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Tink! As soon as the metal arrows met the rock, Duren Burg appeared before the two barbarian warriors by using his Teleportation Soul Realm. He opened his hands and grabbed these two warriors' mouths, preventing them from committing suicide.

Qian Jin took several steps forward, took out a bottle of potion from his warrior dimension, and poured it into one of the barbarian's mouth.

"Who led you here?"

The barbarian warrior who still looked surprised and angry a moment ago quickly calmed down as the potion entered his body, and he looked at Qian Jin dully and replied, "We followed the great Prince Farak to this place."

"Just as I expected!" Qian Jin confirmed his guess. He then asked, "Then, why are you here?"

"His Highness saw a record in his ancestor's notes. It said that this ancestor saw a mysterious scene in the Ancient Desert Sea. In the hot desert, a giant cold snow mountain appeared, and the light of treasures was flas.h.i.+ng in the snow…"

Suddenly, clarity flashed in the eyes of this barbarian warrior, and more anger appeared on his face. "You…"

Bam! Duren Burg twisted his fingers, directly breaking the neck of this purple-vein bloodline warrior who just woke up from the potion. Then, he casually discarded this corpse to the side; it wasn't time to show mercy.

Duren Burg had heard Qian Jin mentioning Prince Farak of Barbarians. The reason that they met the Bandit King and others was that Prince Farak was promoting a foolish prince named Komiz from behind, trying to get him to recruit a bandit group on the Frontier. In the end, Farak took one of Bandit King Bhang Wusheng's casual strikes and leave with an injury.

Since Farak had such strength, brain, and bravery, Duren Burg still remembered him and treated him as a potential opponent.

After all, regardless if it were the New Generation Compet.i.tion in the human empire or the similar compet.i.tion in the demon empire, the barbarians would send their young generation warriors to partic.i.p.ate. The first reason was diplomacy and to show friendliness. Another reason is that the barbarian empire wanted to show these two giant forces that they had great young talent as well, deterring these two forces from having ill-intentions toward them.

It was already a common tradition to see young barbarians partic.i.p.ating in the New Generation Compet.i.tion. In this era where all six supreme bloodline families were going to have members who achieved Ultimate Awakening, the barbarians had to show greater strength and would not miss out this time.

Farak's appearance in this place told Qian Jin everything. This barbarian prince was also trying to use whatever methods he could to better his chances in the upcoming compet.i.tions in the human empire and demon empire.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

When the second bottle of the potion was poured into the mouth of the second purple-vein bloodline warrior, his terrifying expression turned dull. Qian Jin showed admiration toward Eulalia's mystic potion mastery once more. Although this woman seemed crazy regularly, she obtained the ability to create miraculous potions with this price."

"Does Farak know what is inside the mountain?"

"No, but the Seventh Prince said that such a weird scene in this terrifying place must indicate a great treasure."

Qian Jin didn't have time to praise Farak's intelligence, and he quickly asked another question, "What is Farak's current strength?"

"The Seventh Prince's strength…" The dull expression of this purple-vein bloodline warrior turned into a cold grin, and he looked at Qian Jin as if he was looking at a dead man. He sneered, "Do you want to know? I won't tell you. If you have any ill-intentions, you will die tragically…"

Qian Jin raised his arm and broke this warrior's neck, having no time to listen to the vicious threats and curses.

"Let's go." Qian Jin looked at the peak of the mountain and said, "Even if Qian Zhanxuan is on the mountain, we have to go and take our treasure."

Although the human empire and the barbarian empire seemed friendly on the surface, the undercurrents were turbulent. Also, Qian Jin didn't have a good relations.h.i.+p with Seventh Prince Farak of Barbarians.

Qian Jin almost died on the Frontier because of Farak. They were old 'acquaintances,' but they only held grudges and didn't have friends.h.i.+ps. For the upcoming New Generation Compet.i.tion, they were going to use their abilities to see who could claim the treasure.

The path on the giant snow mountain wasn't flat and easy to climb, but it wasn't different from a flat road in the eyes of Qian Jin and his peers. They quickly moved up the mountain.

A streak of brilliant fireworks suddenly shot into the sky, and Qian Jin's arrow almost penetrated the throat of the barbarian warrior who was releasing the warning signal in secret.

"d.a.m.n it! We can't sneak-attack now!" Qian Jin sighed. He was planning to return the favor and deal with Farak in the cunning way that he did on the Frontier, but this prince was prudent and stationed more than one scout in this s.p.a.ce that was close to completely sealed-off from the outside world.

Qian Jin and his team were in a hurry. When Qian Jin saw this scout and killed him, it was already too late.

Farak, who was moving on the mountain, suddenly stopped. He slowly took off the white cloak and extended the single-lens telescope that a subordinate pa.s.sed to him.

"Huh? Isn't that the kid named Qian Jin who I met on the Frontier? Great, this is great!"

"Your Highness…"

"Nothing. Qian Jin came at the right time." Through the telescope, Farak saw Qian Jin looked up right at him. "When I left the Frontier to find this mysterious mountain inside the Ancient Desert Sea, I heard many things about him. The entire Zenit Empire is promoting his story."

"I heard about him as well. I heard that he was mighty on the Frontier. He even went to Qian Family and showed his reckless att.i.tude…" A behemoth bloodline warrior opened his eyes wide and looked in Qian Jin's direction even though he couldn't see the latter. "Your Highness, you have to be careful."

"Neusta, you want me to be careful? Of what?" Farak's smile was full of confidence, and his tone sounded dominating. "I saw his little strength on the Frontier. He doesn't even have a warrior soul! It is only the Zence Empire promoting him. How can he compete with me? This time, I will capture him alive and make him create equipment and potions for me. I heard that he is quite talented in these fields.

"Not even a warrior soul?" Neusta laughed and said, "These humans in the Zence Empire sure are only a bunch of wastrels who can only talk. Your Highness, please continue to climb. I will stay behind and capture him."

"No need." Farak put away the telescope, picked a clean rock, and sat on it like a dominating master. He said, "We have been looking for this place for a long time inside the Ancient Desert Sea, and our lives have been boring for a while. Interestingly, I met Qian Jin here. I'm going to capture him myself. As to the people around him…"

Farak looked at Neusta kindly and said, "I will let you, Neusta, who has captured a demonic flame tiger alive, deal with them. I won't forget that your fists are faster than lightning, and you can pull up a sleeping mountain from the ground."

A joyous smile appeared on Neusta's face. Only true warriors would be praised like this, and it was the highest degree of honor for barbarians.

"Your Highness! You are the future ruler of barbarians, and your wisdom is as great as the supreme G.o.d of Stars." Neusta kneeled on both knees and looked up at Farak with respect as he said, "Your servant Neusta is willing to serve you! Even if the path ahead is full of flames, I won't frown and would walk forward to extinguish all fire if you command!"

Farak took out a set of utensils from his warrior dimension and placed a delicious roast whole lamb on the table before him. Then, he cut off a piece of delightful lamb with a knife and put it in his mouth.

A few behemoth bloodline warriors in the area turned around and looked at Neusta in envy. They regretted not speaking up at the right moment. Now, Neusta took all the credit.

"Yo! They are eating now?" Duren Burg swallowed his saliva and said, "It seems like they are waiting for us. Let's go up now; let's not let them wait for too long."

Since they couldn't hide anymore and launch sneak-attacks, Qian Jin and others walked up the mountain at a measured pace, not fast and quite casual.

Under the coverage of white snow, there was green gra.s.s. Also, rocks that looked as if they had been washed for many years appeared to be extremely clean, and they were scattered on the gra.s.s. Together, they created a beautiful scenery.

Farak simply sat on that rock as if he was an emperor and was sitting on his throne. While looking at Qian Jin, who seemed like he was on a field trip, Farak placed another piece of lamb into his mouth and asked casually while slowly chewing, "Qian Jin, long time no see. Do you still remember me?"

Qian Jin smiled and replied, "I'm surprised that you still remember me."

"Two paths." Farak raised his right hand and put up his index finger and middle finger while he said, "First, subdue to me and become my servant. You can still live, breathe fresh air, and sleep with beautiful women."

"Not a bad recommendation." Qian Jin shrugged and said, "But are you stronger than Qian Zhanxuan?"

Farak's face dropped, and the barbarian warriors around him also looked ugly. They weren't stupid and could tell that Qian Jin's words were filled with mockery.

"I knew you would respond like this." Farak's dark expression slowly returned to the confident smile, and he said, "Many people are like this. Before really facing death, they always think that they are right. I'm kind, and you can change your mind at any moment. However, you have to be fast, because…"

Sharp light beams shot out of Farak's eyes, and killing intent also erupted like a volcano. His eyes locked onto the chill-looking Duren Burg as he said, "Your friends might be injured and lose their lives due to your hesitation."

As soon as Farak said that, a giant behemoth warrior soul flew out from behind Neusta, and his bloodline battle form was unleashed.

Neusta instantly turned more than three meters tall, and brown body hair grew out, making him look like a behemoth beast. The warrior soul behind him grew to six meters tall, and it opened its mouth and showed its teeth that were bigger than ordinary people's legs while roaring wildly.