiao Rou looked at Yun Ping lying on the ground with a despondent and pained expression. She snorted coldly and said, “Serves you right. Let’s see if you dare to continue shooting off your mouth.”

Even given this situation, Ding Fengchou was not too surprised. He did not think that Xiao Chen was someone who followed common sense or someone who cared about consequences.

Otherwise, Xiao Chen would not have made a move on Jin Wuji despite knowing his ident.i.ty.

The fact that Xiao Chen had withdrawn his brilliance did not mean that he did not have any. Not displaying his temper did not mean he had a good temper. This was how Xiao Chen worked.

As a bladesman, he would not be short on sharpness and pride. If Xiao Chen wanted to condense saber intent, how could he simply let people humiliate him continuously like that?

Ding Fengchou withdrew his gaze and stopped thinking too much. He only raised his evaluation of Xiao Chen in his heart higher.

Like Jiang Zimo, Xiao Chen was one of Ding Fengchou’s biggest compet.i.tors for the twenty spots in this selection.

Pei Shaoxuan looked at the scene and felt a chill run down his back.

When Pei Shaoxuan remembered that he had just recovered from some of his injuries, he summoned out a Spirit Beast. Then, feeling that it was still not sufficient, he summoned out another one before going to the corner and carefully focusing on treating his injuries.

Xiao Chen, on the other hand, ignored the whimpering Yun Ping on the ground and looked at the wrestling ring.

Yun Ping was already disabled and could not enter the Ancient Desolate Tower. He would never be a danger to Xiao Chen.

As long as Xiao Chen did not push the matter further, the sect behind Yun Ping would not offend him over a second-rate genius.

Even if they made a move against Xiao Chen, he still had two medallions that he could use. Thus, he was not worried about anyone making a move against him.

After the commotion created by Xiao Chen, the atmosphere became strange. The originally lively discussions stopped, as if everyone feared Xiao Chen.

After a long time, the grey-robed old man’s voice rang out, “Number 125, come out quickly.”

Xiao Chen leaped out gently and landed on the wrestling ring. After he left, for an unknown reason, many people in the spectator stands heaved a sigh of relief.

If felt like a weight that pressed on their heart had been removed.

“I am Xiao Chen from the Great Qin Nation. Please show me your guidance.”

The sky was turning dark, the setting sun casted a fiery red light on the wrestling ring, giving Xiao Chen a faint red glow.

He had a calm and cold expression—there was neither joy nor anger on his face as he stood there before everyone.

“It’s Xiao Chen! This fellow is up again! Will he be able to continue with his consecutive victories?”

Xiao Chen had paid a heavy price for every victory he obtained. He was like a tiny fallen leaf in the midst of a storm that was being shoved around. However, each time, he would manage to persevere to the end and obtain victory.

Can Xiao Chen continue winning?

No one thought that Xiao Chen could. However, no one could say for sure that he would lose either.

The current Xiao Chen seem unfathomable to the crowd in the spectator stands—he was full of mysteries.

Victory or defeat? It was hard to say.

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