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The fat rabbit in Chu Han's hand had a panic-stricken expression on its face, but miraculously, there was no bullet wound on its white fur.

The bullet had disappeared!

"w.a.n.gcai?" The man paled. He couldn't believe his eyes.

"Yes, w.a.n.gcai." Chu Han nodded like it was something normal. Then, he threw the poor w.a.n.gcai behind him and lifted the Shura axe.

Suddenly, he jumped in the air and pointed the axe's sharp edge at that man. Startled by the axe's lightning speed, the man stumbled and fell off the roof.

"You're lucky the bullet didn't hit me, so I won't kill you." Chu Han disregarded the man and said casually.


"Sh*t! Sh*t!" w.a.n.gcai cursed. It spat out some dirt from its mouth and then said angrily, "You threw me again!"

"Keep moving!" Chu Han didn't look back and kept walking.

"F*ck you! I am not done with you!"

"You can give it a try."

A man and a fat rabbit argued ceaselessly.

Chu Han's speed and jumping power were exceptional. His body was flexible as a jaguar, and his steps were as light as wind. w.a.n.gcai was in Chu Han's pocket in its ping-pong ball shape, with its head out of it to take some air.

They soon reached the supermarket…

The supermarket was several streets away from the lane, and there were no humans in the vicinity. It was surrounded by many groups of zombies. They were different from the beginning, as their skin was not as rotten due to evolution. A phase-1 zombie's skin was drier and rougher, while a phase-2's skin was more flexible, and its muscles would get even stronger.

Countless zombies flooded the street, and Chu Han dashed there at full speed. He sprung forward like an arrow while rotating the axe at the sea of zombies.

w.a.n.gcai found a chance to jump from the pocket, and its fat body rolled on the ground several times.

Chu Han started a ma.s.sacre, and countless zombie heads flew in the air ceaselessly, dyeing the road black with their blood. Wherever Chu Han stepped, a rotten body would fall…

Chu Han moved toward supermarket, and he also counted the credit.

1,970, 1,983, 1,994, 2,000!

Finally, he upgraded his accuracy talent!

Chu Han felt that his eyesight got clearer and that the range of his accuracy increased. Up until now, two meters had been the farthest he could be away from his target and still be accurate. It had been easy to calculate the distance needed to react, but his speed couldn't keep up with it. He hadn't been able to continuously use his talent because he had still had the speed of a phase-1 evolutionary.

However, after his accuracy was upgraded to phase-2, his range increased to five meters. As a result, the fact that he had a wider range made it easier to adjust his speed and reaction time.

It was the best outcome since Chu Han specialized in short-ranged attacks.

At that moment, a group of zombies, which included phase-2 ones, noticed Chu Han and roared in excitement before rus.h.i.+ng at him.

Two phase-2 zombies? Great!

Chu Han brandished his axe excitedly.

Ten minutes later…

Chu Han carried the axe in one hand, while he used the other to pinch w.a.n.gcai ear. They were outside the supermarket.

w.a.n.gcai was on the verge of tears and wanted to vomit. "Can you please put me down?"

"No. You didn't collect the crystal in time," Chu Han said. He shook w.a.n.gcai's ear. "It's your punishment."

w.a.n.gcai felt dizzier while suppressing the urge to vomit!

Chu Han stopped torturing w.a.n.gcai and paid attention to the supermarket's door. Surprisingly, the supermarket's exterior wasn't very damaged, but there were traces of a fight.

A strange glint flashed through Chu Han's eyes, and he broke the supermarket's lock.

The supermarket was dark inside, as the windows were filled with dark blood, or they were filthy, and sunlight couldn't pa.s.s through. However, the dim light was enough for Chu Han to see.

It was smaller than s.h.i.+ City's supermarket, with only one floor, but there were many shelves filled with food.

"So much food?" w.a.n.gcai, which had just recovered, exclaimed in surprise. 

Chu Han felt something was wrong. It was not in a mess, and the shelves were full of food!

"n.o.body has tried to raid it?" w.a.n.gcai was really talkative. "Sh*t. It is so strange! We're talking about a supermarket filled with food! How come n.o.body has swept it clean? Are they blind or fools?"

"There must be a reason." Chu Han did not forget what the man that shot at him said earlier. It was Chen Yufei's turf.

"Great. There are so many things here, but your 50 square meters s.p.a.ce can't store all that food. There's also your vehicle." w.a.n.gcai was trying to tempt Chu Han. "It'd be such a waste not to get everything here. It's food with a long expiry date. If I'm not wrong, you should still have hundreds of credits after upgrading the accuracy talent. How about expanding the storage s.p.a.ce? We can store more food!"

"Shut up." Chu Han glanced at it. "I know what you want."

"Sh*t!" w.a.n.g Cai rolled its eyes. "Don't buy then. I don't want your credits!"

"Stop talking and store all of those." Chu Han pointed at the high-calorie food command w.a.n.gcai.

While Chu Han and w.a.n.gcai were storing the food, the man that Chu Han had spared woke up with a splitting headache.

"Sh*t! That f*cker must be sick of life!"