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Because of Abyss’s words, or more accurately, due to the huge momentum behind Abyss, Nainiae found that her breathing became difficult.

“This feeling of pressure…”

Nainiae remembered the scene when she and Riley first met in Solia last spring, and she began to use mana with a serious expression.

“Is he going to kill us?”

Nainie believed that if Abyss wanted to kill the six people brought by Riley, he would not refer to the fighting as “warm-up activity”. Nainie clenched her teeth and created a defense net in front of them.

“The so-called warm-up activity…”

Being looked down, Nainiae raised both her hands and used different advanced mana to show her hostility towards the other person.

“I, Nainiae……”

Nainiae looked back at the five people standing behind, hoping they could protect themselves, and then she stared at Abyss again.

“Are you going to fight against me alone?”


“You are too arrogant.”

Looking at Nainiae, Abyss smiled slyly and raised his chin. However, differently, Nainiae, who was staring at him, pulled her chin and started to use her brain.

“Although he was evenly matched Young Master in his past life…”

What Abyss didn’t know was that Nainiae owned the memories of Riley’s past life.

Although Abyss had no weaknesses… knowing what technique he would use will definitely be a big advantage for Nainiae.

“I have a chance to win. He doesn’t know me, but I know him clearly.”

In the two hands that Nainiae lifted up, the mana of different attributes burst into sparks and lightning, waiting for the moment of shooting.

“Even if Abyss was a demon lord in his past life, since he was born again as a human being, his physical strength must be limited… As long as I use the mana he does not understand, I could handle it.”

Nainiae thought the outcome of the fighting depended on time. When she was going to start fighting and shooting the mana that floated in her hands to the front…


Abyss had come to Nainiae suddenly.


Let alone the movement of bending legs, Nainiae didn’t even see Abyss jumping. Looking at Abyss, who smiled softly in front of her, Nainiae clenched her teeth.

“No, don’t panic. It’s a fighting depending on time. Just defend and fight. Be calm and distant from him.”

After Nainiae fired the mana in her hand, she didn’t even confirm whether the magic hit Abyss and then quickly used the magic to move backwards.

“If it could be a long-term fighting…”

Nainiae, who used the moving mana to step back, looked at the place where she had just launched a magical explosion.

“Sure enough, he was hiding away? Where has he gone?”

Nainiae couldn’t feel the presence of Abyss in the dust, and then Nainiae immediately widened her senses and began to look for Abyss.

“Where has he gone?”

Nainiae began to concentrate on finding Abyss. When she found that Abyss had been standing in the same place, her eyes popped out.

“Why are you there?”

Abyss, who had just appeared in front of Nainiae, stood where he had been, as if he hadn’t started fighting yet, and his expression was easy.

“It seems that you have seen illusion.”

Hearing Abyss’s self-talk, Nainiae knew that the mana he had just used was not targeted.

“I have to praise you. Being able to see the illusion just shows that your eyesight is good.”

Abyss suddenly praised Nainiae and then quietly bent his upper body.

“…I’ll be serious this time!”

Nainiae felt very fl.u.s.tered when she heard the illusion mentioned by Abyss. At this moment, the ground at the foot of Abyss suddenly fell and his body rushed out like an arrow.

“After he comes to me, he… he would also punch at me. Young Master sometimes also does that.”

After Nainiae confirmed that Abyss would first attack from the middle, she concentrated the magic on there and then prepared to use lightning magic that was fast and easy to counterattack.

“He’s coming.”

Just like the illusion did before, Abyss shortened the distance between him and Nainiae in an instant. Looking at Nainiae, he smiled gently and swung his clenched right fist.

“Sure… he uses a fist.”

While focusing on defense, Nainiae’s fingertips began to glow gray thunderbolt as Abyss’s right hand moved.

“Sure enough, you are really arrogant.”


Before Abyss finished the word, his right fist hit Nainiae’s defense net.


It came the sound of something cracked, and the expression of Nainiae whose right hand was bolted with lightning was distorted due to pain.

“The power?!”

Nainiae had seen Abyss’s punching in Riley’s memory of past life. She thought her defense net could stop his first.


She was wrong.

Nainiae opened her mouth.


“What’s that…”

His fist did not fall on Nainiae’s defense net.

“Look down on you.”

Abyss’s fist penetrated Nainiae’s defense net and stopped in front of her abdomen, and Nainiae’s maid costume wrinkled like a whirlpool.

“The first attack, the first attack used the right fist… When I was fighting Young Master, his fists didn’t have such power…”

As the air current caused by Abyss’s fist twisted her face, Nainiae remembered what Abyss had muttered to himself.

“…I’ll be gentle.”

Nainiae felt that if she really moved, Abyss’s fist would not stop in front of her clothes, but had already broken into her abdomen. Thinking of this, Nainiae got a goose