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Wei Juncai and Xu Wanyan looked at Chu Han. The emotions in their eyes were different but they wore the same expression.


"Yo." Xu Wanyan rolled her eyes, "Don't act so arrogant. I thought you were special because of your appearance, not because you are powerful!"

"He!" Wei Juncai sneered as he looked at Chu Han`s slim limbs, "So you dare to order me around? Do you really think I won`t smash your face so hard you won`t have any teeth left?"

"Clean it up? Huh." Xu Wanyan puffed her chest as she continued, "Little guy, you should pay attention to your words. There are a lot of us while there is only one of you."

"You do remember that we are still a 'team'." Wei Juncai embara.s.sed Xu Wanyan once again as he then proudly spun the gun he was holding, "Now I order you to suck all the alcohol on the ground!"

Chu Han raised his eyes as he calmly said, "One last time, clean it up. I hate it when my shoes get wet."

Hate when the shoes get wet?

The words shocked the crowd. Did this guy not know he was all alone while there were a lot of them?

"Did I hear it correctly?"

"Is he stupid?"

"He is so arrogant!"

"We haven`t met such an arrogant person for a long time!"

"Besides, this is Brother Chen`s turf, so he`s in for an 'enriching' experience!"

Hearing the crowd`s murmurs, Chu Han`s last drop of patience was gone. He then took a deep breath and said towards Wei Juncai, "Are you the leader of this group? This is your last chance. Clean it all up. I`ll only give you five minutes to do it!"

"***! *** you! Who do you think you are?!" Wei Juncai`s anger flared up as he then quickly loaded his gun then pointed it towards Chu Han.

The crowd did not even voice out any type of protest towards Wei Juncai`s actions.

Xu Wantan, on the other hand, shook his head as she thought it was a waste for such a neat-looking guy to die. However, she still thought it was not that important to have a neat-looking guy. Moreso when the guy had bad eyesight.

At the moment everyone thought Chu Han was sure to die, a rabbit suddenly appeared in front of him!

And then---

Puff! The bullet suddenly disappeared.

The place suddenly turned eerily quiet, so quiet you could hear a needle falling.

Where did the bullet go? Where did the rabbit come from? Where did it go?

Looking up, they found that Chu Han was safe. He then put the rabbit down. Very unusual though, since the rabbit did not even curse him.

What happened?

No one knew the answer.

Fear and panic flooded the crowd`s minds, some of them even started to have thoughts of running away. They looked at Chu Han as if they just met a ghost.

Wei Juncai's face still had the same arrogant expression as he simply did not have the time to change it before he was shocked to the point of speechlessness. The hand holding on to the gunwas quivering incessantly until it fell after he forgot to hold it tight.

Xu Wanyan was also quivering in fear as she seemed to be incapable of moving.

Did they just meet a ghost?

'You... You... You... Are you human or are you a ghost?" Wei Juncai retreated and shouted to cover the fear he was feeling, "Are you a sorcerer? Stop playing. I won't believe you. Quick! Everybody, let`s go and kill him!"

Wei Juncai`s words woke Xu Wanyan from her stupor. She suddenly shouted, "Ahhhh!"

The supermarket suddenly turned messy all of a sudden.

Looking at the water near him and then towards the "tired" w.a.n.gcai, Chu Han shook his head as he then continued to move his sights towards Wei Juncai who seemed to be so intent in killing him.

Chu Han sighed. He just wanted to be a "good" person.


A gunshot interrupted Xu Wanyan`s screams. Not long after, Wei Juncai suddenly fell down. He was shot in the head, at the part where the "third eye" was supposed to be.

Chu Han was now very annoyed. He pointed towards the floor as he shouted, "Clear it up now!"

He did not want to kill others since human beings were the weaker species in the present world, but he would not mind killing someone to set an example for others.

Chu Han quickly destroyed the silver gun. Using such a common gun against a phase-two evolutionary was indeed unsuitable, but it was still enough to cause him some damage. However, he has w.a.n.gcai. w.a.n.gcai could bring anything within one meter to the dimensional s.p.a.ce. It could get rid of bullets and prevent bullets to hit him.

It was very useful!

As to w.a.n.gcai`s thoughts? Chu Han thought it wouldn`t have any and even if it did have any qualms, he would just it off.

Chu Han`s words shocked the crowd. They all seemed to have just met a ghost.

Xu Wanyan was the first one to lick and sip the alcohol on the floor. Her actions were quick and decisive. She was indeed a television star who gained a lot of honors when she was younger.

Chu Han was speechless. He asked the crowd to clean the mess, not sip it. At this rate, when will they actually finish cleaning it?

"Brother Chen! This way!"

All of a sudden, shouting sounds rang out outside, "Oh? How could all the zombies be dead?'

Chu Han shook his head as he looked at the gun in his hands.

"Go! Loot everything." Another voice sounded out, its tone was filled with arrogance.

"Yes! Brother Chen!"

"It is so strange. There are actually no zombies here!"

"We should have been here earlier!"

"Yes! The supermarket still haven`t been ransacked."

The group of people murmured as they then entered the supermarket. At that moment, Xu Wanyan suddenly jumped up and ran towards the door. She cried as she ran, "Woowoowoo! Yufei, Yufei, there is someone doing something bad to me. He wants to take advantage of me!"

Her bandwagoning speed was indeed great.

"Who?!" Soon enough, a voice filled with anger rang out, "Who dares touch my woman?"

"It`s him!" Xu Wanyan led a group of people towards Chu Han along with Chen Yufei. He seemed to be a very powerful guy. Xu Wanyan pointed at Chu Han while crying. She cried as if she was mourning someone that died, "He`s the one! Wretch! He wants to rape me!"

"Are you tired of living!" Chen Yufei`s anger flared up as he said, "You don`t offer me food yet you even want to rape my b.i.t.c.h?"

The word greatly embarra.s.sed Xu Wanyan but she turned spicy again, "Yes, he didn`t even give me a piece of bread!"

The G.o.ddess in the past could actually become such an awful woman in this apocalyptic world.

A smile was plastered on Chen Yufei`s face after he confirmed Chu Han was harmless. He pointed at Xu Wanyan, "Her name is Xu Wanyan. Do you know her? The TV G.o.ddess! And she is even so loyal. It`s usually impossible to even meet her. You can have her if you give me food in exchange. Five sausages for a single time, three times that amount if you want her for an entire night."

Chu Han shook his head as he looked at Xu Wanyan, "I am not blind."