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Summer, Autumn, Winter…

All pa.s.sed by through time.

Opening semester and closing semester…

All pa.s.sed by through a growth.

Memories and laughing…

No matter how much time had pa.s.sed, it would always become beautiful memories.

Sunny or Filne was punished by living at the border alone eventually. Her family couldn't do anything to help her. She didn't receive a death penalty because I wasn't dead yet. Even if it felt as though I had already died at that time…

No matter how much I hated her, I couldn't give her a death penalty. Because that wasn't what I wanted, I didn't want to kill her just because of that. If I did it, I would be like her.

That's why I would let the court judged her.

Was about her revenge?

I admitted that I worried a little about that, but I wasn't scared. I didn't care whatever she planned to do. Although it's unlikely that she would step into this demon world again.

Time was a fearful thing because it pa.s.sed by so quickly when we were happy. But it would slowly pa.s.s by when we were in sorrow. This time filled with happiness would always end.

We would grow up to be an adult in the end. There's n.o.body in this world who hadn't felt a separation before.

Being an adult was a terrifying thing.

However, it was such a special thing.

I woke up early today, really early. Why did I have to stress how much early was that? It was because the sun hadn't even risen up yet, but I had to drowsily get up from my bed.

Well, let's make this day the most special day!

I took a bath and grabbed my school uniform which I had already ironed it many times. I used a little time to prepare myself, but my important job wasn't dressing.

It was to wake Luler up! I slept in a different room from him because of this important day today.

With his spare key, I unlocked the door to his room and went inside. I got a glimpse of his white hair poked out from a blanket. Normally, I would open his curtain to let the sunlight s.h.i.+ning on him, but the sun wasn't even up yet.

“Luler, wake up.” I shook his body to make him awoke, but when I touched his arm…


I was pulled into the blanket. Ah!! My s.h.i.+rt!!


“Umm, I want to sleep a little bit more.”

Luler nuzzled against my neck and wrapped his arms around my waist. His voice was void of sleepiness. You can't trick me with your poor act!!

“If you aren't up in ten minutes, you are going to be in big trouble.”


I really was angry at him so I tried to lower my voice down than I normally used. I thought it would be ineffective, but Luler really stood up from his bed.
The reason we had to wake up early was that we had to partic.i.p.ate in the ceremony at around 6 AM. It was 5 AM. right now so we still had enough time to eat breakfast and walked to the hall.

There're many things to do today.

Well, today was our graduation day.

My duty was to prepare everything behind the stage. Even if Luler looked idle like this, he ranked first in my year. I didn't want to be compet.i.tive so I ranked second following him closely. He would be admirable as the prince who ranked first place. I did all of this for him, you know.

“Do you understand? You only have to speak like in the script. You always do this every year so there isn't any problem, right?” I stood with Luler as my mother was congratulating all the students on the stage. Luler would be the next to give a farewell speech.


He only answered me that and concentrated on reading the script. Why did he act so obediently today?

Well, it's a good thing he was on his best behavior like this, but it was a little suspicious. Normally, he would tell me he didn't want to do it and then he would set conditions with me.

Maybe I thought too much…

My mother came down from the stage after finished giving her speech. She smiled at us as she pa.s.sed by. She acted strangely too. My father and s.h.i.+o also came here and sat at the front row.

After that, my mother went back to sit near my father in front of the stage. Next was Luler's turn to give his speech. I had to read his script too just in case he made a slip so I could warn him in time.

“Today is a good day and It is also such a sad time. All the time we have spent together, have to turn into our memories, however, that will be the most beautiful memories…”

Oh…He spoke clearly and accurately. I sat listening to his speech until the end, but…

He should come down from the stage, however, he was still speaking.

“…There're many precious things here, but the most precious thing for me is always so close.”

What?? This wasn't in the script?

“I want to tell everyone she is the most special thing that is given to me. But she is too special that's why she is so stubborn sometimes.”

After that, there's a chuckle coming from the crowds. Hold on…What about this special thing!?

“She is a doctor, a teacher, an advisor. She is everything to me and she is also my future wife. s.h.i.+wa Garnet, come up to this stage please.”


What were you doing, Luler!!?

“s.h.i.+wa!! s.h.i.+wa!! s.h.i.+wa!!”

Our friends were constantly calling my name. What started from a small group had become all the people in the hall who were shouting my name!!

“s.h.i.+wa!! s.h.i.+wa!!”

This was really an immersible pressure. If I stood still then I would have to lose face so I slowly walked to the stage amidst the sound of clapping from the people in the hall.

“I think you wouldn't come out here.” He smiled and grabbed ahold of my hands.
“What are you doing!!?”

But there's no answer to my question.

He let go of my hands, took one step back and then kneeled down in front of me. He picked something out of his pocket…

It's a red velvet box!!

When he opened it, I saw a diamond ring, the royalty heirloom. This diamond was only one of the two existed in this world. It pa.s.sed down from a queen in each generation.

“Marry me, s.h.i.+wa.”


I had to marry you actually because I was your fiancee!! Why did you have to do this in public!!?

“Hold on…We are engaged!”

“That won't have any meaning…” He said with a stern face.


“I want to know whatever s.h.i.+wa want to marry with me or not…?”

We were engaged, but that was the result of his mistake in the past. I didn't think he would be this worried about this.

Sigh…He didn't have to ask me in the first place.


He slowly slipped the ring on her left ring finger after that the people in this hall was starting to clasp for us.

“Huhu…” He suddenly laughed with a strange expression on his face.

“Why are you laughing?”

“You are blus.h.i.+ng.”

“S-stop it.”

His smiling face was making me embarra.s.sed even more!

I thought it would end at this step, but s.h.i.+o, my cute little brother, came up on the stage holding a bouquet of rose.

“You should throw a bouquet at least, sister.”

Thrown the bouquet?

That would be like a marriage, right?

However, when I looked around and saw there's a group of girls waiting for the bouquet as though they were a hyena. I thought again and decided it was the best if I threw it, I wouldn't want them to compete for this on the stage.

I turned back and then thrown the bouquet in my hands with my eyes closed!!

I didn't know which way it would go, but when I turned around to see it,
Lookz was the one who held it with a puzzling face.

Even though he stood to the side, but the bouquet ended up in his hands. The distance from when he stood and the stage was very far so I didn't hear what's he talking about with Bella. He suddenly went into whispering something into her ears. After that, Bella's face was flush like a tomato before accepting the bouquet from Lookz.


He turned my face to look at him. His blood red eyes were staring right into my eyes and I couldn't help but stare into them.

“What is it?” You couldn't do anything weird while we were on the stage, right?!! I really wanted to tell him this, but I couldn't find it in me to do so.

“s.h.i.+wa will be mine now, right?”


Luler tightly embraced me. Everyone in the hall was currently talking to each other so they didn't notice us who stood on the stage.

I was yours…?

If I had to say it correctly…

“You are mine.”

This was only the beginning of our story.


Bear: I can't believe this site is one year old already (Well, one year and three months to be exact) since the first time I posted the first chapter. I have to say thank you to your guys out there who're still reading this novel despite my broken english translation lol. In the next chapters will be epilogue and bonus story for each pair(there'e only BellaxLookz and AkanexTeo right now, though.) Enjoy reading~