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Ye Qing Luo replied with an "oh" as she didn't suspect that anything was wrong with Qiao Jin's explanation.

At this present moment, Ye Qing Luo had no mood to guess what Long Yun Zhan meant.

Her vision was focused on Little Nine.

Little Nine was here, then where was Di Mo Xuan?

Was he…. still angry?

Ye Qing Luo felt a little nervous.

She pursed her lips as was just about to jump down from the second storey.

But she saw a young man dressed in black walking out from the crowd, as he stopped by the side of the nine tailed fox.

He raised his head and stared at the nine tailed fox, "Little Nine, I'll go up and invite her down."

"Wu~" Little Nine's sharp mouth moved as it gave a soft moan.

The young man stepped into Heavenly Fortune Inn had just raised his head when he saw the lady standing on the second storey.

He frowned as his face was filled with disdain.

But still he bore with his unhappiness as he leapt up and landed not too far away from Ye Qing Luo.

The sudden appearance of the young man grabbed the attention of Qiao Jin and the others.

Almost instantly, Qiao Jin and a few others stood in front of Ye Qing Luo.

The students in High Profound Cla.s.s had a change in their expressions as they all retreated backwards, attempting to hide behind their cla.s.smates.

This young man was overly strange.

They weren't able to tell his profound grade.

But there was an uncontrollably presence on him which made one wanted to submit to him.

This imposing manner… made the youngsters in The World group creased their brows in puzzlement.

Why did it feel…. so familiar.

This young man was able to stand beside the nine tailed fox, and entering a conversation with it…..

No matter how they saw it, it wasn't simple as all.


Suddenly a melodious voice was heard coming from behind Qiao Jin.

Ye Qing Luo made her way through the few people standing in front of her as she narrowed her eyes and fixed her gaze on that young man for a while.

That face wasn't the Wind in her memories.

But this presence and this figure, should be Wind.

"Wind?" Qiao Jin was puzzled. Did Ye Qing Luo know this young man?

"He is Ah Xuan's guardian." Ye Qing Luo explained as she gazed towards Wind, "You and Little Nine….."

"The Overlord has ordered me to invite Miss Ye for a gathering." Wind interrupted Ye Qing Luo's sentence.

"Gathering?" Ye Qing Luo's brows creased. Whenever Di Mo Xuan wanted to see her, he had already shown himself directly beside her, so why was there a need to send Little Nine and Wind over, to create such a spectacle?

Wait…. Spectacle?

 Ye Qing Luo's breathing suddenly stopped as her heart palpitated in rhythm.

Surely Di Mo Xuan…. Hadn't done this on purpose?

Intentionally creating such a huge spectacle, even activating his guardian and Little Nine, to invite her for a gathering under so many watchful eyes.

Wasn't this a declaration to the entire Three Springs Sect.

That she Ye Qing Luo and the Overlord's relations.h.i.+p wasn't shallow. Her backing was the Overlord!

Could it be that…..

Di Mo Xuan had always been beside her, seeing the conflict between her and the High Profound Cla.s.s students.

He was using his own method to protect her.

Ye Qing Luo's brows were filled with a light smile as she looked towards Qiao Jin and the rest, "I'll head over first."

Qiao Jin and the others waved their hands.

Ye Qing Luo jumped down from the second storey, landing just nicely beside the nine tailed fox.

That soft white tail curled around Ye Qing Luo and placed her steadily on its back.

Gasps were heard coming from around them, as well as those pairs of envious looks.

The world's exclusive and most valuable sacred beast nine tailed fox, had become this lady's mount…..

The students in High Profound Cla.s.s were all stunned from seeing this.

Especially those two female students who had provoked Ye Qing Luo, their faces turned deathly white.

Earlier, weren't they still claiming that Ye Qing Luo and the Overlord had no relations.h.i.+p at all?

Now, Di Mo Xuan had sent his war pet and guardian to personally invite Ye Qing Luo.

That extremely valuable war pet, had even actively became Ye Qing Luo's mount…..

Who dared to say that Ye Qing Luo and Di Mo Xuan had no relations at all?