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Everyone was really excited, even the ones opposed to the idea of offering their food to Chu Han were more willing to do so now. He was there for less than a day, but he created one miracle after the other. What more proof did they need?

Chu Han looked at the people rus.h.i.+ng his way but didn't react to the sudden change of att.i.tude of the simple-minded people. [What on Earth happened? I just killed a tiger, what's the big deal?]

Fan Jian thought of something while running to Chu Han's direction and then he asked curiously, "Why was the tiger rolling on the ground in pain? What did you do to it?"

The moment he finished asking, everyone gave their full attention to Chu Han. The b.l.o.o.d.y scene was weird, and they were full of questions too.

Chu Han was stunned for a moment, but then embarra.s.sment took over. He lifted the Shura axe on his shoulder, and then he started spouting nonsense, "I don't remember."

The crowd was speechless.

"Sh*t! I'll go and have a look." Fan Jian was curious by nature, and since Chu Han was unwilling to tell them, he just ran to the tigress' side to check. After checking, Fan Jian seemed like he had seen a ghost. 'Sh*t! Chu Han, yo- you- are too-"

Fan Jian's vague words aroused the crowd's curiosity.

"What happened?'

"What happened?"

"Stop blocking. I want to take a look too!"

A group of people ran to the tigress' corpse, but soon their faces turned green.

"Chu Han, you are really fierce!" Hua Yongzhi shook his head in fear.

Except for the tail, Chu Han had already cut violently, the tigress' a.s.s was mutilated. 

The pale-faced Qin Shou shook his head. "Brother Chu, your style is fiercer than my name 1 !"

Chu Han's face twitched what else could he have done? He found an opening and just lifted the axe to attack. 

By the time the battles were over it was already sunset.

Chu Han was exhausted, and the survivors carried the two tigers back to the base. He ignored everyone and went straight to the best room the base had to provide to rest.

Chu Han slept till midnight before opening his eyes again.

The lamp was on, and he exclaimed due to confusion as he didn't notice it, "Is it morning?" He was shocked since had never slept for so long.

"No, it's 23:00." A young girl's voice reached his ears, "You're finally awake."

Chu Han jumped off the bed, and he grabbed the speaker's throat out of instinct.

"Ah-"The young girl was shocked, and her body started trembling.

Chu Han had yet to fully awake before coming to his senses. The dim candlelight fell upon the shocked girl's figure that Chu Han was currently chocking subconsciously. She was about 16 years old and looked really beautiful, wearing a transparent chiffon. She wasn't wearing any underwear and the fragrant smell coming from her body could tempt any man to rush at her.

Chu Han glanced at her and stopped choking her, but he grabbed her arm so that she couldn't escape. were quite normal in his previous life, so he always stayed vigilant, even while sleeping. Unexpectedly, he was too tired today,

Chu Han's face was cold, and the girl was really worried as she was trying to catch her breath. That man was the base's hero and most revered figure, but his behavior was terrible.

"Who are you?" Chu Han was ignorant of what a man and woman were in a room. He just asked in a calm tone, and then he took a sip of tea.

"I, I am Bu Sha."


Chu Han's cup fell on the ground, and the tea splashed on his boots.

The girl was afraid to even lift her head upwards and look at him in the eyes.

Chu Han's fierce eyes scanned the girl's from head to toe. It must be said that the girl was gorgeous, especially her body; it was well-developed for a 16-year-old girl. It would be impossible for Chu Han to think that this body belonged to a 16-year-old if he didn't see her face.

Finding a beautiful, or handsome, stranger in one's room after such a battle, was a common occurrence. In his previous life, it was like a ceremony, and it showed the leader's goodwill toward the respected individual. The higher the guest's status was, the worthier the woman, or man, in the room would be. After the apocalypse, the intentions of offering a beautiful virgin were pretty clear.

However, Chu Han didn't care about that after confirming that the girl wasn't an enemy, but he was scared out of his wits when the girl answered the question about her name.

Bu Sha?

That base kept shocking him.

He was so shocked for the base. Besides meeting the old friend from his previous life, Fan Jian, he even met another famous individual, Bu Sha.

He smiled and shook his head. Presently, Bu Sha was only 16 years old; it was really ironic.

"Put on your clothes." Chu Han said slightly.

"Ah?" Bu Sha was in a dazed state, and then she nodded before putting on her clothes. However, she had no idea that the casual action of putting on clothes exposed her body completely, and Chu Han saw everything…

"What's happening outside?" Chu Han asked Bu Sha.

"They're celebrating." Bu Sha's eyes lit up because Chu Han's behavior made a good impression on her. At first, she was unwilling to sacrifice her virginity after being picked, but everyone persuaded her that it was for the base's sake and that's how they'd show their appreciation to Chu Han. Unexpectedly, not only Chu Han didn't ravage her body, he was even concerned about her well-being.

When Bu Sha stopped talking, a rapid knocking sound came from the door.

"Chu Han? Chu Han?" It was Fan Jian, and he sounded drunk, "Are you having fun? When the 'beast' is satiated, you can come and join us!"

A vein pulsed on Chu Han's head! He wanted to beat Fan Jian to a b.l.o.o.d.y pulp!

His name is translated to beast.