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Chapter 1189: Terrifying Lightning Fire

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The area within hundreds of square miles was completely covered by the lightning trial, and each lightning bolt looked like a giant dragon, traveling within the lightning clouds.

All the beasts in this primal forest were scared, and they all tried to run out. Some of the weak savage beasts were too terrified to move. They could only lie on the ground and wait for their death.

The power contained in the lightning was horrifying, which melted a mountain and turned it into lava, swallowing the flowers, gra.s.s, and trees in the primal forest.

Hong Long.

The second lightning bolt fell and pierced through Zhang Ruochen's body.

There was raging lightning flowing in the apertures and bloodstreams in Zhang Ruochen, shuttling back and forth in every tissue of his body.

He was quenching his body time and time again. Although he was going through agony, it was incredibly great for his body.

Why did someone need to go through three pre-saint trials to become a saint? Because when someone was going through the pre-saint trials, his body characteristics were being completely transformed, and they would ascend above ordinary people and become saints.

They had dangers and opportunities at the same time.

When the third lightning bolt hit Zhang Ruochen, the lightning inside Zhang Ruochen became greater. He felt that his apertures, veins, and saintly apertures were about to burst, and he found it difficult to handle the force of Natal Way.

Zhang Ruochen roared.


All the one hundred and forty-three apertures in his body were opened, and those bolts of lightning rushed into the apertures.

There were one hundred and forty-three small holes on Zhang Ruochen's body, and lightning flew toward each of the holes, making rumbling noises.

The power of lightning pa.s.sed through the apertures, refining them.

The apertures that had already been sanctified became holier, and the energies inside surged.

Zhang Ruochen's body couldn't withstand eighteen flashes of lightning at the same time, and there were some small wounds on him.

Fortunately, his body had great healing power, and those wounds disappeared quickly.

He then withstood nine more lightning bolts, and the healing abilities of Zhang Ruochen couldn't catch up with the tearing strength of the lightning. There were wounds everywhere on his body, which was badly mangled.

When the thirty-fourth lightning bolt struck his body again, his body burst and fell onto the ground. He fell into the lava and sank.

The power from the lightning trial turned this entire forest into a lava lake. The heatwave was burning this whole place and there was smoke everywhere. Thickly-dotted lightning engravings flowed on the lava.

The lightning trial didn't stop. Instead, it hit through the lava and struck Zhang Ruochen again. It wouldn't stop until it killed Zhang Ruochen.

The lightning became fiercer and fiercer.

Zhang Ruochen was already barely standing the thirty-four trial lightning. Would he actually pull through the following trial lightning?

Empress Moran was impressed. She thought, I've underestimated that brat. He withstood thirty-four bolts of lightning, and he's still alive.

Empress Moran speculated that she would've been killed by the thirty-four trial lightning without using any saintly weapons to ward them off.

Which meant the body of a first-trial pre-saint was st.u.r.dier than her body, and she was an upper-cla.s.s saint.

"Are the monks really that powerful? G.o.d knows how strong he will be after his body is sanctified."

However, Empress Moran didn't think Gu Linfeng would have a chance to sanctify his body. She reckoned that Gu Linfeng wouldn't pa.s.s the lightning trial.

"It that guy can be humbler, he might become a force to be reckoned with in the future. Unfortunately, he has some serious character issues. No matter how powerful he is, he might be killed." Empress Moran still looked down upon Gu Linfeng.

The only youngster she admired was that Time and s.p.a.ce Descendant she had met in Blue Dragon Void World.

He was a real talent. Not only did he have incomparable potential, but he was also perseverant and was insusceptible to any temptations.

Even with Empress Moran's cultivation, she still felt powerless in front of him.

After ten more flashes of lightning, Empress Moran couldn't sense the life force of Gu Linfeng anymore. She thought Gu Linfeng might've been annihilated.

However, the trial lightning didn't stop. It kept hitting the lava lake, which meant Gu Linfeng was still alive.

How many strikes can he take? Empress Moran thought.

Zhang Ruochen was sitting at the bottom of the lava lake with burning liquids around him, hotter than fire.

He clenched his teeth and tried to pull through. He still looked intractable. Even the lightning formed by the sky and land couldn't bend his will.

Carnivorous Holy Flower was screaming inside his body.

"I can't take it anymore! Zhang Ruochen! Give me a saintly source. I need to merge my virtual body with my real body, otherwise, I'll be killed by your lightning trial."

Carnivorous Holy Flower was already very powerful. It was one of the strongest plants, stronger than many Taigu remains. However, it still had a difficult time withstanding the second lightning trial.

Each lightning trial made it scream.

Zhang Ruochen didn't give Carnivorous Holy Flower as he thought it had a long way to go yet before it reached the limit.

The reason it wanted that saintly source badly was that it wanted to seize this chance to reach the state of saint, after which it could swallow Zhang Ruochen when he was at his weakest.


Hong Long Long.

Nine bolts of trial lightning struck Zhang Ruochen, and Carnivorous Holy Flower kept yelling.

The mind power ripples from Carnivorous Holy Flower became weaker and weaker. It then said to Zhang Ruochen, "I can't take this anymore. If you still refuse to give me your saintly source, I'll resort to absorbing your power to reach the state of mind. Then, we might die together."

Zhang Ruochen could feel that Carnivorous Holy Flower couldn't be weaker, and it might die at any time.

If it absorbed Zhang Ruochen's without considering the consequences at this moment, Zhang Ruochen would be in grave danger.

"Stop yelling, I'll give you a saintly source now."

Zhang Ruochen was still sitting with his legs crossed. A gleaming saintly source flew out of the s.p.a.ce ring on one of his fingers.

The saintly source flew into the lower abdomen of Zhang Ruochen through the martial deity print between Zhang Ruochen's eyebrows.

At the same time, a green vine grew on the spine of Zhang Ruochen, and it turned thicker and thicker in the lightning.

The branches of Carnivorous Holy Flower went into the lower abdomen of Zhang Ruochen, enveloping the saintly source and absorbing its essence, turning it into nutrition to help it merge its virtual body and its real body.

Sixty-three bolts of lightning had struck Zhang Ruochen, and there were only nine left.

Zhang Ruochen was in agony. His body kept being injured, and the only thing that helped him get through it was his mindpower.

His lightning trial was way fiercer than that of other pre-saint trials.

Even lower-cla.s.s saints and mid-cla.s.s saints would be killed by the lightning.

"I've underestimated the power of the lightning trial. If I'd waited for a bit longer, I wouldn't have had such a hard time."

The trial bolts of lightning kept hitting Zhang Ruochen's body; the dragon soul and the elephant soul also emerged, screaming.

The dragon soul and the elephant soul seemed to be more solid after being quenched by the lightning trial.

All the deity prints of Zhang Ruochen emerged. Some of them were on his feet, some of them were on his arms and some were on his head. Thanks to all these deity prints, Zhang Ruochen's body could recover again and again.

Otherwise, his body would've disintegrated a long time ago.

Sixty-seventh trial lightning.

Sixty-eighth trial lightning.

Sixty-ninth trial lightning.

Seventieth trial lightning.

Seventy-first trial lightning.

Just before Zhang Ruochen was about to pa.s.s the second pre-saint trial, Carnivorous Holy Flower sneered, "I've finally become a saint. Zhang Ruochen, I'll swallow you now, take your body and seize your saintly way."

The branches of Carnivorous Holy Flower grew and stuck to the lower abdomen of Zhang Ruochen. It wanted to absorb all the nutrients of Zhang Ruochen.

It was without doubt a huge blow to Zhang Ruochen.

Carnivorous Holy Flower had already been robust before it reached the state of saint, much stronger than lower-cla.s.s saints. Now, it had merged its virtual body and the real body. G.o.d knew how strong it was now.

Besides, Zhang Ruochen had been severely injured when pa.s.sing the pre-saint trial. He couldn't be weaker.

The situation was unfavorable to Zhang Ruochen.

He immediately mobilized his Holy Qi and infused it into Universe Spiritual Map. He wanted to ask Blood Moon Ghost King and Sky-connecting Divine Tree to help hip him suppress Carnivorous Holy Flower.

This was the only way he could save himself now.

At this moment, the seventy-second trial lightning bolt struck.

Hong Long.

Carnivorous Holy Flower screamed in anguish, and its body cracked.

The last strike of the trial lightning was the strongest one.

Unfortunately, Carnivorous Holy Flower was too rushed and tried to swallow Zhang Ruochen before the lightning trial was over. Trial lightning caught its force and struck it with most of its power. Only a small portion of it hit Zhang Ruochen.

Carnivorous Holy Flower had just merged its virtual body and real body. Its body was very unstable.

Its real body started to detach from its virtual body, and its virtual body was rugged, about to crumble.

Carnivorous Holy Flower screamed and begged Zhang Ruochen, "Master, please find a saintly soul to replace my virtual body, otherwise I'll never reach the state of saint in the future."