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Chapter 592 - Charge!

What Helian Tianxiao said made sense. Now that General Ye and Nangong Wulian had been kidnapped, they were in dire straits. He did not know how to appease His Majesty, neither did he know how to obtain victories. Even his determination was wavering at this point of time.

After he became a blood elementalists and got promoted, there had never been a crisis as dangerous as this time.

He did not dare to think about the outcome. Other than making him scared and worried, thinking about the outcome would not help him in any way. Only by having a do-or-die att.i.tude could he then see a glimpse of hope.

His hawk-like eyes were flickering with a cold glint, displaying a strong killing intent.

Helian Tianxiao exuded the air of an outstanding leader. Whenever he encountered dangers, he could clearly determine the gains and losses within a short period of time. He swept his gaze across his generals. When he saw the despair and fear in their eyes turn into an insane battle fervor, he was extremely gratified.

The current G.o.d Wolf Division was like a wolf that had its back to the wall. They were unprecedentedly ferocious and insane.

Helian Tianxiao strongly believed that no one could stop them.

Just as he was going to give the order for his army to set off, a deafening alarm suddenly sounded off.

Helian Tianxiao had been suppressing the blazing flames within him. When he heard the alarm signalling an enemy raid, he wasn’t angry. Instead, he smiled, strode out of his tent and said, "Let’s see who paid us a visit today. From today onwards, we will kill any elementalist that puts up resistance!"

His ruthless voice sent a cold shudder down every general’s spine. They knew their chief was really furious this time around. No one stepped forward to appease him. All of them were filled with a frantic killing intent. The fire in their hearts was lit up by despair. Now that their lives were at stake, why would they still care about comrades.h.i.+p?

Just as Helian Tianxiao stepped out of his tent, his eye pupils dilated abruptly.

It was dazzling outside of the tent. The ground was as bright as snow. The wobbling brilliance was demonic and pierced his eyes. The leg that he extended out of his tent cast a trembling shadow on the ground, resembling a wiggling puddle of ink. Helian Tianxiao had never seen such a weird phenomenon in broad daylight.

He raised his head abruptly and looked at the sky.

A light ball, like a shooting-star, was flying towards them at a terrifying speed. The dazzling brilliance was being released by that light ball.

The encampment became increasingly bright. Everyone and everything looked as if it were plated with a layer of s.h.i.+ny silver. The light ball was devouring the light from every light source . Helian Tianxiao couldn’t even determine the position of the sun at this point of time.

A premonition arose in his heart. He snarled, "Defend…"

Actually, there was no need for him to remind his subordinates. When the alarm for enemy raid sounded off, the soldiers that were in charge of the encampment’s defense had already set up the defenses. The soldiers of G.o.d Wolf Division were very well-trained.

Back in the day, Ye Baiyi had repeatedly adjusted the combat divisions that fought at the front line. Having been through countless battles, the six G.o.d divisions and twelve blood divisions were thoroughly sharpened. Furthermore, they had maintained their numbers all this time. Therefore, the overall standard of their combat divisions was very high.

The shooting-star like light ball came very fast. In the blink of an eye, it had reached the encampment.

The blood canopy had just risen up.

The demonic and glaring light collided heavily against the blood canopy.


An enormous explosion erupted. The sound wave devoured everyone’s sense of hearing in an instant. The rays of light discharged from the explosion engulfed everyone in whiteness. The ground beneath their feet shook violently, causing them to lose their balance.

Helian Tianxiao shook his head to regain his senses. The impact from the collision was very powerful.

He managed to close his eyes at the moment when the collision took place. As such, he wasn’t affected by the outburst of dazzling light. When the dazzling light dissipated, Helian Tianxiao could see that the glow of the blood canopy had dimmed and its thickness had reduced significantly.

Suddenly, his pupils dilated once more.

A shooting-star like light ball shot down from the sky and flew towards them again. The demonic and glaring white light appeared once more.

Helian Tianxiao was overwhelmed with shock. This shooting star seemed to appear out of thin air.


Another explosion resounded through the air. There was an outburst of dazzling light once again.

This time around, everyone had learnt their lessons. They closed their eyes and were not affected by the glaring white light.

Clink! A soft, shattering sound rang across Helian Tianxiao’s ears. His mind jolted.

Oh no! The blood canopy is going to shatter!

Before he could react in time, a rumbling shock wave crashed on his head like a huge hammer.

Helian Tianxiao’s body swayed as he tried to stabilize himself.

When he saw his surroundings, his face had turned ashen. It was as if a hurricane had swept through the encampment. The encampment was in chaos. The tents had been ripped from the ground and the soldiers were lying haphazardly all over the place. Luckily, no one was injured. The blood canopy had absorbed most of the force from the shooting stars. Even though the last shock wave was extremely powerful, its force had been dispersed and it was not enough to injure everyone.

However, since when had G.o.d Wolf Division ever suffered such humiliation!

Helian Tianxiao was startled and angry at the same time. Based on the energy undulations from the explosion, he could tell that the shooting star was actually a sword gleam.


Could it be Sky Edge Division?

Suddenly, Helian Tianxiao noticed there was a rice-grain-sized speckle of light rising in the distant sky.

It’s there! He widened his eyes and watched on blankly as the speckle of light rose higher and higher… and then suddenly it disappeared!

Almost in an instant, he thought of the shooting stars that appeared out of thin air just now. He roared at the top of his voice, "Defend!"

Even in such a sorry state, G.o.d Wolf Division still demonstrated the skills of an elite unit. The soldiers in charge of the encampment’s defense had received the greatest impact just now. Many of them had blood seeping out from the corners of their mouths and their bodies were shaking. However, the moment they came to their senses, they frantically returned to their defensive positions without any instructions given.

The boundary of the encampment lit up with a red glow. The red glow kept on rising and formed a blood canopy. The blood canopy was drawing closed to a point above the centre of the encampment.

The sword gleam was coming at a speed faster than before!

The shooting-star like sword gleam collided with the blood canopy before it could fully close up.

The defensive power of the partially-closed blood canopy was much lower than when it was fully closed. In an instant, the blood canopy shattered into smithereens. The blade-like fragments fell from the sky like raindrops. Helian Tianxiao and his counterparts had put up a b.l.o.o.d.y glow to surround their bodies. As such, they weren’t hurt by the fragments.

In a moment of desperation, the more ordinary soldiers could only protect their vital body parts. Their bodies were spurting out blood. Meanwhile, the muscular blood elementalists knew how to make use of their physical advantages. Non-deadly injuries would not have too much of an impact on them.

Under the powerful impact, those blood elementalists that were in charge of the encampment’s defense were knocked flying back and became unconscious.

Since when had G.o.d Wolf Division ever suffered such humiliation?

Everyone’s eyes were bloodshot. Roars and snarls could be heard throughout the encampment.

Silverfrost Division’s division leader, Song Xiaoqian, clenched her teeth and said, "Chief, allow me to launch a counterattack!"

However, Helian Tianxiao was unusually calm at this moment. He shook his head and replied, "The enemy is coming!"

The dazzling speckle of light in the distant sky kept on quivering as it increased in size gradually.

On the Pinwheel Sword, everyone was silent. All of them had different facial expressions. Some were bewildered, some were incredulous, and some were terrified, but none of them were calm.

[Blazing Shooting Star]. Ai Hui’s cold voice seemed to linger in the smoke emitted by the shooting star.

His swordsmans.h.i.+p was incredible. No, was this still considered swordsmans.h.i.+p? Karakorum Polaris, who was the most eligible person to answer this question, did not know the answer.

With their own eyes, they witnessed the powerful might of Ai Hui’s swordsmans.h.i.+p and how the blood canopy of the G.o.d Wolf Division’s encampment was destroyed.

What aroused them the most was Ai Hui’s willpower and fighting spirit.

Their enemy was a G.o.d division. It was the G.o.d division that had yet to be defeated. It was the G.o.d division that had a few members who dared to attack an entire combat division. It was the fearsome G.o.d division that defeated numerous combat divisions like a hot knife slicing through b.u.t.ter.

Pinwheel Sword increased its speed instead of reducing it as it charged towards the enemy’s encampment. When everyone had realized Ai Hui really wanted to charge towards the encampment, a thought appeared in all of their minds at the same time. Was he seeking death?

The next thought they had was... he was crazy!

However, the metal wind that was brus.h.i.+ng past their ears had reached an incredibly high speed, so much so that it was ear-splitting. The scenery around them had become blurry. The glow that surrounded the Pinwheel Sword had intensified. The Pinwheel Sword was rapidly increasing in size in the fearsome and invincible G.o.d division’s field of vision!

An unimaginable situation was happening right now.

What they were doing now was insane, reckless, illogical and insufferably arrogant.

All of them had grown out of their reckless teenage youth years and they were obviously used to seeing death. However, at this point of time, why was the blood in their bodies boiling and racing so? And what exactly caused the blazing fire in their hearts?

s.h.i.+ Xueman was holding Cirrus in her hand tightly as her fingers turned pale. Xiao Shan’s face was flushed, lacking the usual indifference. Venerable Volcano’s beard was swaying and his lips were trembling. Yu Jin subconsciously grabbed Tong Gui’s elbow. She did not realize how tightly she was holding Tong Gui’s arm, and she never realized how much Tong Gui’s body was trembling. Ke Ning’s mind was blank while his mouth was mumbling incoherent words non-stop.

The members of Sword of Heavy Cloud had descended into a state of insanity!

Usually Ai Hui was calm and cool-headed. However, the current Ai Hui was like surging lightning bolts in a cloudy sky, reckless and domineering!

His cold voice rang across everyone’s ears once more.

"s.h.i.+ Zhiguang, prepare for [Heavenly Chime of Sword Vortex]!"

Veins were popping out of s.h.i.+ Zhiguang’s neck. With an intense excitement on his face, he roared, "Yes!"

"The rest, prepare for [Great Sword Gleam]"

No one replied to him. The sword paG.o.das did not need to reply to Ai Hui’s commands. An unusual flush appeared on every member’s face. Their backs were slightly bent, their eyes were widened, and they were holding their breaths, resembling tigers that were waiting to strike at any moment.

The howling of the metal winds was becoming increasingly violent. The Pinwheel Sword was still increasing its speed. The image of the enemy encampment was increasing in size and clarity in their line of sight.

Atop the Pinwheel Sword, everyone was unusually quiet. The air seemed to have frozen at this moment.

s.h.i.+ Xueman and the rest could not help but hold their breaths. A silent killing intent was brewing in the frozen air.

s.h.i.+ Zhiguang’s eyes were widened while his muscular body remained stationary. However, the palm that he used to hold the sword was still gentle like water. He brandished the sword gently and smoothly without any aggression or urgency.

s.h.i.+ Xueman, Xiao Shan and Venerable Volcano were the first ones to notice something weird was going on. Something seemed to be moving.

After a while, a rustle that resembled the sound of the tide flowing through the sea rang across their ears.

This was...

Xiao Shan and the rest looked around but didn’t notice anything. However, at this point of time, they could not be bothered with anything else. The enemy encampment was almost within reach!

The chime-like Unity Swords hanging at the bottom of Pinwheel Sword were swaying like water plants. They all pointed in the same directions and their swaying motions were synchronized. A mysterious aura was forming but the rustling sound was becoming unnoticeable. It was as if fragmented lightning bolts were gathering in the depths of the layer of cloud.

Ai Hui’s gaze landed upon Helian Tianxiao, who was standing in the middle of the encampment. Similarly, Helian Tianxiao noticed Ai Hui, who was positioned at the core of the Pinwheel Sword’s aura.

Their eyes met. An unconcealable aura of death swept across the air silently.

Suddenly, a sinister smile appeared on Helian Tianxiao’s face as he roared, "Kill them!"

Behind the layer of bandages, Ai Hui’s lips curled into a cold smile as he slightly turned the sword in his hand.

Angry roars and a sword chime rang through the air at the same time.