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Fan Jian's unrestrained voice caught some of the phase-1 evolutionaries' attention, who were fighting against the little tiger. Currently, the little tiger's strength was diminis.h.i.+ng, so they were finally able to look at Chu Han's fight.

Everyone had worried expressions while turning their heads, but their expressions changed the moment they looked at Chu Han's battle; it was an incredible sight!


The Shura axe collided with the tiger's sharp claws and made sparks fly.

'Zeng! Zeng! Zeng!' Chu Han clashed several times with the huge tiger

"What?" The slim monkey-like man was shocked and said, "Chu Han is still alive?"

w.a.n.g Yan was stunned. How could Chu Han be safe and sound while facing such a fierce beast? It was a huge tiger which had turned crazy after the apocalypse. The most basic reason the base's residents didn't dare to enter the forest was the beasts' presence.

Qin Shou, Hua Yongzhi, and the other phase-1 evolutionaries were really embarra.s.sed. Chu Han not only slaughtered all the zombies, but he also stood his ground against such a fierce beast.

His battle prowess was exceptional!

"Everyone, do your best!" Qin Shou was really energetic, "Let's hurry to kill the little tiger, and a.s.sist Chu Han!"

"Great!" Hua Yongzhi yelled, and his hands were filled with power. Suddenly, he wounded the devilish tiger.

By that time, most of the survivors arrived. The evolutionaries' speed surpa.s.sed theirs, so the battle started before their arrival. The ordinary survivors were terrified, and they even wanted to run away. 

Were those beasts still considered as tigers? Stop joking around!

First of all, although the little tiger was not large in size, it was still one meter tall, with a fierce appearance and vicious attacks. Even though it was completely exhausted, it could still cause a headache to the group of phase-1 evolutionaries, including Qin Shou; its resilience and tenacity were terrifying.

Ordinary survivors would rather stay inside the base than leave it, as they knew that the animals had mutated to crazy beasts. Maybe they couldn't even deal with a pheasant. At the moment, they really understood how much their world change, and how it dangerous it really was. Finally, they could feel the changes brought by the apocalypse. 

However, it was just the beginning…

As they were witnessing Chu Han's fierce battle, terror was one of the plethoras of feelings taking over them.

Disappointment, unwillingness, despair, mind-numbing shock were some of them.

How large was the mature tiger? It was half the size of an elephant, and in a crazed state after the apocalypse.

Chu Han looked tiny compared with the tiger. To their surprise, the scenario of the tiger stepping on Chu Han lifeless body never came to be. On the contrary, Chu Han was the one suppressing the aggrieved tiger!

The two tigers were in a perilous situation. Several people tried their best to wound the little tiger, but all of that was overshadowed by Chu Han's intense battle. He followed up after every attack and injured the tiger multiple times. Its blood splashed everywhere. It was such an incredible sight!

"Chu Han, he- he is so powerful!?" Someone exclaimed.

"He is! We have eyes but couldn't see Mt. Tai. Could it be that only a phase-3 evolutionary can kill that tiger?"

"I'm sorry I ever doubted!"


"I was so wrong! Chu Han has to be the one who killed all those zombies!"

"Yes! But the tiger seems too hard to deal with, and the battle outcome is still unknown!"

Their shock was replaced with worry. The tiger was terrifying, and the difference in their strengths was evident. The fact that they were evenly matched was jaw-dropping, but they were unsure if Chu Han could really defeat it.

"Should we help him?' Someone proposed.

"As ordinary people, we would only cause trouble. Let's just pray that our leader deals with the little one fast."

"Yes! Chu Han can't deal with it for much longer!"

Fan Jian, sitting on the ground, gradually recovered. He frowned, something he rarely did, as he knew how vicious the tiger was and almost died because of it. It was out of his expectations that the tiger would suppress him to such a degree. Naturally, he was afraid to approach it, but how could Chu Han face it head on and even leave scars on its body? Fan Jian couldn't imagine how powerful Chu Han was. 


The tiger was enraged, but it was a pity that its mighty roar didn't affect Chu Han. Instead, his speed and frequency of attacks increased!

Yes! He was attacking it!

Qin Shou and the others fighting against the little tiger were just defending and waiting for its collapse due to exhaustion. But Chu Han's strategy was different. He didn't try to run away like Fan Jian, but he attacked it directly without hesitating in the least.

Chu Han moved fast and chose to attack the tiger's back. The tiger was giving birth and fighting at the same time, so the half-born cub was its weakness!

Suddenly, the Shura axe exuded a dark l.u.s.ter before chopping at the tiger's back with extreme speed.

The attack's strength and speed threw the bystanders in turmoil.

"I am blinded!" Fan Jian covered his eyes.

The moment Fan Jian closed his eyes, the bystanders let out deafening screams.




"It's impossible!"

"What? What?" Fan Jian hurried to open his eyes, and he was utterly shocked.


Scarlet blood surged out like a spring fountain. A huge tail landed on the ground, and the tiger roared like crazy.

Chu Han had cut the tiger's tail?!

Fan Jian was shocked, and then he shouted, "Are you a beast? How could you cut its tail? Sh*t. It looks really painful!"

Chu Han who was withstanding the tiger's angry and frenzied attacks nearly spewed out blood hearing Fan Jian's voice.

Do you think he did it willingly? It was an accident!