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Chapter 1026 "Refinement Success (5)"

“Okay.” All gleeful in her eyes, Di Xiao Wan happily answers: "I want to eat that herb chicken pot he mentioned."

When presented delicious food, the princess would be willing to endure anything coming out of her snappy mouthed friend. Heck, the girl even forgot about her initial scheme of being the first to welcome Bai Yan once she's out again, that's how much she loves eating.

“But I still miss the pastry shop you took me back in the Liu Huo Kingdom the most. When are we going back there?" Biting her finger, Di Xiao Wan just couldn't find anything remotely as good as that establishment.

“There will be opportunities in the future…” Grabbing her demon friend, Chu Yi Yi then dragged out Lan Xiaoyun before flying themselves out of the Holy Land for the nearest city.

Chu Ran watched this entirely from the back and had on a dull face: “Why do I have a sensation that something bad is going to happen…?

Bai Chang Feng of the Medicine Sect also had the same idea, just that the old bearded grandpa didn't want to say it aloud.

Chu Ran may not know it, but he clearly did regarding the level of damage Di Xiao Wan could produce simply by herself. It's not lacking in comparison to the Little Witch of the Holy Land, and together they form a danger of unprecedented level.

“Di Xiao Wan is the Demon Realm's princess, nothing will happen so stop worrying."

Despite his true feelings, the Medicine Lord decides to go against his own consciousness and not warn his counterpart. Instead, he starts throwing comforting words like it's no problem, knowing full well the sort of mess awaiting the poor guy.

Relieved after hearing the lie: “That's good, that's good then. Every time Yi Yi leaves my line of sight she will always become a nuisance to every place she visits. Now I don't even dare to let her get that far away from me…."

At least there's the Demon Realm's princess with her, they shouldn't make any trouble during their venture.

“Now that things have been resolved, everyone should disperse as well. But remember what the demon princess said: there may be people from the Spirit Realm coming to investigate since their young lord is captured. Best stay here in the Holy Land for the next while. I will have my people prepare the rooms." Showing a frank smile, Chu Ran offers the idea to the others after returning to his old self.

The crowd naturally knew what the Holy Lord was worried about, so, the offer was quickly accepted by everyone.

“Chief Lan," Bai Chang Feng of the Medicine Sect turns his attention to the other grandpa, "now that we don't need to hide on this Holy Island anymore, do you want me to send for the remainder of the Lan House from the Abyss?"

“That would be wonderful," the stubborn old grandfather happily obliges. "Thank you Lord Bai."

“Haha, don't thank me, this is what I should do for the favors your family gave Yan'er." Bellowing out a laugh, the Medicine Lord tries to smother his own sense of worry with a happy façade: "I just don't know when Yan'er will come back out…."

Suddenly, all eyes are focused back on the bronze gate nearby. There's a hint of expectation in those irises. Likely regarding the level of growth that would come of her return.


At the same time within the pocket dimension, thundering lightning poured down like raindrops, covering and pounding away at Bai Yan's frail looking body. It's incredibly frightening due to how ma.s.sive the shockwave was from each blast. However, the height of this trial hasn't even begun to reach its peak. This was just the beginning…


A gigantic bolt of thunder suddenly boomed down at the cauldron, its appearance like that of an ancient serpent trying to devour whatever it struck.

“Good thing my cauldron is made out of a special material, otherwise that blast just now would've shattered it to pieces…."

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