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The Three Great Heavenly G.o.d 

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Jiang Chen frowned. Honestly, he did not like to dawdle. But if these three were to continue… it'll surely be hard for them to reach the Divine World. Even if he could save them once, he can't save them forever. 

"Young Master, are we baggage to you?" 

Jiang Xinxin bit her red lips, her eyes were filled with tears. She knew that their end was near once they're separated from this young master.

Jiang Chen pondered. This perhaps could be a turning point. According to what Mo Yan has said, many Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns that had entered the Divine Tomb had always been in a bad spot. If they manage to group up together and fight against those divine souls within the tomb, and even possibly rescue some of them and form an alliance. At least then, they could truly have a place of their own in this Divine Tomb. 

Moreover, even if his strength was exceptionally strong, he couldn't be the strongest here. Jiang Chen too, knew that a group is stronger than a lone person. 

Furthermore, Jiang Chen had an idea, and that was to hunt those divine souls. Killing off those divine souls who think that they're at the apex of this place and harvest their divine sparks for the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. 

"Alright, follow me. Honestly speaking, every Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns that entered the Divine Tomb has worked hard to arrive here. Each being the apex on their own world, but each and every one of them suddenly became the weakest in the food chain after entering the tomb. No one would be able to accept it."  Jiang Chen said bitterly. 

"Young Master is right. You've said what us siblings are feeling. We managed to escape two ambushes set up by those divine souls. It felt like we're f.u.c.king stray dogs running for our lives, we would've died here and then if it weren't for young master's help." Jiang Zheren said with a sigh. 

"What you said is the truth. But this is also a form of training for the people of the Immortal World. Those that are able to enter the Divine World are people with great luck, strength and will. Let's continue our journey." Jiang Chen said. 

Jiang Xinxin's gaze slightly moved. Jiang Chen's words had caused their hearts to beat tremendously. But they could see that Jiang Chen was no ordinary man, as he could bravely walk the lands of the Divine Tomb with just a Seventh Grade Immortal Sovereign cultivation realm. 

From this point alone, they did not dare to look down upon Jiang Chen. His real strength must be much stronger than a Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign. 

Yet, the whole Divine Tomb was in a dark atmosphere. There were ancient graves here and there, most of which as big as a mountain, some were average in size, but the whole place was filled with extreme danger. 

The party of four was attacked four times in just half a day. But they were all divine souls from Mid - Low Heavenly G.o.ds, they were basically fodders. Just the Jiang Siblings and Mo Yan were already enough to deal with them, even without Jiang Chen's help. 

"Mo Yan! It really is you! To think that you would help a bunch of Immortal Sovereigns and even dared to kill Divine King Hei Yan's men!"

"Looks like you guys aren't going far. Mo Yan, surrender! It's easy for the three of us to kill you. It's like taking candy from a baby."

"I wonder why did you choose to do so. Divine King Hei Yan has promised you great rewards, yet you rejected him. Now you went so low as to serve a meagre Immortal Sovereign. Hehe. A joke,  a truly hilarious joke!"

Three phantom figures suddenly appeared out of the blue, their footwork was mysterious. Even though flying is restricted here, they were still tremendously fast. The trio instantly blocked the paths of Jiang Chen and the gang. 

Mo Yan's complexion changed. These three were Peak Heavenly G.o.ds, they were stronger than Mo Yan even though they were of the same grade. 

"These three are Divine King Hei Yan's royal guards, they are exceptionally strong. I may not be their match, Master." Mo Yan said in a low voice. 

The Jiang siblings' complexion changed too. The pressure emitted by the trio was hard to defend against. Their situation was extremely dangerous as they couldn't do anything against them. 

"Only three Late Heavenly G.o.d divine souls yet dared to act so I thought it's a divine soul from a Divine King." Jiang Chen arrogantly laughed and disdainfully said. 

"What?! You dare to belittle us, brothers?! Is your brain even working? A mere Seventh Grade Immortal Sovereign! Hahaha! What a joke!"

"Seriously, a rubbish that dared to enter the Divine Tomb. You're quite something to not die by the pressure emitted by the Heavenly Dao Law. But you're still an ant and we're G.o.ds. I'll be responsible and inform you that we're on the sky, and you are the one below."

Jiang Chen let out a loud laugh and the coldness within his eyes became colder. "G.o.d? G.o.d is a mortal too and what if you're a G.o.d? Aren't you guys dead too? You three would've become wandering ghosts that had no place to go if it wasn't for the special existence of the Divine Tomb. You guys dare to be arrogant in front of me. Since you've messed with me today, I've no reason to hold back. Killing you all will allow me to collect the Divine Sparks you guys possess, increasing my level in the process." 

"Arrogant child! You dare to call us wandering ghost! I'll kill you!"

The three divine souls were extremely furious, never once had someone talked to them in such a tone. Even if they had died for millions or billions of years, they were still one of the top existences within this Divine Tomb. They could confidently face those Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereigns without a problem, but at this moment, they were being called as wandering ghosts, how could they not be furious? 

"Be careful, Master. Their strength reaches the divine soul of a Divine King the moment they cooperate together." Mo Yan reminded. 

"Die! Arrogant child!" Heavenly G.o.d Hei Hu snickered. He then changed into a ray of light, rus.h.i.+ng towards Jiang Chen. 

"Please be safe, Young Master Jiang Chen."

"These three souls could be considered as Early Void G.o.d realm… Today, I'll take you all down!"

Jiang Chen said in a loud voice and his aura spiked. It was stronger than your average Ninth Grade Immortal Sovereign. 

"Divine Dragon Sky Splitter!"

Heavenly G.o.d Hei Hu was the first to strike, terrifying airwaves was created from the attack and rushed towards Jiang Chen, however the latter didn't get fl.u.s.tered and moved his fingers, and Buddha's image could be seen. 

"Rascals, Edifying Light!"

Three radiant rays of light shot down from the skies, the divine light was unparalleled, the pressure of the edification was powerful. The trio's expression immediately changed and quickly retreated. Hei Hu might've lost to Jiang Chen there and then if they didn't work together. The Edifying Light was terrifyingly powerful, an absolute bane for spirits like them. Jiang Chen had absolute superiority against them. 

"Be careful, don't judge a book by its cover." 

Heavenly G.o.d Hei Hu was shocked but was not fl.u.s.tered, he then solemnly said. 

The three of them looked at each other and once again rushed towards Jiang Chen. Four figures continuously intertwined against each other. Jiang Chen held the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand, each slash was accompanied with a terrifyingly peerless pressure! 

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