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113 part2 Coming back

“I'm fine.” Even if there are some small wounds and scars, after this month's recovery, they have recovered. Of course, he would not give her the chance to drop tears beans on his wounds. He didn't forget that the old wounds and scars on his body had once brought tears to her eyes.

“Really? You are not bluffing me, aren't you? If there is any serious injury, you must not hide it from me. ” Su Shuilian looked at him anxiously and said earnestly, word by word.

“Don't worry, it really isn't that serious.” Lin Siyao leaned down smilingly and gave her a peck in an attempt to divert her attention.

“How are you at home these days?” He is concerned about her safety and the safety of the twins.

“Very good. Villa&Yard has been under construction for half a month. The wasteland of Xishou is surrounded by bamboo fences. In the future, it will be another house. In addition, in order to enter the city conveniently, the planning workers also plan to connect the village road in the west,and build a new official road, direct to the city, and the direction of Qingyu temple. ”

Lin siyao listened quietly to the soft voice and soft voice of the little woman in her arms. Her tense mood for days finally settled down.

“No more?” After reporting the details of the month when he was away, Su Shuilian asked the questions in her heart.

“I don't think so. But your big brother wants me to go to the capital. ” The two snuggled up and warmed his whole body, so they took off their clothes three or two times, only wearing a pair of blasphemous pants, and went into the warm quilt with her. They hugged the sweet and soft little woman, tightly stuck in their arms and matched with him.

“Big brother? Why? ” Su Shuilian is shyly clinging to his whole body, feeling his rough skin and rubbing her delicate skin.

“I think it's related to the invasion of the kingdom of Black Blood.” Lin Si Yao explained briefly.

What he didn't say was that, together with LiangEnzai's subordinates, he removed the twelve blood riding horses of blood h.e.l.l that the royal family of Dahui feared. Dahui wanted to reward him personally.

He didn't want to go. But Liang said that if he refused the emperor's blessing, his family would be involved.

d.a.m.n it, if Liang Enlai is not talkative and reveals him, how can Dahui emperor know that he is just a killer and how can the royal family pay attention to him?

Don't think he won't know Liang's intention. If you don't push him out to remove the contribution of the twelve blood riding, the most powerful weapon of the blood world, the great Hui emperor will doubted Liang Enlai. How can a prince who is in charge of military power have such a powerful subordinate? If LiangEnzai wants to force the palace, it's just a matter of waving his hands and carrying his feet. Where is the royal family or his opponent?

In this way, the Liang family, Prince Jing's mansion, will surely be paid close attention to by the emperor Dahui. In serious cases, they will even be deprived of power and captured troops.

Therefore, it is self-evident that shuibi and their home are involved.

However, if Liang Enlai's father and son really want to force the palace, Liang Enzai will not choose to shovel out all the twelve blood cavalries as soon as they enter Dahui. He can use the threat of twelve blood cavalries to Dahui's royal family to force the current emperor to obey.

As a result, the Liang family has no objection to the royal family. Therefore, Liang Enzai should attribute all the merits of annihilating the twelve blood cavalry to Lin siyao. In order to reduce the suspicion of Dahui emperor to their Liang family.

However, at present, Lin siyao began to doubt the purpose of building another courtyard. I hope it's just his guess.

It seems that Prince Jing, who is warm and frank, should not push his daughter who has been away for many years to the world in order to protect his own safety, so as to intimidate his cooperation.

As for LiangEnzai, that's hard to say. Looking at his innocent but cunning face, Lin Siyao didn't believe that he was really innocent.

d.a.m.n it, Liang enzie, I hope I don't catch you using any handle of Shui Fu. I don't mind sacrificing your life to your ancestors.

“Well, then Are you going? ” Su Shuilian leaned in his arms, playing with his long hair and asked sleepily.

“Again. It's not early. Go to bed. ” Lin Siyao bent his head and pecked her on the forehead to show her to sleep.

Su Shuilian did fall asleep. She found a comfortable position in his arms and put his arms around him to sleep.

Lin Siyao locks her beautiful and delicate face, looks for a long time, breathes a breath, and just embraces her into the first good sleep in a month.

Just after a while, Su Shuilian was woken up by Lin Long's whine, and she hurriedly got up to feed the dragon and Phoenix. Lin long quickly finished sucking one of her milk and fell asleep. Lin Xiao finished his other milk in a dream. Then Shuilian slipped back to the big bed.

“Ah!” Just wrapped in the quilt, she was pressed by Lin Siyao.

Touch his thigh at the root of the fiery stiff, Su Shuilian shamefully reached out to support his chest, “It's too late.”

“Just in time, no one bothers.” Lin siyao bent over and grabbed her sweet little mouth. He remembered the lingering kiss and said she would miss him for a month ago.

“I thought you were tired.” After the long kiss, Su Shuilian sighed repeatedly.

“Yes. However, My wound has recovered. I miss you very much. ” With a low smile, Lin Siyao peeled off her clothes one by one and pressed them on her soft and delicate skin.

“Do you miss me?” He asked softly, stroking her against his swarthy white skin. His eyes like Obsidian, in the moonlight into the room, appear particularly bright.

“Yes.” Su Shuilian listened to the steady pulsation of his chest, collected her shame and replied softly.

One month apart, she realized how much she loves him. She don't want to show her true heart because of her unnecessary reserve.

“Ha…” Holding her tightly with a low smile, he stood up in the flower valley where she had been moist for a long time. “Me too, I miss you so much I really want to… ” For the first time, he was worried about his little sweetheart.

And she, at the moment when he enters into herself, hearing the whispers in her ears with deep thoughts and love. He's really back!

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