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Seeing Xiao Yue take the initiative to get a room, Fire Cloud Demon Master was obviously happy.


He had the so-called Young Master Miu in one hand, and laughed sinisterly as he nodded his head.

His hand, Young Master Miu, was precisely the Miu Qiguang Zhao Renjie whom Zhao Renjie had called over. He was a child of a branch of Yanjing, and had just graduated from university this year.

Ever since he went out to drink wine with Zhao Renjie with him last time, when he saw Xiao Yue from afar, his thoughts of Xiao Yue had already surfaced in his mind. As a result, he discussed with Zhao Renjie and took out 5 million as compensation to spend the night with him.

Now that something good was finally about to happen, but he just happened to be grabbed by the neck by the Fire Cloud Demon Master, hanging in the air.

Miu Qiguang's round face was red, it looked more and more like the color of a pig's liver. His two hands held onto Fire Cloud Demon Master's hand tightly, wanting to pry it away, but to no avail.

This scene caused everyone in the bar to stand up and retreat to the side to watch while pointing fingers and whispering among themselves.

There were some people who recognized Miu Qiguang's ident.i.ty, but even more of them recognized it. There was no helping it, those who stayed at night and did not know about Miu Qiguang, who was rising quickly in Yanjing, would naturally know a lot about him.

The conflict between these two made the group of people look like they were watching a good show as they stood to the side and watched from the sidelines.

Xiao Yue took the opportunity to slip out of the bar, and ran to the motel next door to open up a room. Once she went in the room, she opened the bathroom door, went in and opened the water faucet, and started using cold water to wash.

"Miss Xiao Yue."

At this moment, a black figure suddenly appeared behind her without any warning and called out to her in a low voice.

Xiao Yue was shocked, and immediately turned her head back, only to see a layer of dense black fog gradually condensing in the bathroom, and very quickly turning into the shape of a person. Her face was pale white, and was not like anyone she had ever seen before.

"Who are you!"

This strange scene caused Xiao Yue to jump in fright.

"My name is Ling Chen, I'm Big Brother Ye Feng's subordinate."

The corner of the black shadow's mouth curled up as it introduced itself. Then, it stood at its original position, not moving closer to Xiao Yue, allowing her to feel slightly relieved.

"You … What do you want to do? "

Xiao Yue had never heard of Ling Chen before, he only felt that it was strange, this strange black shadow was actually one of Ye Feng's subordinates?

She knew that Ye Feng's ident.i.ty was very different from hers, but she never thought that Ye Feng would have such a elusive underling. If he went out to scare her at night, he would definitely scare her to death!

"Nothing, I'm just here to remind you to quickly leave this place."

"The Ye Feng you saw at the bar was not Big Brother Ye Feng, but was faked by someone else. Now that Big Brother Ye Feng is rus.h.i.+ng back, before this, you must not have any problems …"

Once he said that, Xiao Yue was startled, followed by a black shadow that seemed to have noticed something, as his face changed.

"Hurry up!"

The black shadow turned into a wisp of black smoke, opening the bathroom door in a moment, sweeping over to Xiao Yue's side, wanting to pull her away from this place.

"Where do you want to go?"

A calm voice was heard from outside, and the door was kicked open!

"Ye Feng", who wore a black s.h.i.+rt, had a calm expression on his face as he strode in from outside. With a single glance, he swept his gaze across Xiao Yue and Ling Chen's soul bodies.

"Xiao Yue, don't be fooled by him, I am Ye Feng."

Fire Cloud Demon Master obviously didn't want to reveal his ident.i.ty, so he said those words resolutely and decisively. Then, he took a step forward, reached out his hand, and the Innate Qi shot out through the air, sweeping towards Ling Chen's soul body!

"Hmph, Fire Ox, if you want to touch the women of Brother Ye, you have to pa.s.s through me first!"

Ling Chen was not afraid, the current Fire Cloud Demon Master was severely injured and could only unleash a tenth of his original strength. Ling Chen was confident that he would be able to delay him for a while.

His soul body suddenly disappeared, followed by another black shadow forming not far away. Soul Cultivator's special ability made normal attacks completely useless against them. However, if Fire Cloud Demon Master were to activate the fire attribute Immortal Art, Ling Chen knew that it was definitely not something he could resist.

"Fire Ox?"

When Fire Cloud Demon Master heard this, his nose instantly released two streams of hot air, and his eyes became incomparably cold.

Xiao Yue was clever, upon seeing the situation she immediately ran out to the balcony, luckily she had been careful when she opened the door and chose the second floor, which allowed him to escape even if she jumped down.

When she reached the window of the balcony, she saw that the bar next door had already turned into a mess. She didn't know what "Ye Feng" had done at the bar, but she could faintly hear someone shouting "Dead", "Call for an ambulance" and the like.

This allowed Xiao Yue to understand even more that the "Ye Feng" in the room was indeed not the real Ye Feng, because he would definitely not kill someone because of such a small matter.

Fire Ox?

Xiao Yue did not understand what was this, she only knew that she had to escape and wait for Ye Feng to return.

That mysterious black shadow should be something to be trusted with …

"Trying to run?"

Fire Cloud Demon Master looked towards the side of the balcony window. Xiao Yue was wearing a fiery red dress, under the bright moonlight, her s.e.xy body seemed to be even more enticing.

His footsteps moved, and then burst forth with an unparalleled speed, flying straight towards the window Xiao Yue was at, and in the blink of an eye, he was already there.

"Don't even think about it!"

Upon seeing this, Ling Chen immediately gathered all of his soul power, using Blade and Bone Spear s at the fastest speed, and shot towards Fire Cloud Demon Master from all directions.


Fire Cloud Demon Master turned his head over, roared, and spat out mouthfuls of flames. At the same time, he opened his hand, and the Innate Qi condensed into a Innate Qi in the air, surrounding Ling Chen.

Ling Chen's cultivation was still too low, he was unable to break through the Innate Qi, and immediately faced the flames spat out by the Fire Cloud Demon Master.

If he was burned by that flame, even if Ling Chen's three souls and seven souls were not burned away, they would be severely injured!

"Come out!"

Right at this moment, a sharp black sword blade pierced through the air from the side. had finally arrived at the most critical moment and slashed open Fire Cloud Demon Master's Innate Qi!

Zhao Yibei's journey in the Soul Cultivator was much smoother than Ling Chen's. As a result, he had already comprehended a move of the Soul Control Spell — — Soul Seal Wizard Blade!

With the hole in the Innate Qi, Ling Chen immediately took the chance. The spirit body that was condensed into a scattered, and quickly dodged the flame, and then disappeared.

The other two Soul Seal Wizard Blade s shot towards the approaching Fire Cloud Demon Master, stopping him in his tracks.

The two Soul Cultivator s did not make a sound, and had already surrounded Ye Feng!

Xiao Yue turned her head around to look at the window, only to see "Ye Feng" standing there with a serious expression. She could not help but clench her teeth, and directly jumped down the balcony.


Without a doubt, this s.e.xy beauty had twisted her legs …