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Chapter 60: Succession Ceremony

The news that Chronoire had secured the ring had spread, so the major personnel of the country including the Emperor had gathered in the throne room. If you slowly observed the surroundings, all of the people here seems to be two-faced. Even with their unconcerned face, you can't even think about what's inside their head. This is especially true for the prince, no wonder he's willing to attack the princess who is his own blood relative.

And at the end of the throne room, sitting on a luxurious throne is… the current Emperor who is also Chronoire's father. However his appearance really lacks any ambition, it really doesn't seems like the face of someone ruling a country.

Chronoire stood at the position closest to the throne, accompanied by us who stood behind her. Marcus and Lucius are also here. We're in a position that we can dash out at once if something were to happen to her.

On the other side a little bit of distance from us stood a man wearing fancy clothes embroidered with gold thread throughout his whole body. His age is somewhere around 30 years old? I guess that would be the prince. The men around him seems to be whispering a lot, and there's also the knight as the guard. The prince is glaring daggers at Chronoire, it really makes anyone who meet his eyes wants to flee. Chronoire confronts him with a calm smile. She is also the Emperor's daughter after all, even when facing the tension of the situation, it hasn't shown on her face at all. At this point it can be said who's the better one suited to be the Emperor.
[T.N: I love how my machine translate fancy clothes as 'gay clothes']

The Emperor sat motionless on the throne, and since no one is trying to take control of the place, the throne room is full of bustle. Although before this the prince had a superior lead in the succession rights, Princess Chronoire is able to overturn the situation by acquiring the Succession Ring. The people in this place are currently deciding on which faction they wanna side with. Which one is the enemy and which one is the ally, you really can't judge no matter how long you observe them.

Tearing up the noisy air, Chronoire shouted.

"Silence! Everyone are already present, now let's confirm the Succession Ring." (Chronoire)

When Chronoire declares that, three people enter from the entrance of the throne room. At the lead is an old man wearing priest clothes with long hat. Following behind him are two women in priestess robe, and they approached the throne with a transparent cup along with water.

The three kneel when they arrived at the throne, and bowed to the Emperor.

"The head priest and the two followers bows to His Highness and the princess. We wish to get straight to the matter. I wished to check the authenticity of the Succession Ring right in this room." (Head Priest)

"…Proceed." (Emperor)
[T.N: Sorry, I can’t really word that well what the priest is trying to say, but it's at least 70% correct, I think.]

The Emperor only gave short answer to the head priest. Everyone inside the room silently watched as the two priestess pour water into the transparent cup. The head priest accept the ring from Chronoire, and held it high for all the members to see.

"The authenticity of this ring will be revealed with the Holy Grail and the Holy Water! The ring will s.h.i.+ne in white if it really is the real Succession Ring, but if it is fake the Holy Water will turn black!" (Head Priest)

When he said that, the head priest slowly sunk the ring into the Holy Grail that the nun is holding. The ring slowly sunk. There's no change on the ring inside the cup. While everyone are holding their breath, the ring at the bottom of the Holy Grail began to gradually emits pale light, as it gradually getting stronger and s.h.i.+ned in the vicinity. The head priest interrupts the people who are starting to make some clamor, and took out the ring and declares loudly.

"The truth has been shown! This is the genuine Succession Ring!" (Head Priest)

At that moment, the hustle and bustle of the people grew explosively. With this the next seat for the Emperor will goes to Chronoire. The people on the prince faction are in turmoil right now, while the people sitting on the fence till now wanted to bend their knees to Chronoire. The head priest pa.s.sed the ring to Chronoire and she kneels in front of the emperor. The throne room goes silent again.

"Your Majesty, as you can see, this Chronoire had obtained the Succession Ring." (Chronoire)

"…Umu, then according to the succession rules, the next Emperor would be Chrono-" (Emperor)

"Please wait a moment!" (Prince)

The Emperor's words was interrupted when the prince raised his voice. As I thought there's still no end to the trouble… As the prince headed towards the throne, he brushed aside Chonoire like she's nothing, and started rattling towards the Emperor.

"Your Majesty! The current empire today is the one developed by me, the prince! I reformed the tax system, maintained the highway, even improved the domestic security. Unlike my younger sister there, only I am worthy of the Emperor's seat! No, it is impossible for anyone else except me!" (Gay prince)

The prince start taking the stance and begun his speech, but the reaction from the surrounding is kind of lukewarm. Even my head began to hurt from listening to his long-winded speech. Though he's been spitting out various words, in short, none of them enters my head. Although the prince is currently drunk in his self-praise, his movement stopped by someone's words.

"…I dare say. He really knows how to line one's pocket." (???)
[T.N: 'line one's pocket', in case you didn't know, means something like trying to gain profit not using the right way. Basically, prince is trying to get what he wants not using the right way]

At that moment, the prince's face turns red from anger like a beast.

"Who is it!? Who said it just now!? I will not forgive you for insulting this great me! Don't think that you can go against me! You and your whole family will face capital punishment!" (Prince)

There's no law like that. He starts spouting nonsense, you could even see that some bubbles have formed from the corners of his mouth. Even Chronoire is at a loss for words for his att.i.tude. No one can approach him. Then, I guess he can't stand it any longer, for the Emperor looked towards the prince and opened his mouth.

"Stop getting all sloppy Claudius. The result had already come out. Accept the result like an adult, like Chronoire had done." (Emperor)

As this was said by the Emperor himself, the prince can't continue. However the prince doesn't look convinced yet, as he looked to the surroundings. He expects everyone to support him, but the surrounding reaction is the total opposite from his expectation as no one defended him, they only watched him with cold eyes. Even the prince had now realized he no longer had any allies, and he suddenly burst into laughter with an expression like a madman.

"This is a real masterpiece! The people who are wagging their tails at me until yesterday, I really didn't expect them to return it to me like this! …Is that so… Then, I will no longer consider all of you as allies anymore. I'll become an Emperor using my own power! Chronoire! I will not pa.s.s the Emperor's seat to you! No matter what anyone say, the Emperor of this country should be me!" (Claudius)

The prince that started screaming takes out something like a gem emitting faint black light from his breast pocket. He threw it on the ground as it was. The gem scatters on all sides as it shattered in pieces. Then a magic formation appeared, and multiple shadows went out from it. My Map instantly reports them as enemies.

At the same time, the prince's escorts drew their swords and head towards the Emperor and Chronoire. If the Emperor and Chronoire are killed in this place, he might be able to usurp the throne by force. I guess it can be said that he's really cornered as his behavior seems very desperate.

Honestly I don't care much about the people in this place, but I can't let Chronoire got killed. So let's get back to work shall we?