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Chapter Eighty-Two (Final Chapter)

Five days later, deep night, a horse carriage is currently descending Mount Qi Yun through a secret mountain pa.s.sage.

The horse carriage looks extremely ordinary on the outside, driven along with one black steed, occasionally producing “ga-zhi-ga-zhi” sounds, mixed in with the sound of horse hooves that sounds in particularly clear and resounding amongst this deep and quiet night.

A handsome man is currently lying on his side, on the couch-bed inside the carriage, his half-closed fox eyes filled with laziness, long and slender fingers continuously fondling with the young woman in deep sleep beside him.

He lifts a lock of hair and brushes it over the young woman's cheek, only stopping when the young woman groans in annoyance. He hooks up his thin lips into a light smile, lowered eyes concealing the doting nature in his...o...b...

"Mm……" The young woman slightly furrows her brows, slowly opening her eyes, those orbs still carries grogginess, such childlike haze. She blinks, voice carrying a hoa.r.s.e tone from sleeping, "Cousin."

This young woman is precisely Ah-Lan, and the handsome man that is being addressed as Cousin by this young woman, is naturally Yuwen Rui.

All that can be seen, is him leisurely taking out a handkerchief to wipe away the sweat on the young woman's forehead, lowly responding with a sound of, "En."

Ah-Lan has long grown accustomed to his intimate actions, and just observes the carriage walls before furrowing her brows, "Horse carriage?" They're inside a horse carriage?

He pours a cup of tea at the table on the side and feeds her, "En, horse carriage."

She goes along with him and takes a sip of the drink, "How come we're in a horse carriage?" She remembers that she was still in one of Yun Mi's tents before she had fallen asleep, how is that she had moved location after sleeping?

His clear and cold voice simply and directly says: "We must leave, Mu Yi, Mu Er lot are waiting for us at the valley pa.s.s."

"Leave?" She raises her brows, thoughts in her head making all sorts of turns, "Because of Imperial Sister?"

He lightly knocks her forehead, "En."

She half lowers her eyes, then lightly smiles.

Three days ago, by the cliff at sunset, she had used the treasure maps to make an exchange with Su Qi for Yuwen Rui, but Imperial Sister and He Lian Chen suddenly showed up, throwing the scene into chaos. Imperial Sister and He Lian Chen naturally put all their efforts into preventing her from handing over the treasure maps to Su Qi, but she has already reached an unwavering decision, the treasure maps can go, but Yuwen Rui, definitely cannot be lost. She makes the exchange with Su Qi as planned, but did not expect that Yuwen Rui wouldn't leave with those that came to save him, and instead came to her side.

Yuwen Rui rests against her arms, giving Su Qi, Imperial Sister and He Lian Chen a speech - about how many people had died for this treasure map over a hundred years ago, and today, what kind of storm this treasure map will once again give rise to.

Yuwen Rui asked: ‘Three emperors, is the treasure map a blessing or a curse to you all?’

Yuwen Rui said: ‘From what I see, this thing can only destroy nations, not save nations.’

Yuwen Rui with the treasure maps in hand, under everyone’s shocked state of stunned eyes and parted mouths, spreads open his hand and discards the treasure maps down the cliff.

The treasure maps that people were crazed for, for over a hundred years, was gone just like that.

After Yuwen Rui did all this, he had used the last of his energy, weakly collapsing into her arms. And she just lightly looks at the troubled faces of the new emperors, saying with a smile: “The treasure map is already destroyed, what are you all……waiting for now?”

The treasure map that they had all set their hearts onto chasing after, was thrown down the cliff, without the slightest of care by Yuwen Rui, they must hate the two of them to the bones right now. Forget it, be it hate, be it anger, the treasure map is already destroyed, all that is left are just hers and Yuwen Rui's lives.

She glances back at the cliff, smiling ever so simply, ‘Nothing more than a cliff, with Cousin by my side, it shouldn't be too scary.’

If torture and hatred is ahead of them, death and ease is behind them, then why would she need to hesitate?

She doesn't think much of it, not like she hasn't died before.

As for him ah……

She reaches up to caress his pale white face, nose slightly turning sour, yet her heart is still satisfied.

He has always understood her, and she has always understood him too.

His decision is her decision, and hers, is also his.

What difference is there in life and death, the most perfect happiness is two people accompanying one another.

"Ah-Lan, you come back to zhen right now!" He Lian Chen's handsome face is overcome with red anger, "The treasure map was lost in the hands of that brat in your arms, could it be that you wish to end this by jumping down with him?"

She lightly smiles, "Two treasure maps, two lives in compensation, isn't this perfect?"

"There is no such profitable deal like this in the world!" He Lian Chen's handsome brows tightly knits together, "Since you lost the treasure map, you must compensate zhen with an empress!"

She pauses, eh, there's such a way to put it?

Imperial Sister's voice is heard in this moment, "Ah-Lan!"

She looks up, meeting eyes with Imperial Sister's pair of tender warmth, that is a gentleness that she was once familiar with, is a gentleness that only the Imperial Sister that has accompanied her since young would look at her with.

Imperial Sister turns to look towards Su Qi, eyes containing a sparkle, soft and tender voice carrying faint pleading, "Seventh Brother."

Imperial Sister is not calling for Emperor Qi, but Seventh Brother.

Their Seventh Brother that once was.

Su Qi's eyes vaguely flashes, looking at her with complications, "Ah-Lan……"

"This rubbish treasure map has cost our Yun Zhan so many soldiers' lives!" He Lian Chen harrumphs, "Destroying it today brings a clean closure!"

Imperial Sister bites her lips upon hearing this, "Emperor Lian's words are correct, in fact, thinking over it carefully, Yuwen Rui's words aren't exactly unreasonable……" She looks to Su Qi, "Seventh Brother, what do you think?"

Su Qi quietly looks at the cliff for a long time, eyes filled with deep thoughts. After a long while, he finally speaks up lightly: "Don't know if Emperor Zi and Emperor Lian are perhaps interested in sitting down to talk this through?"

Imperial Sister and He Lian Chen exchange eye contact, "Alright."

Since then, the three emperors have reached a consensus, whilst Yuwen Rui and her, have naturally been sent into Yun Mi's tent to recuperate.

In the end, they have ultimately remembered the past relations that once was, and did not personally push their Eldest Cousin and Fifth Sister, who they had grown up with, down the tall cliff of several thousand zhang.

Or perhaps Yuwen Rui's words had enlightened them, what it is that that they should really be doing right now?

Who knows?

Yuwen Rui's body was originally covered in injuries, with the addition of a new wound, the several imperial physicians that have seen him have all been waving their arms. But fortunately, Divine Physician Xue who had later rushed over is greatly skilled in medicine, stunningly s.n.a.t.c.hing him back from the gates of h.e.l.l, just that his body is still far too fragile, and have been lying in coma the entire time.

When Yuwen Rui was lying in coma, she had stayed by his side all along to attend to him, eating and living quarters were all in one tent, towards this, Meng Shao Jue and He Lian Chen were extremely displeased, but under her cold gaze, neither of them could do anything about it, just glaring at the unconscious Yuwen Rui with blazing eyes, hating that they cannot burn several holes into his body.

Throughout this time, Imperial Sister and Su Qi have also come to visit her, not saying much, but there would always be a warm atmosphere circulating around them, as pleasant as their childhood times.

What she should be happy about is that although they have changed, they have not completely forgotten everything.

As for Meng Shao Jue and He Lian Chen……

She wakes up from her memories, glancing at Yuwen Rui who is leisurely drinking his tea, "Cousin."


"Why are you in such a hurry to leave?"

"Oh? Is it that hurried?"

"It's only been a day since you woke up?"

He half narrows his fox eyes, "Has it just been one day?"

"En, just one day."

"Had only been awake for a day ah……" He raises his brows, "Ah-Lan."


"My mind was conscious during the coma."


"I heard everything Meng Shao Jue and He Lian Chen said to you."


"Ah-Lan." He rubs his forehead against her, the ice-cold tip of his nose touching hers, cold and clear voice saying: "You are mine."

She slightly lowers her eyes, hooking up her thin lips into a shallow smile, "En." She is his, and he is also hers.

Only then does he squint his eyes in satisfaction, bringing her into his arms with one move, "Sleep."

She rubs her eyes, en, speaking of sleeping, she really does immediately feel tired.

In no time, she had already comfortably fallen asleep, fair white face looking sweetly pretty and at ease. And yet he slowly widens his eyes, brown orbs lingering on her face.

Meng Shao Jue, He Lian Chen……

His thin lips shallowly hook up, arrogance and nastiness quickly flas.h.i.+ng past his eyes.

What ‘Ah-Lan, zhen will marry you to be my empress’, what ‘Ah-Lan, zhen only likes you‘, or what ‘Ah-Lan, all I want is only you‘, what ‘Ah-Lan, wait for me to come and take you‘ ……

Ear-sore, truly an ear-sore.

He takes her hand that is at his chest into his, playing with each of her delicate fingers, and then overbearingly squeezes his fingers between them, watching his fingers connect with hers, ten fingers interlocked.

He sounds a chuckle, in this lifetime, she can only hold his hand, and the one to take her away, can only ever be him.

She is his, was before, is now, will always be in future.

Wow I can’t believe we’ve already reached the end just like that……so YWR and AL basically just eloped, finally escaping from the matters of the three kingdoms. They sure ended it in a way befitting of the book t.i.tle, that’s for sure.

We may have reached the end of the main story, but coming up there’s still three updates to come~, An Qing (AL’s past sister)’s story is coming up next (that you can do with or without tbh) but do stick around for the final final two updates