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Chapter 184 Looking For Trouble

The rest of the party nodded in agreement. The Hunter who’d started the fight’s expression was especially grave. ‘I didn’t know we’d be so unlucky. Everybody else was able to kill players who were alone easily; why did we have to be the ones to run into such a monster?!”

“Forget about it, we’ve learnt our lesson. Let’s just not do something like this from now on. After all, we aren’t in the Northern Continent. If we aren’t careful, we’ll be chased down and annihilated. It’d better for us to just live with our tails between our legs.” As the Cleric was a Lycan, her tail was indeed between her legs.

The party collectively sighed, then headed back to their leveling area. Every party in the Swamp of Sorrows had their own leveling spot; they stayed away from each other in order to avoid any trouble or confusion. However, they’d entered the leveling zone of another party while fleeing from Ye Ci. If they were to stay any longer, the other party might become wary of their intentions, and they might lose their leveling spot if they left it unattended. As such, the part immediately headed back towards their leveling spot.

However, they ran into Rogue that was pulling aggro from monsters before they reached their leveling spot. Neither party knew one another, but as strangers in a foreign land, as well as players from the Northern Continent, it was natural for them to exchange greetings.

“Eh? Why’re you guys here? Don’t you have your own leveling spot?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. We started a fight with someone that we shouldn’t have messed with, thus we fled here,” replied the Lycan Cleric with a smile. “Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t here to kill steal. We’re on our way back to our spot right now.”

“What’re you talking about, we’re all players from the Northern Continent! Why didn’t you ask for help when you were bullied? Who cares about monster kills! Wait a few, I’ll call the rest of my party over.” And with that, the Rogue shouted for the rest of his party members to come over.

A group of players soon appeared, all of whom were tough-looking males. They were led by a Warrior with a s.h.i.+eld and all spoke at once,


“What happened?”

“Who was it that got bullied?” The Warrior asked as he approached the players.

The Lycan Cleric was dumbfounded by how righteous the Warrior sounded. As it would be rude to leave just like that, the members of the two parties introduced themselves.

The party who’d been fleeing from Ye Ci was made up of: Cold Light, a Warrior, Swift Feathers, a Hunter, Little Haul, a Sorceress, Fish and Bean Curd Soup, a Gnomish Sorceress, You Can’t C Me, a Rogue, and Bandaids, a Lycan Cleric.

The other party’s members all had very interesting names; their characters were all named after liquor: Five Grain Liquor, a Warrior, Maotai Liquor, a Cleric, Rice Wine, a Warlock, Guojiao1573, and Safflower Liquor, a Rogue.

After a brief introduction, the members of the liquor team began questioning Cold Light on the unfortunate events that had befallen them. In an attempt to stop things from being misunderstood, and hoping that the matter would simply die down, Cold Light and Swift Feathers made it clear that they’d been the one to start the fight.

However, Five Gran Liquor slapped his thigh in anger after listening to Cold Light’s explanation. “Motherf*cker! I don’t care how good she is, but how could she simply walk away like that after bullying players from the Northern Continent! Don’t worry, we’ll make her pay for what she did!”
The members of Cold Light’s party were dumbfounded when they heard this; their party had always been focused on PVE, thus they were bad when it came to PVP. Normally, they would avoid provoking other players, and their first attempt to do so had been met with disaster. The only thing they wanted right now was for the incident to die down. After all, it wasn’t like they’d suffered any losses; who cared if they were bullied or not?

However, if Five Grain Liquor were to go after the Huntress… they might all die by her hands.

WIth this thought in mind, Cold Light immediately attempted to dissuade Five Grain Liquor from pursuing Ye Ce.

The man was very stubborn however. He ignored Cold Light’s attempt to dissuade him, and was angered by his party’s apparent cowardice. “Do you all think that this all about you? No! We’re in the Eastern Continent now! There aren’t that many of us! If we don’t help each other out in times of need, won’t we be inviting trouble from the Eastern Continent’s players? This incident might only be a trivial one, but if we choose to ignore this, our players will most likely disappear from the Eastern Continent’s neutral maps! If that happens, it’ll be impossible to continue questing and leveling up in this place. h.e.l.l, we might not ever be able to set foot here ever again!”

Cold Light was speechless when he heard this. He turned his words towards Five Grain Liquor’s party members, in the hopes that they’d be able to change his mind. The rest of his party, however, shared his thoughts on the matter.

Forced to choose between their personal interests and the the interest of the continent, Cold Light’s party was forced to accept Give Grain Liquor’s view.

Bandaids was depressed; she couldn’t figure out why the Liquor team had blown things out of proportion, rather than let the incident lie down.

Cold Light became even more alarmed following what happened next: When Five Grain Liquor said that they’d be going after the Huntress, Cold Light had a.s.sumed that he’d meant that their parties would be the only ones involved. Five Grain Liquor, however, had other ideas; he sent a message in the Map Channel for Northern Continent players.

“Greetings to all players from the Northern Continent! We’ve come to this continent for the boons offered by its lands. However, what have we received so far in our efforts to explore the Eastern Continent? Nothing but endless conflict and threats that have been kicked around by the Eastern Continent players! Aren’t you all dissatisfied with this situation? Don’t you all feel that this needs to change?”

The Map Channel was made so that only players from the Northern Continent were visible to other players from the Northern Continent within the Swamp of Sorrows. This was, there wasn’t a need to take any precautions against spies.

Give Grain Liquor’s words resonated deep within the Northern Continent’s player’s hearts. In truth, any player—from any continent—would hold the same level of sentiment and resentment in neutral maps. As such, the Northern Continent’s players immediately voiced out their approval in the Map Channel.

“All of us are currently facing the same difficulties, which is why we can’t allow ourselves to be bullied any longer! Am I right?!”

“Yes!” The players once again approved of Five Grain Liquor’s words.

With his effort to persuade the Liquor team having ended in failure, the only thing Cold Light could do was helplessly watch as Five Grain Liquor gave a speech to all of the Northern Continent players in the Swamp of Sorrows. He continued to fan the flames and urge them to go on a killing spree against the Eastern Continent’s players.

Just what the heck is going on here!

Cold Light came to a sudden realization that PvE players like him wouldn’t ever be able to understand the thoughts of a warmonger. His party members stared at one another, then parted ways with the Liquor team and returned to their leveling spot.

“Are we really going to help them out?”

“I’m not. This is exactly the sort of stuff that I’m afraid of. You know that I don’t like getting into trouble.” Bandaids resolutely shook her head. She was a PvE player through and through, and had objected to the party’s decision to ambush Ye Ci from the start. As such, she naturally wouldn’t take part in such an event. “You guys can if you want to, I’m heading offline. I’ll be back on later. I hope things have died down by then.”

The two Sorceresses in the party immediately agreed with Bandaid’s decision to go offline until things died down, and followed suit, leaving the three males of the party behind. With the party now disbanded, Swift Feathers let out a sigh. “Forget about it, the three of us should go. The three of them are girls—they’re justified not taking part. However, what do you think will await us if we don’t?”

Swift Feather’s argument was valid. As things stood, it no longer mattered whether or not they were PvP players, but rather if they were willing to represent the continent they belonged to. They’d be ostracized by the other players from their continent if they made the wrong choice, which would be very bad for them.
At this point, the sounds of battle and the shouts of players could already be heard in the distance. The three players looked at each other; the bloodbath had already begun.

Ye Ci was currently making her way to Dark Clay City. The Swamp of Sorrows was a large map; it would take a player an hour to reach the city once they entered the map, and that was with a mount. Ye Ci was currently bored out of her mind.

“You have been attacked by Northern Continent player, x.x.x.”

“You have been attacked by Northern Continent player, x.x.x.”

“You have been attacked by Northern Continent player, x.x.x.”

A ‘MISS’ appeared above Ye Ci’s head, indicating that she was currently under attack. When she looked back, Ye Ci saw that at least two parties were launching attacks against her. Even though their attacks only resulted in a flurry of ‘MISS’s, Ye Ci’s eyebrows furrowed.

What on earth is going on?

Why is everybody attacking me? What the h.e.l.l’s going on!

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