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The Demon G.o.d was here!

Tang Zheng turned pale with fright, and quickly dragged the five of them and ran. Luckily the five of them were like puppets, unmoving, so he could control them easily.

They hid behind a large rock outside the forest and watched from afar.

Demon G.o.d's soul stopped in front of Gao Dazhi's corpse and frowned: "It was actually him who contacted me. Hmph, but who killed him?"

His soul was just a ball of red light, without a specific human body, but his strength was definitely not weak, Tang Zheng did not dare rashly rush out.

"Hmph, he's just a shrimp soldier. It's good that he died, we'll use his return to life." The Demon G.o.d smirked complacently, and the red light immediately enveloped Gao Dazhi, causing the wounds on his body to heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.

After a while, Gao Dazhi flipped himself over like a carp and stood up, his eyes flas.h.i.+ng with a red light, he laughed sinisterly: "Haha, the heavens are helping me, I have truly come to this world, wait warriors, when I completely recover my strength, your time will come, this world will be my demon clan."

Tang Zheng heard everything clearly and was shocked. Without question, Demon G.o.d's current cultivation level was way higher than Tang Zheng, he could not go out and fight. Furthermore, he had five useless men by his side, so his life was more important.

"Demon G.o.d really has no good intentions. I must stop him." Tang Zheng quietly thought, but before he could think of a way, Demon G.o.d's figure flashed, and he disappeared without a trace.

"What do we do now? Isn't Heaven Monk looking for him? Should we tell him where he is?"

"That won't do, let alone where the Heaven Monk is now, I don't know anything about it. Even if he is by my side, if I tell him that the Demon G.o.d has taken over Gao Dazhi's body, he will grab onto the Demon G.o.d. If the two of them join hands and summon back all the cultivators, then it would be a disaster for the entire world."

Tang Zheng felt as if he had fallen into a cave of ice; he had yet to think of a good way to solve this difficult problem.

"Let's wait and see first. I wonder where Demon G.o.d will go, I think I should get these people back to the hospital first."

After expending a great deal of effort, Tang Zheng finally managed to bring the five of them back to the hospital, causing them to once again fall unconscious.

"Previously, Gao Dazhi's method of summoning them must have been using a method from within the jade plates, why not I see if there is a method to dissolve the jade plates?"

Tang Zheng's mind moved, he had already immersed himself into the jade tablet, and at that moment, sure enough, he found a way to dissolve the jade tablet.

This was because the blood essence had already fused with their lives. If it was extracted, then they would definitely lose their lives, but they would have to use a special method to seal the blood essence, preventing it from harming their master.

Taking advantage of the quiet night, with no one disturbing them, Tang Zheng immediately used a secret technique to seal the Demon G.o.d's blood essence within their bodies. Then, they would be safe and sound.

After last night's events, Tang Zheng played with the jade tablet, and thought: "This is demon clan's high level technique, is there anything I can learn? Heaven Monk once said that the truth is that the people of demon clan and the righteous path have become mortal enemies because of the difference in cultivation methods. If I were to cultivate the techniques of demon clan, wouldn't I also fall into the demonic path? "

He was shocked, but then he thought about it, since the right path and the demon clan were irreconcilable, then he would be enemies. He should know himself and know his enemy, only then would he be able to understand his opponent's technique, which would be beneficial to dealing with the demon clan in the future.

Not only did the jade plates contain a set of cultivation technique, Tang Zheng swept through them one by one and realized that the demon clan cultivation techniques were indeed sinister and many of them were used to absorb other people's lifespan and blood essence to raise their cultivation. No wonder they were called the Devil Dao.

"Yi, Heaven-swallowing Spell." Suddenly, Tang Zheng focused on a set of techniques, the Heaven-swallowing Spell did not need to consume the lifespan or blood essence of others.

"This cultivation technique is interesting, it does not say what kind of power you can achieve after training in it, but since this is a high level cultivation technique of the demon clan, and it is not so vicious, why not give it a try?"

In any case, it was a long night, so Tang Zheng started to cultivate the Heaven-swallowing Spell.

"Could it be that I can't learn this Heaven-swallowing Spell, no? Am I not Heavenly Mission Performer? It shouldn't be so stupid. " Tang Zheng scratched his head, patted the chair on the side in displeasure and said: "I will not bother with it for now, I will slowly study it when I have time in the future."

Suddenly, his throat stopped. He was dumbstruck as he looked at the chair that his palm had slapped. No, the chair was no longer there. The place where he had placed the chair was empty.

The chair vanished into thin air!

Tang Zheng was dumbstruck: "d.a.m.n, what's going on?" He was confused. I didn't do anything just now.

Of course not!

He turned his palm up and stared at it, but there was nothing strange about it.

"Strange, why did the chair disappear? Could it be … Is it the effect of the Heaven-swallowing Spell? " He was both surprised and happy. He originally thought that he wouldn't be able to cultivate this technique.

He quickly used the trick to clear the sky. He placed his hand on another chair and it disappeared with a swoosh.

He could not believe that the Heaven-swallowing Spell had really worked, but where could the chair have gone to? There was no mention of it in the manual either.

Who cares, as long as it works.

But the chair worked, and were the other things?

His palm was on something else again, the water cups, the towels, the fruit. He did not dare to continue his experiment.

"Can you make living things, like people, disappear? If, in the battle against an enemy, one palm were to strike their body, causing them to disappear, that would truly be great. "

However, there was no way to try this. He couldn't possibly use a living person to try it, right?

As the sky brightened, Tang Zheng lied down on the chair and fell asleep. The few people on the bed slowly woke up. "d.a.m.n, Fourth Bro, you're awake?"

"Second Bro, you're awake too?" w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ji asked in shock.

Dou Long was startled, and said: "Could it be that I'm also unconscious?"

"That's right, you and Ol 'Four are both unconscious. Eh, why am I wearing the same hospital gown as the rest of you? Am I also unconscious?" w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ji stared straight at himself.

"d.a.m.n, wouldn't that mean that our dorm room is already unconscious? And Lao San, is he unconscious too?"

"Yi, isn't Lao San lying on the chair right now? "He really is unconscious." Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of two people at the side. "Eh, Guo Xu, w.a.n.g Tong, why are you two here too, could it be that you two have fainted as well? What exactly is going on? "

"Don't worry about anything else, wake Lao San up quickly." The moment Dou Long got off the bed, he grabbed Tang Zheng's body and shook him vigorously, "Lao San, wake up quickly."

Tang Zheng was sleeping soundly, and was suddenly shaken awake, then shouted angrily: "Old Two, what are you doing?"

Dou Long took a deep breath and said, "Lao San, you have to thank me for saving your life.

Tang Zheng rolled his eyes, he already understood what was going on, and said snappily: "I was just waking up from my sleep, you guys are all awake, that's really good."

Tang Zheng thought that the method on the jade tablet was indeed useful.

Just then, the nurse walked in, screamed as if she had seen a ghost, pointed at them and said, "You guys... How did you all wake up? "

"Why can't we wake up? Could it be that you want us to die?" A few of them snappily said.

"That's not what I meant." The nurse quickly explained that they were on the verge of death after being notified of their illness. She didn't expect them to be so full of life after one night.

"I'll call the doctor. Don't move." The nurse left quickly, and a moment later, the doctor arrived. He questioned the five of them, and finally, even the school's leaders came.

Finally, he informed his family not to come to school. Some of his parents were already at the airport and only returned after hearing the news.

When the few of them returned to school, Ye Dingdang came over to Tang Zheng's side and asked softly: "Did you save them?"

Tang Zheng laughed without saying a word.

"Relax, I won't speak carelessly. Your medical skills are truly amazing, no wonder the Medicine King was constantly thinking about you and wanted to take you in as his disciple."

This time, it was indeed him who saved her, but it did not have anything to do with his medical skills. Of course, this matter could not be done for outsiders, so he did not want to say too much.

Tang Zheng had even found Ding Xiaowan's figure in the crowd. She was a brainless fan of Gao Dazhi, if she knew that he had already killed Gao Dazhi, it was unknown whether or not she would hate him.

After a day of lessons, Tang Zheng and his roommate were just about to head towards their dorms when Dou Long suddenly clicked his tongue, winking at them. "Be careful, there's an enemy thirty meters in front of us."

Tang Zheng was shocked, she thought that there was some danger, and immediately raised her head to look. d.a.m.n, where did this enemy come from, it was clearly a woman.

"Tsk, tsk. This woman is really pretty. She's really good. She's definitely a senior. Why don't we go up and strike up a conversation?" Dou Long almost drooled on the ground.

Zhou Yang agreed: "Indeed, it's not bad. The waist is thin, the legs are long, and the chest is big.

w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ji curled his lips and said: "This woman is definitely not proper. She wears so little."

This woman was indeed wearing very little clothes. She was in a very short skirt and had a very low chest. As she walked forward, her chest rose and fell violently.

Dou Long patted w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ji's shoulders and said: "Boss, you must have not seen this before right? This kind of woman is very smelly, especially so on the bed."

w.a.n.g s.h.i.+ji rolled his eyes at him, and said indifferently: "You speak as if you've tried it, you are still not a virgin."

Dou Long's scar was picked off, as she said with a red face: "This is the summed up experience from previous generations, do you know, boss, I am pa.s.sing on my experience to you, how can you take someone's weaknesses off?"

"Stop messing around, watch her walk towards us." Zhou Yang anxiously said.

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Dou Long immediately tidied up her clothes and said excitedly: "She must have been attracted by my manliness. Haha, my spring is here, don't fight with me for it."