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Chapter 11 - Two Years Old Leader
Part B


Immediately after entering the forest, I can hear a little girl scream. When I finally manage to find her, I was dumbfounded, unable to believe what I saw with my eyes.

(Orc!...... close to the entrance like this……!?)

“Hiroto, I’ll hit them from afar so distract that orc please!”

Normally, that is not something you ask a two years old to do but Monica-san knows about my true strength. She believes in me and thinks of me as Mizell town’s best vanguard.

Ash, Deen, and Milty lay in the ground unconscious. If an orc were to appear in front of kids like them then the shock from the fear and bewilderment would probably make them unconscious…… they seem unharmed. Thank G.o.d I can still make it before anything bad happen.

But Stella-nee is captured by the orc. That orc grab Stella-nee’s feet and lift her off ground ---- then just like tearing a paper, that orc tears Stella-nee clothes with its other hand.

“N-NOOO!!...... Big brother!! Deen!!...... Help me!! Hiroto……!!”

---- I feel the blood inside me boils wild. I take out my  child sized bronze axe that gramps Bardiz made for me and charge forward toward the orc.

“---- UOOOO!!”

- You used the skill [Great Severing]!

---- This was the skill that I learned a little while before my 2nd birthday, and it is also my father trump card skill. The movement is simple. First, I just have to hold aloft my axe, then fill my whole body with fighting spirit, and finally release all that power in one single mow down slash. This skill is a powerful single hit attack skill.


My attack that comes from the low angle is aimed to the orc leg ---- Then if it hits……!

- CRITICAL HIT! Forest Orc received 272 damages!

(Good! Another 8 hp to go…… And the rest is……!)

“---- Hiroto, duck! Haa!”

- Monica use [Sharp Shot]!
- Forest Orc received 38 damages!
- Forest Orc is defeated!

That one sharp shot manages to cleanly pierce the orc brow. Orc ceased from moving, blood spurts out from its forehead, and break down into many small light particles.

(Not good……!)

Stella who was hanged upside down from the orc holding her leg falls down immediately as the orc vanishes. I quickly move closer to catch her before she falls to the ground. I have increased strong body even more from when I was 1 year old so catching a 4 years old girl body is not a problem for me. Stella body is already comparable to earth’s 7-8 years old kid but when she got hold up by me who is comparable to a 5 years old in earth, it does looks like that I have some kind of super power or some sort.

“…… Hiroto……”
“A, aa…… Sorry, I will let you down……”
“…… Uwaaaaaaaa……!”

Stella who got her clothes torn apart which made the pale skin underneath exposed to the outside suddenly hug me tight and start crying aloud. Well, can’t be helped…… She did meet something more dangerous that goblin and to make it worse, orc is infamous for being the enemy of all women so her cries is understandable.

“Hick…… snort……”

Against this older girl that is crying in my chest, I can’t do anything except letting her be. To think that the daughter of Elena-san, the clothes shop owner, to end up like this…… and her clothes was a good one too. What a waste…… She’s just too pitiable now.

After defeating the hateful orc, its body vanishes to thin air leaving only its drop item. In this world, monster comes to this world from a way that leads to the underworld namely, the [hive]. But when the monster died, it will drop all the item in its possession and vanished ---- When it lives, it has substance, has blood flowed in its vein, and even could do any functionality that any other living being could. But when it dies, unlike any other living being, it would just vanish without leaving anything else beside the item drop.

It was unprecedented in Eternal Magia before but the orc in this world have a habit of raping human woman to bear its offspring. Even the 4 years old Stella had become its target to vent its l.u.s.t…… This is already unrelated to having an offspring. It was just a beast acting true to its instinct.


The other kids started to regain their consciousness. To prevent Stella…… no, Stella-nee from embarra.s.sing herself, I take off my s.h.i.+rt and let her wear it. The difference in body size of a 2 years old and 4 years old is quite big but fortunately, my clothes are enough to cover most of her body.

“Monica-san, leave this place to you. I think Riona will come here later so please don’t let her come further into the woods okay?”
“Okay will do. Don’t push yourself too much okay? If you think that things get dangerous quickly escape!”

Monica-san gives her full trust to me who are still a 2 years old kid. Only her, and some other people in the guild who know my true strength would treat me like this.

(If I think it get dangerous…… eh……?)

While pondering about Monica-san’s word again, I keep on running toward the depth of the forest. And those things appear there. Caught in my line of sight are several bodies of orc. It seems like they had left their nest to expand their territory.


They naturally find me too and start attacking me. Those orcs were equipped with a stone bludgeon each and try to smash me into ground meat with it. But in my eyes, their attack is just as fast as a snail.

- Forest orc attacks! It misses! There is no effect inflicted to you!

WHOOs.h.!.+ The wind even gives a ripping sound because of the swinging bludgeon. But I just effortlessly evade it.

“GA! GAaa!”

The orcs recklessly send their attack to me. But all those attacks, not a single of them manage to reach me ---- Because it was simply impossible for them to damage me.

The most damage that these orcs can deal out is 40. But my strong body had pa.s.sed level 40. Added with buff from armor and other defensive item, my body can just simply ignore this mere 40 damages.

In that case what going to happen? ---- The answer is me being unhurt. And being unhurt is just the same as the attacks didn’t hit me at all.

I became tired of just stand there and ‘avoiding’ these 3 orcs attack. I then brandish my axe and the orcs got stunned and ceased their attack. That’s right, this is also another special habits of the monster. Monster is normally afraid of something that has a higher level that their own and will instantly oppressed. Those large-framed-two-meters-tall orcs are actually afraid of me, who has a body comparable to a five years old kid, who are skinny and only 1 meter something tall.

“You guys aren’t even worth taming…… So I will hunt all of you down……!”
“---- GAAaa!”


In order not to let them hurt anyone, I hunt every single orc that I can find there. Not only sweeping out all the orcs, I also found a pack of goblins which also fallen prey to my axe. I do so because I also want to help Deen fulfill his wish of revenge towards the goblin.

There was one time I received a critical hit from a goblin that manages to pierce my defense but the damage is a pitiful 3…… which is just no more than a scratch wound. It will be healed by my natural regen eventually which is in about 30 minutes or so.

And when I finally get out of the forest, there are Monica-san, the kids, and even there also Riona there waiting for me. Seeing me walks out from the forest, Riona immediately runs up to me and then glomp on my body.

“…… While you leisurely walk here, I have finished wrapping up the mess. Nothing big happened, don’t worry”
“I’m glad…… I’m glad……”

Riona clings at me tightly and refuses to let go. Then Ash slowly approaches me. His face looks very apologetic and he can bring himself to not lower his head.

“I’m sorry, even when I’m together with them…… that orc suddenly appear out of nowhere and I was……”
“…… don’t worry about it”
“W-what kind of manner is that! You must be looking down on us for being weak don’t you!”

Deen is snapping back at my reply but I don’t feel angry at him. I am quite different from the usual 2 years old so if Deen who is older than me getting jealous at me is something that can’t be helped.

“Hiroto, did you bring that think the goblin stole from Deen’s father?”
“…… I got it with me”

- You have handed [leather hat] to Deen.

“…… W-why did you have this? …… the ones that came out were just that pig-like monster and……”

There is a special goblin named goblin thief. And as the name suggest, it has chances to steal item from its victim. Deen objective is to take this back from the goblin…… because buying another leather hat would cost him 10 silver.
Fortunately, I found the goblin thief who attacked Deen’s father and managed to defeat it. When I look at the item that it drops, I finally realize his true motives.

“I don’t need this. Here, for you”
“T-that’s the hat that dad received from my mom! Don’t you dare mock it!”

Deen forcefully s.n.a.t.c.hes that hat from my hand.
If I can say things better, would it come to this……? I can’t help thinking about that seeing Deen’s reaction but it seems like that Deen is always at the odds with me.

But Deen and I are not the only one present here.

“Deen, Hiroto had saved my life you know. You should also properly thank him”
“Uu…… b-but…… Stella……”

Stella-nee had stopped crying but her eyes are still red from it. The hair band that she usually wears was a mess just a while ago but now it already got fixed up and looks neat as how it usually looks. (Eros: I kinda stumble at this kind of re wearing/ fixing clothes and accessories in English. I just can’t get a right word to describe it)

Deen, who are in the same age as Stella, often got scolded by her from doing things rashly. One of Stella favorite words are ‘Look at Hiroto and follow his example’ and it makes Deen unconsciously build up his rivalry feeling to me…… but I was kinda happy from Stella high opinion for me so I can’t say anything to it.

“Thank you Hiroto. In the near future, I will offer you my thanks again”
“…… You don’t have to”
“H-how rude of you……”
“Aa that’s right. Deen, I also don’t need this. Here, for you”

- You have handed [potion] to Deen.

“W-what is this……”
“This…… is potion right. Deen, let your father drink it. Hiroto’s potion is famous for being effective”

There are about 50 potions that I made myself from processing herbs filling my inventory. A few bottles are already enough to pay an adventurer service so I use it most of the time as an alternative payment for them.

“I-I won’t say thank you to you, you hear!?”

Deen said it like that but he’d been hugging that leather hat and potion tightly and he immediately runs back home with those. Everyone present can just smile watching the scene.

“That kid should have understood how hard Hiroto fights to get those……”
“Hiro-chan, are you wounded? …… There is blood you know?”
“Hey, don’t lick at it. Oi~”

Riona found the scratch wound on my forehead that was caused by a critical hit from a goblin and she tries to lick it. Doing it in front of people is embarra.s.sing, and there’s also problem regarding hygiene too so I tried to stop her from doing it but……

“…… Milty also want to lick it”

The other little girl, no, the girl who is the same age as me who keep being unconscious until now suddenly clings onto my body without me realizing.
She is a taciturn girl and never speaks much. She is the granddaughter of an old witch that lives in the town outskirt. It seems like that her parent died soon after she was born. Mother Remilia introduces me to her and told me to look after her then we become friends, and she even seems to be quite attached to me somehow.

“Riona will lick him so Milty-chan is unneeded”
“…… No, Milty will so Riona is unneeded”
“Riona will do!”
“Milty will do!”

The two little girls who won’t give in to each other tug me hard at each side. I’m embarra.s.sed but I don’t say anything because Riona is a crybaby and might cry if I scold them.

“Okay okay put it to rest. Everyone, it will soon get dark so go home quickly so to not make your mother worried about you okay?”

With what Monica-san says, everyone finally start heading back to their respective home. But it seems like that Ash still have some things he wants to say.
This youth has a neat face features. In the future, he will definitely become a handsome guy. He doesn’t seem to know that I’ve been in Elena-san’s ‘care’ for a while but since Elena-san introduces him to me, I’ve been treating him as one of my friends.
But as expected 6 years old is still too young. I, who am the youngest being 2 years old, couldn’t avoid being this children group supervisor. Of course so to not make Ash lose face, I put my distance to them a bit and look at them from afar.

“Hiroto…… Really, thank you very much. I also want to be strong like Hiroto”
“Monica-san, I’m sorry. I thought that because it is just goblin that even I can manage to handle them……”
“I should actually give you all a good scolding here but in regards for Hiroto, I will forgive you this one time okay? Be good friend with Hiroto and say this also to Deen okay?”

Ash and Stella answer Monica request with good manners then turn back and run back home. Stella then turn back to look at me once and lower her heads again expressing her thanks.
Looking at her made me remember the word ‘ojousama’ or little princess. But Stella is actually a strong 4 years old girl at heart. I even sometimes think whether she is more mature than her older brother, Ash.

“Hiro-chan, dinner time will soon come so I will go back and help mother with cooking okay?”
“Aa. Don’t get yourself tripped and fall okay?”

Together, Riona and Milty also go back to their respective home. After seeing them off, Monica-san looks at me and smiles.

“Hiroto is everyone hero so it’s okay to be more honest with yourself you know?”

Even with my short reply, Monica-san seems to understand what I want to say. And that is actually very embarra.s.sing.
When I was a baby, I was not that close with her but from doing many quest together, Monica-san seems to have a high opinion of me and approve of me even when she is not afflicted by my charm.

“…… Hey, won’t you come a bit to my house?”

Because I took some damage, I have a slight hope for this coming. Because if I heal my wound without depending on my self-regen and using other ‘certain method’ then I can grind my strong body skill with that and receives exp.

But that ‘certain method’ is something that can be said out loud to other people.
If I am still a baby then it would not become a problem but now when I had reached 2 years old…… doing such thing is. My outward appearance is already like those kids from the older years of kindergarten and yet such thing is.

“I know about it you know? When you go to the forest alone and got wounded, and then when you are secretly meeting with Sera-san after returning……”
“Uu…… T-that was…… Not tr……”
“Tanya and Filone also feel lonely after knowing that Hiroto is too busy lately. It’s also been a while since the last time you do [that] so…… okay?”

Monica-san was the one who first deny [that] as something [immoral] and yet now……
In the early days I do quest together with her, she didn’t show such premonition. But since she knows that I am strong enough to become a vanguard and that I also have the [Hunter] skill, her att.i.tude towards me gradually changes.

To get popular among the women without using my charm skill is something impossible for me to do.

(---- There’s a time in the past me where I’m thinking about such things)

Showing your true power and get recognized then eventually got liked is something that normally happen everywhere. And the one who told me that was Monica-san.
Even so, there’s a definite separator between the thing that ought to do and oughtn’t to do ---- but then again.

“If it is to makes your wound heals faster then it’s alright isn’t it? The main purpose is without a doubt to heal your wound anyway……”

Monica-san bends down in front of me. She who had become 20 years old has increased his girly charm by leap and bounds. That was clearly because of my fault.

“T-then…… just a little bit……”
“……At such time, Hiroto really is honest. I think it is a good think you know”

There are no charm and or any other such skill that is activated. Yet Monica-san looks at me with a pair of very tender eyes.


This is not my first time entering Monica-san’s room…… I already lost count on how many times it was.

There were woodcraft ornament and weird looking bow decorate the room. Those decorations are just very like her.
Monica-san sits in her bed and beckons me with her hand.
---- And then after rolling up her s.h.i.+rt, she smiles while saying:

“Hiroto, you are very skillful at taking things off so…… could you please”
“…… O-okay”

(Just what do you mean by [okay] me!? …… I am already 2 years old! Is it alright to go further than this……?)

While I conflict with my own mind, I release Monica-san saras.h.i.+* with a skillful and accustomed hand movement. (*Some kind of bandage to wrap the breast, an alternative for bra)
The one that is appearing now is steadily grow as the pa.s.sing of times ---- I would always think of such thing unintentionally every time I saw it. Those hills that shown off the air of grandeur.

“…… Those are getting in the way when I’m pulling my bow. But because Hiroto like them maybe it’s not that bad”

It was not by using potion, not by using healing magic, nor any other healing alternative.
There is another way of restoring my life point that Monica-san can give to me. And it is only that one way.

“Huhu…… Hiroto, are you being nervous?”
“Y-yeah…… because after all, it’s been a while……”
“I also feel nervous….. but I also feel happy that Hiroto come to play in my room. Drink a lot today okay……?”

She usually holds me up while I suck hers. But today, I ride her up while she lies down in her bed and slowly bring my mouth closer to the pink tip above her beautiful twin hills.

- You are regenerating life point.
- You feel like your [Hunter] skill is getting stronger.
- Monica [Motherhood] skill leveled up!

“Is drinking in that position good? Hiroto is really such a spoiled kid hehe”
“Y-yeah…… When I do it like this, I feel comfortable”

Monica-san hugs my head and pushes it closer to her and let me drink her dew many times.

And by using such an intimate way to increase my own skill level, made me think that this is the utmost happy thing that I can have in this world from having reincarnated here with maxed negotiation skill.