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It's late means it's really too late (1)

He held her hand: "Ran Ran, don't you worry. Everything will be okay. You are okay, and the kid is okay. I will help you to low down your temperature, so don't be worry okay?"

Su Ran looked like she was in heavy sleep. He helped her to put her hand inside the blanket, he used his finger to move away her hair to her ear side. This moment he fixed his gaze on her. His heart was calm, and only with Su Ran, he could this kind of feeling.

His forefinger stroked her face lightly.

This moment inside his mind appeared Su Ran went she was little. Every expression that she had. He slowly lowered his head, and didn't really aware what was he doing. He just very naturally, went with his heart.

He placed a kiss on her lip.

But this moment, he heard a crash sound from his back. Lin Cheng Huan turned his head, noticed Tian Mi's hand with ice bag, and other hand with bowl. It was already fell on the ground, the rice and the dishes were loose on the ground.

She knew Lin Cheng Huan likes Su Ran, yet to see this image directly, she felt a bit surprised.

Yet she knew Lin Cheng Huan's action before was involuntary.

Because Lin Cheng Huan was looking at her, so she regained her control, yet she felt somewhat awkward. She knelt down and tidied the things on the ground. She looked at the huge French window, and her movement paused. Her face started to freeze.

Lin Cheng Huan noticed her peculiar, he followed her gaze.

The transparent window gla.s.s showed a tall handsome figure.

Song Ting Yu's face was darker than the dark sky, his lips were very tight. He looked very cold.

Tian Mi looked at Lin Cheng Huan, and looked again to Song Ting Yu, she really didn't know what to do.

Lin Cheng Huan was standing up, didn't move, his face full of indescribable expression so no one know what's on his mind.

It is a one floor house, the door was locked inside, so now Song Ting Yu couldn't ge tinisde.

If could, this moment Tian Mi really wanted to make Song Ting Yu stay outside, because this was really hard to deal, also too awkward, to speak realistically, Song Ting Yu is Su Ran's husband, but before he saw another man kissed her wife.

Which man wouldn't be angry?

Beside it's a man like Song Ting Yu!

But outside was really cold, Song Ting Yu looked like he wore not a much clothes, so it was impossible to let him stay outside.

Moreover, this was not also a solution.

Tian Mi placed the thing on the table, she hesitated for a moment. Then went to the door to open it.

She almost didn't dare to look face to face with Song Ting Yu, his face was really cold and gloomy: Mr Song, that…."

Yet Song Ting Yu didn't hear her, he entered the room and pa.s.sed her. He went over. This moment, Tian Mi felt her breath almost static, because she really worried what would happen next…..

Song Ting Yu came to Su Ran's bed. Lin Cheng Huan still stood there, his eyes were calm. He was looking directly at his eyes, didn't have any feeling to evading.

Song Ting Yu laughed coldly for a while, suddenly clutched Lin Cheng Huan's collar s.h.i.+rt, suddenly punched him.

This was too quick that one responded.

Tian Mi already be dumbfounded, the time she hadn't responded, she looked another punched was thrown by Song Ting Yu, also heard the sound.

This moment it was Lin Cheng Huan who hit Song Ting Yu back.

They both started to fight, they didn't want to lose, moreover, it was evenly matched.

Tian Mi responded, she screamed, and tried to pull them apart. But how could her womanly power able to separate these two man that was fighting l.u.s.tily?

Soon the fire was getting more intense, she didn't have any solution, she could only stand there and worried helplessly.

"Enough both of you. Don't hit anymore!"

Yet how would they both listen to her?

Tian Mi already noticed several bruises in each of their faces, didn't know how many bruises there inside their clothes, moreover, if they fight again, it only be both sides suffer, it wouldn't benefit anyone.

She looked at Su Ran on the bed, thought of a solution. Then she yelled two both men loudly: "You both stop, Ran Ran is awake!"

Indeed, they both stopped at that some time, and they both looked at Su Ran.

Tian Mi seized the opportunity to step forward, to the time when they were not focus. She used her both hands to separate them. She also stood in between them, stopping them to get close to each other.

"Ran Rand isn't awake yet. Don't you fight again, just talk nicely okay?"

Song Ting Yu moved away Tian Mi's hand, with his gloomy face, he looked at Lin Cheng Huan: "Toward this despicable person, what could be say?"

"Lin Cheng Huan, the time she was awake, you can get her. So you take the opportunity of her sleeping to secretly touch her right? You really shameless!"

"Where did you touch her? Do you belief that I could chop your hand off?!

Lin Cheng Huan laughed coldly: "Song Ting Yu, now you showed off that you care for Ran Ran? These years where were you? When she just got married into Song family, she already suffered because of your abandonment. That year you left her and Song Wei Xi to America with another woman. When you were with that woman, have you ever think of her suffering? If not Wei Xi's illness, maybe you would be in America, how could you remember that you have a wife at home? You don't cherish people, how could you not let someone to cherish?"

Song Ting Yu already in rage, one of his leg kicked a chair: "It is the matter between me and Su Ran. Lin Cheng Huan, who do you think you are? What is your right to care about our problem? In Su Ran's heart, what are you? A brother? Or just an ordinary friend? What ident.i.ty you possessed that you intervene in our relations.h.i.+p?"

Lin Cheng Huan's face was getting paler when he heard Song Ting Yu's word. Right, what is he for Su Ran?

How does Su Ran look him as?

He indeed had a powerless feeling.

His most painful moment is the year that he hesitated. He didn't lay bare his true feelings earlier. Not let her know and understand of his intention, didn't confirm their relations.h.i.+p. So he could only endure the pain to see her get marry to other man.

If the man is cheris.h.i.+ng her, then he would let it go. But she was getting cold-shoulder for four years. Every time he saw her, he felt she always in suffering.

Song Ting Yu didn't have heart to mind him anymore, he turned his body to come closer to Su Ran.

Lin Cheng Huan said: "Song Ting Yu, I just late by a step. If I'm earlier, today there would be no this kind of thing."