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/ / Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage - Chapter 675
Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage - Chapter 675

Translator: Wuw.a.n.g
Editor: Luiswu

Chapter 675: The Diary of Knights

“Prince, please make a good wedding puppet.”

“I am responsible for everything else.” After delivering the important task of saving the world to Yun Xi, Robin left the room, leaving him alone.

Looking at the many nightmarish puppets in this room, Yun Xi couldn't help but sigh.

He had been greatly dissatisfied with the poor workmans.h.i.+p of the kings.

I've never seen such ugly puppets!

What kind of mood do you need to take this as a subst.i.tute for the queen of a.s.syria to get married?!

It's also unnecessary to put precious stones on these ugly puppets! There should be a degree of luxury and waste!

This room should be called the puppet cemetery!

He himself was not a professional craftsman, but as a baker, he occasionally made birthday cakes. He was absolutely confident that he was 1000 times more talented than all the kings.

Just staying in this room full of abandoned puppets, he would feel a great pressure. If people knew that these abandoned puppets were actually the brides of the kings, they would be scared to death.

“At least… I should restore the real appearance of the queen.” Recalling the beauty of the young queen of a.s.syria, Yun Xi couldn't stand the poor craftsmans.h.i.+p of the kings.

Walking to the long table, hesuddenly found a diary that seemed to have existed for many years.

On the cover of the diary, there was a disorderly inscription “The Notes of Making Puppets”, which seemed to tell later people, that they must look at this diary before making puppets.

On the first page, Yun Xi saw the words left by the knight who originally wrote this note, that was, the ancestor who guarded the Kingdom, the note of the founding king who was once the real subordinatie of the queen.

“Unbelievable, unbelievable, unbelievable!”

The words showed the great joy of the master of the note.

“The queen is back!”

“She is still so beautiful, so outstanding, as time and curse do not leave any traces on her.”

“As a knight who once swore allegiance to the great queen, I don't deserve to have the name of Knight anymore. I'm just a bereaved dog who escaped to the border.”

“a.s.syria is doomed to be destroyed, which is the inevitable price of our betrayal of the queen. How stupid, we mortals.”

“The queen seems to forget what happened on the night of the blood moon? What's going on?”

“Marriage, engagement? Is there any chance for a fool like me to repay my mistakes?”

“There is still hope.”

“My descendants, with the greatest respect, kneel at the feet of the queen!”

“Only by carrying out this pledge can the world be saved and make up for the mistakes made by we foolish ancestors!”

The ancient writing stops abruptly. It could be seen that the knight, who was known as the greatest founding king, was sincerely loyal to the queen of a.s.syria.

But why did such a loyal knight betray the queen? This question was always in Yun Xi's mind.

Next, after the note of the ancestor, it was the records of the kings who made puppets in this room.

“Today, I know the biggest secret of the kingdom.”

“I saw her.”

“How beautiful, how bright, just like the G.o.ddess of the moon, I am willing to give her all I have.”

“I thank my father for choosing me as the prince to carry on the mission of the royal family!”

“In the name of the knights, I swear to the great queen to protect her majesty even at the expense of my life.”

This was the diary of the second king.


“Why? Why is it me?!”

“I am not the strongest knight in this generation. Why was I chosen to be the prince and inherit the throne?”

“The Queen, she's so beautiful. Is she a fallen spirit?”

“I seem to know why I was chosen. It's ironic.”

“May the great queen rest in peace tonight, and I will continue to fulfill the Royal mission and become the Queen's Knight.”

The king of the third generation seemed to perceive something, and the writing style began to become melancholy.

“My father died early. No, it shouldn't have been so fast.”

“The reason… now I seem to understand, also know what I should do.”

“For the sake of the great queen, we will be the firewood to light the fire of hope and let this era continue.”

“I am willing to undertake such a mission, because I am hopelessly fond of her majesty.”

“Ancestors, you must be like this. Even if you know the final fate, you will not give up this mission.”

“My children who see this in the future, I hope the last flame will never go out.”

From the fourth generation, something dark began to emerge, and Yun Xi's expression became serious.

The next ten generations of Kings seem to understand what “firewood” meant, which is the inevitable outcome of the contract with the Queen of a.s.syria.

They were like the degenerated king Yun Xi saw. They all touched the dark side of the Queen of a.s.syria without exception.

The b.l.o.o.d.y crescent moon, which hung high above the underground lake, devoured the knights one by one.

Finally, the last note was from the degenerated king defeated by Yun Xi.

“I will not succ.u.mb to this fate.”

“Even if I die, I will cry out in the coffin. Her Majesty is mine!”

“I know it's not right, but I just can't help being jealous and crazy, and don't want to let go!”

“My child, if you want to inherit the fate of firewood, although I still don't know who you will be, you have to accept my judgment!”

Well, Yun Xi now knew that when the degenerated king made the puppet, he already had a sign of insanity.

You are all stupid knights.

Looking at this diary, he felt as if he was watching the knights swear allegiance to the Queen of a.s.syria, then made puppets in this room with their own poor hands, and then married the puppets.

They may be stupid, but they are absolutely loyal.

They are real knights.

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