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"Chu Han", those two words were written in the most spectacular way on top of the list.

"My G.o.d!" Hua Yongzhi's eyes opened wide. "It, it is- Chu Han?!"

"Brother Chu is 20 years old, isn't he? Yes. I remembered!" Qin Shou couldn't believe it.

Chu Han, 20 years old, Evolutionary, Overall a.s.sessment: S+. He was the top phase-1 ranker!

There were countless evolutionaries under his name!

"He's really powerful!" Fan Jian's eye lit up, and then he said, "Let's go over there!"

The crowd sped up, and they reached the monolith soon. They were all stunned. How could the monolith measure one's power?

At that moment, Fan Jian stretched out his hand and knocked at the monolith. He didn't put any power to that knock, but the monolith sucked him inside the moment his hand came in contact with it.

"What happened? Fan Jian, Fan Jian?' Hua Yongzhi was shocked, and he tried hard to get in the monolith but to no avail.

"Maybe it has to do with an evolutionary's phase?" Qin Shou thought about it, and then he pointed at the monolith. "Phase-1, phase-2, phase-3 and so on. Logically speaking, I can only enter where Fan Jian is since we're both phase-2 evolutionaries."

Qin Shou tested his theory after he finished talking and he too was sucked into the monolith. Then, Hua Yongzhi, w.a.n.g Yan, the slim monkey-like man and the other phase-1 evolutionaries rushed to the monolith's phase-1 entrance.

Not long after, the rest of the ordinary survivors reached the monolith, as they were slower compared to evolutionaries, and they looked at Chu Han's name like fools.

They knew Chu Han was a fierce character, but not to that extent. They were entrapped in the base, so they were unaware of a lot of things. Chu Han was a renowned expert, overshadowing any other phase-1 evolutionary, and that was only the start of his glory and achievements.

Everyone felt happy and thankful. They would miss many more things if it weren't for his help.

While the crowd was buried in their emotions, several evolutionaries were kicked off the monolith, which shocked everyone once again.

"Sh*t! It's too hard!" The slim monkey-like man was the first one to complain.

w.a.n.g Yan took a deep breath and tried to suppress her fear. "Countless monsters rushed out!"

"How about your ranking?" At that moment Hua Yongzhi appeared out of the monolith, and he seemed to be better than others.


"I can't find it, there are thousands of names!"

The evolutionaries could still feel the terror brought by the test and their admiration toward Chu Han increased once again. How did he pull it off?

"How could Chu Han complete it and get S+? My score is only D."

"We're worlds apart from him. Forget it, he's on the top. We'll never reach him!"

Many evolutionaries felt dejected with their results, but they truly respected Chu Han from the bottom of their hearts. Reaching the top was tough!

It was October 20, 2015, two and a half months had pa.s.sed since the apocalypse's escalation. The entire world was still trying to adapt to the new reality. Most of the cities were abandoned since it was impossible to live there. And most of the survivors' bases were either near a city or the wilderness. 

Destruction and despair had spread all over the mainland. Wilderness was full of dangers ever since vegetation's growing speed had accelerated and animals had turned to ferocious beasts. Severed limbs could be seen everywhere, and there was a foul smell in the air produced by decaying bodies and splattered blood. 

The Wrangler was pa.s.sing through Yin City's main avenue, domineeringly destroying every obstacle in its path while leaving loud sounds behind.

Chu Han's food supplies had run out, so he had to go to the city and resupply. Most importantly, Yin City was the last stop before Anluo City, and it was possible he could find some information about the overall situation.

"If you gain a hundred more credits, you can upgrade another talent," w.a.n.gcai said while munching on a chicken leg. "Which one do you want to upgrade?" It asked.

In the last three days, Chu Han had acc.u.mulated a total of 1,889 credits. He could've gained more than 2,000 credits if he hadn't suppressed his urges. 

"Try to guess," Chu Han said expressionlessly. He wanted to give w.a.n.gcai a hard time.

"d.a.m.n your grandma!" w.a.n.gcai rolled its eyes. It still couldn't get used to Chu Han's s.a.d.i.s.tic behavior. 

When they reached a narrow and wrecked lane, Chu Han asked w.a.n.gcai to store the Wrangler. Then, he grabbed w.a.n.gcai forcefully. The latter knew that Chu Han wanted it to transform into its ping-pong ball shape and hide in his pocket.

"Stop!" Suddenly a shout came from ahead coupled with the sound of loading a gun. "That's our territory!"

Chu Han came to a stop, and his eyes narrowed. He found a man, about 20 years old, with rugged clothes on a house's roof, holding a brand-new gun.

"Who are you?" The voice was filled with hostility, "Don't you know that this is Brother Chen's territory? Leave immediately!"

Chu Han shook his head helplessly. He focused on the gun's barrel and then at the man. There was a supermarket miles away from the place. Chu Han chose that route because it was shorter. However, he still needed to go through several houses and even climb a wall to get there.

That man was angry and shouted again at Chu Han after the latter didn't react at all, "Leave if you don't want to die. How dare you trespa.s.s Brother Chen's turf? Haven't you heard of Brother Chen Yufei?!"

Chen Yufei? Who!

Chu Han shook his head and answered honestly, "No."

"F*ck! You must be a troublemaker! You have a death wis.h.!.+" The man shouted and pulled the trigger!


The bullet moved straight towards Chu Han's head!

In the next second-

The bullet was destroyed by a loud sound!

"You forced my hand. F*ck, it's so troublesome dealing with-" The man was ready to jump from the roof, but he came to a sudden stop because he saw Chu Han was still alive. He asked in a panic, "How are you still alive!?"

Chu Han put down w.a.n.gcai's ear slowly and revealed a wicked smile.

"You may have a gun, but I have w.a.n.gcai!"