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Chapter 902: A Last Minute Ambush

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Jiang Fei was frowning as he ran towards his comrades. The incoming enemies were too close to him. If Jiang Fei was alone, he could have Ariel teleport him away to safety. To teleport the entire group of martial artists and Androids would be unwise. Not that she did not have the capabilities to do so, but doing so would violate the war agreement. Level 5 Metahumans were not allowed to partic.i.p.ate in fights that did not directly involve them. Ariel had once helped Jiang Fei to teleport but it was not directing influencing the overall outcome of the fight. She did not lay a hand on the enemy. Although some would say that it was a direct involvement but it was not too serious to the point where another Level 5 Metahuman would interfere.

If Ariel had helped to teleport the entire group of martial artists and Androids, she would be saving them, which was direct involvement in the war. That act would be a violation against the agreement which would lead to the involvement of other Level 5 Metahumans. If Jiang Fei was not afraid of getting the others to join in the fray, he would have sent Ariel to teleport everyone back to China! There would be no need for him to wait for the military to send their rescue s.h.i.+ps!

A few moments later, Jiang Fei joined the rest of the group and found that the five remaining Scarlet Hunters that Hong Yu and the girls pinned down were killed by Bai Wanli and Ganyang Zhenren. They had successfully killed all 30 Scarlet Hunters.

"We need to leave! Right now! Follow me, I'll lead you to a place that we can set up an ambus.h.!.+" Jiang Fei barked, panting for his breath as he was suppressed his pain and fatigue from the recent battle. They were at the bottom of the hills where the earth was plain and flat, perfect for the Mutant army and their sheer number of people.

"We're right behind you!" Bai Wanli cried and the rest followed. Everyone followed immediately with no questions asked.

Time was not a luxury at the moment, the martial artists could not afford to make proper burials. Everyone worked together to quickly create deep trenches in the earth and bury their own comrades. That was the least they could do at their current predicament.

"Captain, the Mutants are coming in 30 seconds. The army had split into several groups and the first group will reach first!"

Because of the younger, weaker martial artists, Jiang Fei and the entire group was slowed down slightly. The gap between the two opposing sides was closing in quick.

"Is there any suitable place for us to set up an ambush?" Jiang Fei asked 0541. It had a complete schematic map of their surrounding area and would surely know where would be a good spot.

"5 kilometers directly ahead. The mountainous region makes it suitable for an ambush. There is one more place further away but it is unlikely that you will be able to make it in time," said 0541.

"Guide me then."

Jiang Fei was slightly relaxed when 0541 gave him at least two choices. Having an area to choose from was far better than having to fight the Mutants in such a large, flat ground.

"Make haste, everyone!" Jiang Fei roared and increased his speed slightly.

"Captain! The enemies have stopped!" 0541 called out.

The Mutants had stopped because they had just found the dead bodies of the Scarlet Hunters.

"Impossible!" Lincoln gasped in disbelief.

"They are 30 Pinnacle stage of Level 4 Mutants! How could they be killed? All of them even! Did a Level 5 fighter aid them?"

The Mutants were startled greatly when they found the bodies of the Scarlet Hunters. For people like them, the Pinnacle stage of Level 4 was the strongest comrade they could have on the battlefield. Even if they were faced with an equal or stronger opponent, it would still be hard to kill all of them! These Scarlet Hunters were literally killed in only a few minutes! Something was off!

That was what everyone was thinking. The only logical answer to their mysterious, uncalled death was the partic.i.p.ation of a Level 5 Metahuman!

Their suspicions frightened them. So frightened to the point that they stopped moving from the gory scene. They quickly made their way back to inform Lincoln and the others.

"All dead?" said Lincoln with a hint of fear and disappointment, after arriving at the scene several minutes later.

Scarlet Hunters were the epitome of the Mutant's Bio-Enhancement. Even though he recognized that a Level 4 Pinnacle stage martial artist was hard to deal with, it was impossible for an entire team of 30 Scarlet Hunters killed in several minutes.

"Sir, it could be the work of a Level 5 Chinese Metahuman," said a Mutant beside Lincoln.

"Although that theory is tempting, but it is impossible," said Lincoln. Even though he could not figure out the reason for the Scarlet Hunters' demise, he was certain that no Level 5 Metahuman was involved. There was no aura of a Level 5 Metahuman energy around.

"But… they did come to j.a.pan…"

"That is to kill their own traitor! It is different! Although I wish for their downfall, the Chinese would stick to their rule! Moreover, there are no Level 5 Metahuman energy around here. If they had been here and killed the Scarlet Hunters, we would know," said Lincoln. It pained him to think that no Level 5 Metahuman was involved but he was also glad too. If the situation escalated to that point, Lincoln feared that it might be the end of the world.

The battle between two Level 5 Metahuman was unheard of but Lincoln knew that if a fight erupted, they would be fighting in a bigger playing field. When it was hard to kill each other, they would start to target those that would be easily killed—their weaker comrades, or citizens of their affiliated nation. The innocents would be involved.

"What should we do now, sir?" Desir asked.

"What we should have done a few minutes ago—chase after them!" Lincoln barked. If a Level 5 Metahuman did not kill Baron Blood, it would definitely be those martial artists. The likelihood of them being injured from the battle would be high, leaving them exposed to attacks!

Everyone followed Lincoln and went on their way to track the martial artists. Only a few weaker ones remained to bury the dead and paid their respects for the others that could not.

"Captain, it seems that they had started to move again! The first group will reach in 20 seconds!" 0541 called out.

"Get ready, everyone. There will be a group of Mutants coming but I want everyone to let them go. Our targets are the main group!" Jiang Fei whispered to the first few and told them to pa.s.s it on. The Mutants would take a few moments to get there and Jiang Fei already had more than enough time to set up his ambush. All he needed to do then was to wait.