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At the same time, Xinghe walked into the lab and told Lu Qi, "Our trouble is here."

Lu Qi, who was in the middle of research, raised his head in alarm. "What trouble? What do you mean?"

Xinghe looked at him and explained, "When I was coming over, I ran into a girl by the name of Tong Yan."

Lu Qi felt a chill over his body when he heard the name 'Tong Yan'. "You ran into Tong Yan‽ She is someone extremely powerful because her mother is the Shen family's daughter; her aunt is the Madam President and even the Tong family is not to be trifled. I hear she's a little tyrant; she tramples all over City A because no one dares to make an enemy of her. What happened, did you cross her?"

Lu Qi started to get anxious. Crossing the Lin family was nothing serious but crossing Tong Yan was equal to a death sentence. Xinghe might be clever and tactical, but her family background was definitely not as strong as Tong Yan's.

Lu Qi asked hurriedly, "You really have ruffled her feathers?"

"She came for me first," Xinghe answered coolly.

Lu Qi was speechless. What does she mean by that?

For some reason, he felt Xinghe was not at all afraid of Tong Yan but instead thought it was Tong Yan's fault for crossing her.

"Tell me in detail, what really happened?" Lu Qi asked carefully after he calmed down. He was ready to help Xinghe get over this hurdle. It was his fault that Xinghe was there in the first place, so he found himself responsible for protecting her. If anything happened to her, when Mubai woke up, the first party he would destroy would not be the Lin family but him!

Of course, he personally wouldn't wish for any tragedy to befall Xinghe either. Xinghe gently walked him through the whole process.

She asked Lu Qi, "Is Tong Yan close to the Lin family?"

"That I'm not sure, but they definitely have interacted with each other since the Lin family and Shen family are family friends, so it wouldn't be surprising if Tong Yan is indeed close to the Lin family. Then again, almost everyone knows Tong Yan likes Lin family's third young master very much. She once said, other than her, no other woman is allowed to get close to him."

"This is Lin Xuan?" Xinghe raised her brow in intrigue.

Lu Qi nodded.

Xinghe laughed. "Then the girl sure has bad taste to fall in love with a maniac."

Lu Qi seemed to know a thing or two about Lin Xuan because he also nodded in agreement.

"Xinghe, you and the Lin family are absolute adversaries now and, since Tong Yan likes Lin Xuan, she will probably come after you on his behalf."

"That's for sure." Xinghe nodded slightly but her face held zero concern. "Let her do what she wants, if I spot her mistake then I won't make it easy for her either."

Lu Qi couldn't help but remind her, "To tell you the truth, as long as it is not a big mistake, no one will dare to lift a finger against her…"

"Then, she'd better pray that she doesn't commit a huge mistake," Xinghe replied with a noncommittal shrug. So what if Tong Yan was the prized heiress? If she truly angered Xinghe, she would have to deal with her.

In this world, results speak louder than words. If she was worse than others, then she would willingly surrender. However, if it was someone coming after her just because they were born with money and power, then they should be prepared to have their faces slapped.

Xinghe's prediction was right. Tong Yan volunteered to join the medical team as Lin Qian's a.s.sistant, but her actual goal was to make life difficult for Xinghe.

She would make use of every chance to slander Xinghe. Whenever she spotted Xinghe, she would yell out openly and loudly that she was Mr. Nan Gua, saying snide comments that she was hiding evil reasons for being at the president's house.