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TDADP chapter 226: I don't count

「What is this plant!」

「Don't touch it! It's that dark elf´s spirit magic!!」

「Well, was Kiringirin killed?」

Marifa who defeated Kiringirin released the Rank 3 spirit magic 「Poison Thorn Cage Ginpira」 from behind the enemies fighting with Lena and others with that momentum. The men keep a distance from the suspicious plant, but they can't hide the upset of their leader Kiringirin´s defeat and they are driven into the GinpiGinpi gra.s.s by Lena's attack. At that moment, the battle was decided. GinpiGinpi's poison is unlikely to die unless it is consumed in large quant.i.ties. The scary thing is the pain caused by the poison and the pain is so strong that some people choose to commit suicide because of that severe pain. The men were already turning around because of the poison of GinpiGinpi. That would cause extra GinpiGingpi stings to be injected into their bodies, but due to severe pain, normal judgment cannot be made.

「Guu......guoooo!!! Gahaa」

Kiringirin, who became a s.h.i.+p´s arm, tried to stand up while struggling with intense pain, but Koro pressed his back down with his forefeet. Ran who has not yet been seen is on alert in the 『Sea of cloud』 and Marifa cancels the 『Poison Thorn Cage Ginpira』 and glances at the men who roll in front of her. There were thirteen men lying there, except for Kiringirin. Three people died in battle with Lena and the remaining ten were unable to move satisfactorily due to the intense pain of Marifa's 『Poison Thorn Cage Ginpira』.

「Hey, stand up! Who are you guys! Who asked you to take the item pouch of Flavia!!」

Agafon grabs one man's chest and makes him stand up. However, the man has an unpleasant smile on his face. If you look at the sweat that erupts from the whole body of that man, Agafon knew that he was obviously thin patience, but he couldn't hesitate by seeing his friends.

「Guooo....... I, It's painful. He, Hehe. Who......did you ask me? It's on your mother!!!」

The man hits a fist in the side of Agafon while enduring the pain. A knife was protruding from the tip of the fist. It is a knife and dark vessel hidden in the palm.

「Idiot! I'm not made fun of by a rookie like you――」

「It won't work」

The man's fist aimed at the gap in the armor, but he was blocked by thick fat, muscles and Agafon´s wire-like body hair and could not damage the viscera.

「Is the fist of a man who surrounds just one woman effective? Clench your teeth and bite your tongue!!」

Looking at Agafon that wields, the man puts his left arm under his chin and guards it――


Agafon's uppercut shattered the jaw with the man's left arm. When the man who dances in the air falls to the ground and jumps several times, he loses consciousness.

「Haahaa. Lensan, not good. They don't talk about anything」

A tired Yam takes a breath. A little far away, Beibu was treating the wounded Otope and Flavia.

「......If they speak honestly, we won't take their lives」

Lena applies magic into her Mildo's cane and applies it to the man's neck. Even if Lena doesn't activate any magic, the man's neck will blow away easily if she only infuses magic power and does not confront in a battle. However, the man still laughs fearless. Pain and threat cant break his heart. Even if someone tries to end his life here, no one of his comrades would open their mouths. Agafon and Yam were able to fully understand the timidity of the man.

「Guoo....... Ya......if you´re going to kill me, then kill me!! I'm not talking! Haaha. Speaking of which, your fellow catwoman, was cute......after all, she cried with a good voice. Because we made her cry so much. Guu......kuuhaha!!! I'm so excited!!」

Flavia who is being treated shouts, 「It's a lie!」, But the words of the man who makes fun of Flavia dont stop.

「Help me~Help me~. She talked about everything from 『Nameless』!! It's just useless!」

Lena's eyes are set. There was a clear leak of blood thirst from her body. Agafon´s party should have stopped killing them before they threw out that information. However, Agafon and the others also felt the same way as Lena, so they were delayed. The man who was going to be killed was prepared.

「I don't think it's right~」

There was a person who waited in the place where the man's neck blew away when Lena put magic power in her cane a little.


「Lena isn't suitable for that」

Nina smiles as usual and approaches Lena in the murderous air. The power is released from Lena's shoulders in such an unchanging form.

「......Nina has killed people before」


「......How much?」

「I don't count them one by one. But I don't think it's more than 100,000 people」

It is likely to have thought that she was made fun of. Lena slaps Nina's head with her cane.

「......I listened seriously」

「I'm sorry. Lena, don't get angry~」

Nina apologizes to Lena. Then Nina presses Lena's face into her chest who cant breathe. At first, Lena was patient, but eventually it became painful and she protested by gestures.

「Ah, sorry, sorry. Then, let's all go home」

「Ninsan, please wait, Ninsan, you have to ask these guys」

「But~. I have to tell Yuu that Flavia......chan's item pouch has been stolen. I'm sorry for everyone」

Agafon and the others apparently seem unconvinced. In particular, Otope wanted to ask since when Nina had been in the woods.

「Mari-chan, that's fine for you, right?」

Marifa, with a dubious plant and strange insects at her feet, reveals more blatant discomfort than Agafon´s party.

「If you're going home, then just Ninsan. I have something to ask them」

「They can't talk about anything......」

Marifa feels uncomfortable with Nina's wording. Marifa with icy eyes and Nina who pa.s.sed by as if nothing happened. Amid a sense of urgency different from the battle with Kiringirin´s group, Lena, who cannot understand the situation, stared at the two people facing each other and Agafon looked at her and Koro looked anxiously.

「All right」

It was Marifa who broke the silence first. When Koro's head is stroked, Koro who was relieved is frightened by Marifs appearance who solved the tension. And Ran, who was hiding in the 『Sea of Clouds』, also appeared as Marifa sent a signal.

「Guaaaaaaaagaaaaaa. I, It hurts, hurts....... b.a.s.t.a.r.d....... Wh, Where did they go?」

「I......I don't know. I, I......I'm going to swim......I don't know」

「Da......d.a.m.n!! I can't stop this pain!? So, there any detoxification potion left over?」

「No, it's bad....... An, Antidote and magic...…almost have no effect」

In the woods which Nina and the others left, the abandoned Kiringirin group suffered from the poison. Hand-held antidotes and magic are almost ineffective. They couldn't even move satisfactorily with this pain.

「Ho, How many people have survived?」

「Ki, Kiringirin. Ha, haha. Is that arm okay?」

Kiringirin, who only had one arm remaining approached his friends.

「I don't care about my arm. It's carbonized, so I don't have to close the wound」

「Uuu....... Here, Domdom and Firth were killed」

「Wen too. Aaaah, it hurts!! What can I do for this pain to be cured!!」

「Calm down. Apparently......this's less lethal. Well, is there anyone who can move?」

「Ki, Kiringirin, don't say something absurd. Well, if there is a man who can move, he would move!」

「Th...That's right. Wahaha! Guhaaaaa......」

「I, It's so painful like a idiot, but don't laugh!」

Despite this situation, Kiringirin laughed. His group was able to get the timeless item pouch at the time of the goal, but lost three of their friends who had suffered for years and lost the battle. Still, most of them group is alive. If they're alive, there is also an opportunity to get revenge for their dead comrades. A veteran adventurer like Kiringirin, has experienced many absurd things so far.

「Go......Good. Even if we're angry, lets go to the people who are watching us」

「Seri......ously. Well, when it's this age, it's not going to be like mimicking a worm」

「Don't mess up. Go silent. The whole body hurts, but......gaaaaaa.......wasee」

「Wait. Ki, Kiringirin, then, shall we go?」

All men who laughed bitterly while enduring the pain noticed that the appearance of Kiringirin was strange.

「Hey. Kiringirin......?」

Something was rolling on the ground. Even if they notice something familiar, the men can't understand it and are stunned for a while.

That something was Kiringirin´s head.

「Kiringirin!? How――」

Kiringirin´s head who had been hitting the light mouth just before was cut off. No one has seen that moment. And things happen before the men grasp the situation. When they thought that the ground was stained black, their bodies began to sink.

「Naa!? What is this!!」

「d.a.m.n! d.a.m.n!! My, My body」

They couldn't get away as they wanted with their bodies that didn't move satisfactorily. In the meantime, their bodies sink into the ground.

「Calm down! The speed of sinking depends on the location!」

Someone notice that the place where the light entering through the gap between the trees s.h.i.+nes is lighter in black than the other places.

「Sh, Shadow!? Light! Fireball or Lightball is good. Something shadow――w......w?」

When that man's neck was removed from his torso, he went down into the shadow.

「Guuuu!! What's going on!! We're attacked from somewh――wh......ere......」

「Come out――hi?」

When the men's bodies fell apart and were sinking into the shadows, the scene of woods that had not changed from the beginning was spreading as if nothing had happened from the beginning.