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w.a.n.g Yan and the slim monkey-like man had the urge to run away. No one could blame them, as there was a giant beat lurking around, and they couldn't fight against it even with so many people together.

"That's it!" Chu Han had an idea.

"What?" Qin Shou hurried to ask, "Did you find something? Shall we help?"

Fan Jian needed help. Unlike w.a.n.g Yan and the slim monkey-like man who were hesitant, Qin Shou's typical relations.h.i.+p with Fan Jian had turned into a deep friends.h.i.+p. He couldn't abandon the base's second leader, and most importantly, his friend.

"No, no!" Suddenly, Chu Han stopped running, and his eyes lit up.

"What do you mean no?" Qin Shou was so worried that he almost jumped up, "Can you tell me what we should do!?"

"Tell-me-" Fan Jian was exhausted, and he doubted he'd stay alive if he kept running.


Chu Han was embarra.s.sed, and he hurried to wave his hand, "I didn't mean I found a plan. You guys misunderstood me."

"Sh*t!" Fan Jian almost coughed out blood, and he wanted to kill Chu Han. "Buddy, can I strangle you to death?"

"Brother Chu you should stop messing with us!" Qin Shou nearly collapsed.

w.a.n.g Yan and the slim monkey-like man had decided that they would run if anything went wrong. Fan Jian was important, but their life was much more precious. They wouldn't act foolishly like Chu Han and Qin Shou.

Chu Han looked at Fan Jian who was running like a gra.s.shopper, and his mood improved, but they couldn't miss the timing, so he ordered, "Brother Qin, Brother Hua! You guys attack the little tiger on Fan Jian's back. It's almost powerless, but it's still a beast. Don't let your guard down."

"What about you?" Qin Shou couldn't help but look at Chu Han and ask him.

"Yes. What are you going to do?" w.a.n.g Yan hated that plan. "If we try to attack the little tiger, then its parent will kill us."

"Don't worry."Chu Han peeked at those people and said, "I will fight against the big one."

Everyone was surprised!

"You?!" Hua Yongzhi objected, "No, it is too powerful!"

"I disagree!" Qin Shou objected too.

"Sh*t up!" Chu Han ordered coldly, "If we don't do something fast, Fan Jian won't last for much longer."

Before Chu Han's words faded, he had already dashed toward the ferocious tiger.

"Let's do it!" Qin Shou cursed in his heart, and then he yelled suddenly, "Brothers! Let's save Brother Fan Jian before Brother Chu Han sacrifices his life!"

Chu Han turned his head while adjusting the Shura axe's angle. He didn't know if he should laugh or cry. Sacrifice? Who told them he was going to sacrifice himself?

"Ah!" Hua Yongzhi's were bloodshot as he rushed to the little tiger. It was like he had turned crazy.

The other phase-1 evolutionaries were shocked, but they yelled frenziedly and rushed toward the little tiger. They couldn't let Chu Han die like that. What he had done for them was engraved in their hearts, even if they just met today. 

The little tiger was entangled, and Fan Jian could finally rest for a moment. Devoid of strength, he just lied on the ground. 

Chu Han had no idea about the others' thoughts. Although he had to help Fan Jian, he wouldn't die.

Chu Han ran to the tiger with extreme speed, while excitedly holding the Shura axe in his hand. No one else could challenge that fierce beast. Its fur stood on end, which meant that it was in a bad mood. Simultaneously, it let out an angry roar.

Its killing intent was released the moment it opened its huge mouth.

Chu Han was not intimidated, and he even accelerated. He jumped in the air, leaving two deep footprints on the ground. While he jumped, he focused his violent strength in his arms, and he used the accuracy talent to the extreme.

The tiger was right in front of him, so he sw.a.n.g the axe toward the tiger's head!


The tiger was infuriated, but strangely it didn't try to retaliate against the puny human who was challenging it. It tried hard to twist its huge body and avoid the incoming axe attack. At the same time, it decided to defend with its claws and sharp teeth.


The Shura axe collided with the tiger's fangs and produced dazzling sounds. The tiger's anger increased and it wanted to tear Chu Han apart.

Chu Han grinned and rotated the axe with both hands, moving it at a specific angle. The axe's sharp edge showed its true might! 

In three moves, he rotated, chopped down and tore the tiger's flesh apart!

Suddenly, scarlet blood surged out, thus dyeing the ground red!

Chu Han stabbed the left side of the tiger's mouth, as the beast didn't think that his axe could attack again after clas.h.i.+ng with its fangs!


The tiger was so angry, and it forcefully waved its head.

Chu Han didn't dare try and withstand the tiger's shaking movement, or else he'd lose his grip on the axe. He decisively retreated and stabilized himself. Then, he looked at the tiger which was trying to stand up, and he smirked.

Was it pregnant?

There was a tiger cub!

"Hey!" Chu Han smiled, and then he sped up before jumping in the air again!

The reason why the tiger kept lurking around the tall gra.s.s and Chu Han was courageous enough to attack it was that he noticed it was giving birth!

The timing and place were perfect for Chu Han to attack!

The Shura axe gave off a dark l.u.s.ter when Chu Han used its second dial, as it was a perfect match with his phase-2 strength. The Monster Killer wasn't a simple weapon; it could enhance its owner's eyesight and hearing in the midst of the battle and give them abnormal power!

The huge tiger which just gave birth to a cub stood up, and the new-born cub looked like a b.l.o.o.d.y lump of flesh that gave off a strong metallic smell. It was so weak that its limbs were trembling. 

'I'll kill you while you're weak!'

Chu Han dashed and chopped down with the axe!


The deafening friction sounds were ceaseless.

'Clas.h.!.+ Clas.h.!.+ Clas.h.!.+'

Qin Shou and the others who were fighting with the huge tiger's offspring took the upper hand gradually. The little tiger was really tired of trying to kill Fan Jian for an hour, but after the group of phase-1 evolutionaries started attacking, it could barely hold on.

Fan Jian was the only one who was not partic.i.p.ating. He was trying to recover, so he left the fighting to Qin Shou and the others. From the left side, there was the little tiger's fight, while on the right side Chu Han was fighting against the huge tiger.

"Hey, guys, who is he?" At that moment, Fan Jian reacted, and he asked about Chu Han. Watching Chu Han's battle, Fan Jian couldn't bear it, and he stood up after recovering some of his strength.

Then Fan Jian yelled, "Don't beat it to a b.l.o.o.d.y pulp! I still want to drink its milk!"