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As the middle-aged woman scolded in her sharp voice, the well-dressed middle-aged man and the young man took a step back. The others who were looking at the little confrontation took pleasure in the misfortunate too, looking like they were in for a good show.

They antic.i.p.ated that something would happen, and regardless of what, it would benefit them, but at the very next moment, the antic.i.p.ating crowd gasped.


A heavy bang later, the provocative woman's head exploded like a watermelon run over by a truck.

Blood drizzled like rain, and brains splashed everywhere.

Everyone who saw the scene quivered hard. Such a gruesome scene was rare in Theorate.

A young student who saw the scene widened his mouth, wanting to say something, but all he could make was a 'ka, kak' like he was choked.

Further away from the young student, a middle-aged man held his breath and subtly stepped back. After he got away from the b.l.o.o.d.y stench, he panted heavily.

Many people's faces turned pale, fear smearing all over.

What happened?

It was the question that troubled everyone's heart. 

They did not see Kieran move, nor did he even budge!

But why did Pamela's heart go boom?

All sorts of guesses popped up in their minds.

The fear caused by the unknown spread like wildfire.

When the crowd looked at Kieran again, their eyes showed fear, but some of them shone brightly, such as the well-dressed middle-aged man and the quiet young man's.

Both of them reevaluated Kieran with an unusual judgmental gaze because…

When Pamela's heart exploded, being closer, they were able to pick up a faint scent of alcohol.

The alcohol scent was very faint and hid in the blood.

Index of Eat!

Both of them had been chasing the Index of Eat for a while now, and at that very moment, they were almost certain the exploding head was caused by the Warm Liquor effect!

They had been wondering what kind of ability Warm Liquor would provide its drinker once consumed.

The duo took a deep breath as they ignored the blood stench.

Multiple thoughts came afloat in their minds right after that.

"Sir 2567, we will deal with this particular incident. If you don't mind, please wait for us at the coffee shop beside the street, and we will provide you with a reasonable offer." The quiet young man spoke first.

The middle-aged man frowned, but when Kieran turned his eyes on him, the man showed a smile right away.

"I agree with Garcia, even though we may not come from the same place," the middle-aged man stated his stand clearly.


Kieran's gaze stopped for a second on the rather stiff-looking young man who wore a Theorate school uniform before nodding.

Compared to the middle-aged man who took the initiative throughout the conversation, the quiet young man was more concerning.

As for the middle-aged woman?

Kieran had no idea how she was with that much hatred sent to his face, but it didn't stop him from sensing the malicious intent in her eyes or making the correct decision.

Kieran walked towards the coffee shop beside the street, and the crowd cleared up a path for him.

When he walked past the headless corpse, he didn't even stop. His feather coat fluttered a little with the wind, and the Rare rank item that floated upon the woman's body was already in his hand.

As he pushed the coffee shop door open, the item was already in his pocket, and the test tube with liquor was already corked tightly.

Getting his hands on some liquor in the kitchen was a little too easy.

"W-What will you be having, sir?" the waiter asked with a s.h.i.+ver.

Based on where the waiter was standing, he saw everything that happened, and if it weren't for the deposit he received earlier plus that young man Garcia being someone he could not afford to provoke, the coffee shop would have closed.

"Lemon water, plus honey," Kieran said.

"Noted sir, please wait for a moment. I'll be right back."

The waiter ran to the bar counter and started to prepare the drink.

Before the honey lemon was served, Senile barged in uninvited.

He rushed towards Kieran and sat opposite him.

"Do you know what you just did?" Senile sounded angry.

"What did I do? Did I touch her? Did I make a move? No, instead, that lady treated me with disrespect." Kieran leaned back on the soft sofa cus.h.i.+on and spoke with a casual tone.

"Then why is she dead?" Senile glared at Kieran.

"Who knows? Maybe it's the punishment from the heavens? I didn't even move, and there's at least 50 pairs of eyes that can prove what I say." Kieran pointed at the lingering crowd that was looking at the coffee shop.

"Punishment from the heavens?! Are you kidding me right now?!"

Kieran's words almost choked Senile alive, and he almost flipped the table away, but on second thought, he gave up that thought for the sake of his safety.

What also died off was the curiosity in his heart.

Although he really wanted to know how Kieran got his hands on Warm Liquor, as the saying goes, curiosity kills the cat. Senile didn't think he could outlive a cat.

He took a deep breath, readjusted his thoughts and delivered Professor Tyrese's message.

"Professor Tyrese is interested in the Index of Eat, but he will not give you permission to access the third-floor library or any other additional condition," said Senile.

"Is that so? Well then, too bad. I thought I could work together with Professor Tyrese."

Kieran pretended to sigh with pity.

Senile's mouth twitched a little, but nothing came out of his mouth.

Sometimes, things were better left unsaid.

"I think I should leave. Those guys are anxious. You do know what you've done, right? So you must know what you should be cautious of."

Senile walked out after reminding Kieran.

Kieran saw Senile off and waited for his 'collaborator' to arrive.

His goal had been achieved — the crowd who witnessed the scene should believe that he knew the location of the Index of Eat. Some of them might even fill in the blanks themselves and puzzle some unrealistic facts to complete the story.

Next, Kieran would have to think about what kind of request he should ask for.

The value of a permission letter to E Block library's third floor was different from the location of the Index of Eat.