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Chapter 1369: General Trend 1 Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Tinn Yinger, was a peculiar Demon Master from the Void who was proficient in disguise and scam. He orchestrated the b.l.o.o.d.y ma.s.sacre at Holy Light Cathedral, causing the downfall of thirteen high-level church members and the death of Pope Chius who was known as the Holy Light.

Just as the Void rejoiced, the strengths of the native world could feel the past prime sense of a decline. The culprit, Star Region Demon Master, Tinn Yinger managed to escape from G.o.d as well as obtaining light and fire divinity and divine powers, emerging as the ultimate winner.

When news traveled to other three major forces, it has been more than half a month already.

Tinn Yinger was originally an equivalent to a regular Demon Master but killing Fehra's incarnation with the Excalibur in disguise, he absorbed and engulfed Fehra's divinity, part of his Divine Persona and divine powers, instantly elevating to be one of the few strongest Demon Master, matching powerful existences the likes of Eye of the Slaughter and Distortion Demon Master.

A Demon Lord categorized the top four strongest into one independent layer, calling it Elona, meaning ‘the strongest' in the Void Language.

The strengths of Elona level were four from the Void Mother Stream, that is Distortion Demon Master, Eye of the Slaughter, Star Region Demon Master, and the final and strongest True Spirit — Fallen True Soul.

And three from the native world were Fehra, Mother Nature, and G.o.d of Purification Twelve Wings Golden Angel. Beneath them were other high-level G.o.ds.

No matter how great of an ability, it was way behind the Void. This was the crucial key in the native's steady retreat.

In the continuous battle, both Eye of the Slaughter and Mother Nature were the first to sustain severe injuries, then Fehra's incarnation suffered a sneak attack by Star Region Demon Master and his G.o.dhead was damaged extensively.

The strongest two were not in a complete state.

Under such circ.u.mstance, the Void finally began its full force attack.

Fallen True Soul was the first to wage war. The Void Temple invaded the Upper Plane under his command and many positive energy planes erupted war. Decades of high-level Demon Lords were bred from this war. They upgraded themselves through slaughter whether adapting tactics through Enneahedron or s.n.a.t.c.hing divinity and Divine Personas.

Distortion Demon Master initiated the war to unify the East and started to kill all believers, sparing only abiding citizens for production activities.

The entire East was drenched in seas of blood. In just mere ten days, it was completely overtaken.

This world would fall in just decades…

The stars representing the G.o.ds in the sky were shaken, dimming into darkness. At times, it could be seen that the stars fell into the mortal world, one by one…

Cold Winter Tower.

Garen's huge dragon body sat with his legs crossed in the biochemical pool. A monster soldier with a head of a wolf and body of a human was tossing all sorts of nutrition and chemicals into the biochemical pool but mostly, it was all kinds of energy crystal cores.

A lot of demon cores and crystal cores from the deep abyss were tossed into the biochemical pool and swiftly melted in it.

In half a month, upon completion of all Soul Connections, Garen continued to delve deep into his practice. Currently, many little crystal b.a.l.l.s of various colors were hanging over his head.

This was Divine Personas obtained upon crystallization. Although these were singled-out divinity, the Divine Person derived from it was individualistic, but upon refinement, Garen received up to fifteen single Divine Personas.

This was a terrifying power. This meant that he could create a DemiG.o.d with fifteen individual Divine Personas in a short amount of time!

Of course, it would be such a waste to use this stuff to create a DemiG.o.d…

Garen naturally had a plan.

“The essence of divinity is the realization of intel. This means that it could be duplicated,” he opened his dragon eyes wide. His iris was gleaming with wisdom.

“And to upgrade my Soul Rings, repet.i.tive realization will be useless. Since there is only a single effect, I could first duplicate a copy of these Divine Personas and store within my Willpower mind. Once these Divine Personas become Soul Rings, I can reconstruct the Divine Personas and even though by then these Divine Personas are useless to me but may be effective to others…”

Garen has a machine-heavy calculating and storing ability that could not be compared with any other existence. Even the most powerful computer of the Mech World was unmatched by his Willpower mind. It was at an unparallel height of wisdom, reaching a limit no Energy Machinists could imagine.

“Logical Divine Persona can help heighten my calculating ability.” Garen swallowed a silver crystal.

After a brief silence, a black ring with silver lights around it appeared behind his head.

His Willpower mind's calculation speed increased by a large margin.

“Unknown calculation law discovered, absorbing complete data… optimizing calculation structure…”

“Capability upgraded. Overall evaluation, increase of 31% in calculation speed.

His Willpower mind continuously provided feedback.

Garen carefully brought his senses to play. It seemed that Logical Divine Persona, Decaying Divine Persona as well as his Willpower mind blended into the black glowing ring behind his head. The complicated patterns and symbols on it and ma.s.sive distorted energy in it were spewing columns of many different structures. These structures harbored unimaginable law and reasons.

The black glowing ring was spreading tentacular threads invisible to the naked eye, endlessly absorbing fear and power of faith from the Void.

Garen reached his awareness out into one of the tentacles and a disarrayed wooden cabin in the scorching heat appeared before his eyes. A malnourished skinny boy sat in a corner in fear. He was muttering and praying his name. He was hot all over with a high fever. He seemed to be on his deathbed. It was not limited to Garen, there were also other frost-type G.o.ds, evil G.o.ds, malicious G.o.ds' names uttered in repet.i.tion.

“Andrew's former territory, huh…” Garen fell into deep thoughts. When he reduced Andrew to submission, that dukedom created a disastrous cold winter that froze several hundred thousand to death.

Now the weather was scorching hot there and these people in turn desperately prayed for his appearance.

“Idiotic Faith. How disinteresting like bundled up threads. Once Faith has fallen, the G.o.ds gradually lose their strong cornerstone,” he did not even have the slightest intention to respond.

The Thread of Faith was the source of energy that could possibly pull the G.o.ds into the astral base. This was not the motive that he was going after.

He turned up to look at the Divine Personas on top of his head. Without hesitating any further, he started to swallow each and every one of these Divine Personas to form Soul Rings.

He held back up copies of these Divine Personas in his Willpower mind. As long as he duplicated from his copies, established his Divine Powers and positioned Divine Domain, he could quickly structure Semi-Divine Personas.

As long as the sacred fire was not lighted or the Divine Kingdom was not built, then he would not be meddling into the Holy War of Faith and he would not be in any trouble.

As he was swallowing, the entire Cold Winter Tower began to tremble and howl loudly, like a living being that was greedy and huge.

The Cold Winter Tower was erected at the highest point of Dragon King Peak. In a range several hundred kilometers, all residing White Dragons, Dragon Beasts, and generals from the abyss who came for the handover, gazed at the direction of the high tower.

They could feel the energy from the Cold Winter Tower gradually surging, sensing its velocity. In a mere hour, there was a 20% increase of the original.


The mug in Nadia's hand almost fell onto the ground from the huge tremor. Her face tensed up and she lifted her head to look up.

“It's Garen…” She had a complicated look on her face, a streak of disappointment flashed past her eyes. “He's upgrading…” She suddenly knew that she may have missed the best opportunity to level up her ability.


Somewhere at Dragon King Peak, Satwo roared into the sky. His body was growing at a rapid speed visible under the naked eye. His back started to grow thick manes and tentacles like poisonous snakes, a White Dragon with Snakes on his back.

He was obviously under the effect of Garen.

Satwo was originally a Level Six when suddenly under an unknown aura, he felt like he was a sponge absorbing water non-stop and his body's energy rose to an extreme level.

Level Seven… Level Eight… Level Nine…!!

It was not just him, a few of those with Connected Souls were also rising to great heights.

The rest were Satwo, Rosta, Elphis, Andrew, and Chaotic Abominable Snowman, each of their individual energies rising.

These energies directly rose their levels by one to three levels.

Satwo had the worst foundation of all, hence was raised three levels to reach Level Nine.

As for Andrew and Chaotic Abominable Snowman, as their levels were already high, they only got up one level to reach Level Thirteen.

Even so, it was already horrifying enough.

They were pa.s.sively triggered by Garen to level up, especially Rosta and Elphis who were pressed to choose an ability that they were proficient at as a core and upgraded straight to Level Ten.

Garen's engulfment went on for a week.

His aura, too heightened over a week before it ended.

Cold Winter Tower's ripple level could not be differentiated. With a thick layer of distorted dream power surrounded Cold Winter Tower, no one would know for sure to what stage Garen has reached.

But everyone, every dragon, knew that Garen must have far surpa.s.sed DemiG.o.d and reached an unknown realm.

In the Seventeenth Layer of the Abyss. Barren land.

A shade of yellow mist shadowed the sky, reeling in a heavy and suppressed feeling.

This were the dwellings of the Abyssal Demon Dragons and White Dragon Mountain. As the layer of the Abyss with the biggest changes in temperature, the territories could reach up to several thousand in temperature degree, yet there were also some areas with temperatures so terrifyingly low that everything froze there.

Red, dark red, blood red, golden red, a sea of magma occupied half the region of this plane.

Ice blue, purple-blue, pale blue, black blue, endless glacier snow mountains occupied the other half of this plane.

White Dragon Mountain was at the highest peak at the mid-point of this entire Abyss plane.

In a cavity of a huge snow mountain.

Thousands of White Dragons gathered to attend the frequently-held Elder's Meeting in the huge square. Standing at the highest point, the evil eyes of ancient dragons and elders glimmered.

They were staring together at a s.p.a.ce in a cavity, seemingly waiting for something.

White Dragons here were quite different from Dragon King Peak. The dragons here mostly balanced out the levels of their spellcraft and Draconic Aura. Their entire disposition was far higher than Dragon King Peak.

No one made a sound. Only ripples from voice transmitting spells were ricocheting in the air.

It was dead silence in the cavity.

The leading dragon was the remaining White Dragon's Great Elder, Gaelain. She was clenching the Frozen Spell Beads tightly in her hands. The beads were Imprint Divine Weapon that represented Royal Chief of the White Dragons.


Finally, a black rift in the shape of an eye ripped open in s.p.a.ce. From it, soldiers in white armor marched out with a strong Void aura.

Over ten strong existences were top notch experts far higher than Level Ten.

“White Feather Squadron…” Great Elder Gaelain said in a low voice. She exchanged glances with the other two elders on the side. As one of the few high-level dragons that could transform into human form, she naturally sensed the capability of these existences the first second. The other party did not show any intention to conceal and arrogantly put their individual strong forcefield on full blast.

Following them, was a powerful swordsman dressed in a black heavy armory. It was Andrew, the terrifying general that commanded tens of legion in the Abyss.