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Apologize? Waiting? Waste his time?

These shocking words silenced the crowd once again, making everyone present feel tense. Chu Han`s arrogance and might shocked them so much. He had robbed a gun and even killed one of them, yet he still arrogantly asked Chen Yufei to apologize?

Li Nanxiang was shocked again as beads of sweat started to fill his face. He hurriedly tried to say, "Chu Han! You can't be like that! You---"

"Shut up." Chen Yufei cut off Li Nanxiang as he coldly stared at Chu Han, "You, do you think that you are so powerful because you are ranked first on the phase one Hunter ranking? You are just a phase one evolutionary, you may be the best in your league, but I am so sorry. I, Chen Yufei, is a phase two evolutionary!"

Phase two evolutionary!

Li Nanxiang nodded fiercely. Ignoring Chen Yufei's eyes filled with murderous intent, he said to Chu Han, "Chu Han, you should apologize! Brother Chen is a phase two evolutionary!"

Chen Yufei became proud, "Are you stupid? Don't you know that there's always people stronger than you? I am a phase two evolutionary. How about you? You are just a phase one evolutionary!"

Everyone cast their eyes on Chu Han's face, eager for his shocked and panicked reaction, but they could not see anything at all.

Chu Han shook his head, "So?"


What do you mean 'so'!?

The crowd was stupefied. They could not believe Chu Han would say something like that.

Li Nanxiang's eyes swept through Chu Han's face with incredulity. Was his friend a fool? Chen Yufei also looked at Chu Han with incredulity, "You, are you deaf? I said that I am a phase two evolutionary!"

The last sentence was shouted by Chen Yufei.

Chu Han nodded and he asked one more time when the latter didn`t understand the meaning of his words, "So?" 

So? So what?

What do you mean you are a phase-two evolutionary? Is a phase-two evolutionary that powerful?


Chu Han's att.i.tude made the crowd excited!

"Does he even know about the phase-one and phase two?"

"He knows nothing about numbers? Maybe something's wrong with his mind?"

"s.h.i.+t! He is so arrogant!"

"Brother Chen is ranked ninety in the phase-two Hunter ranking!"

"Yes. Did he think that the phase-one strength is the peak?"

"He is a person with a narrow mind. That's why he's so arrogant!"

Chen Yufei felt satisfied hearing what the people beside him were talking about. In his eyes, Chu Han was nothing. Phase-one evolutionary? Ranked first in the phase-one Hunter ranking? He was only a phase-one evolutionary but he was part of the top 100 people in the phase-two Hunters ranking list!

Chu Han was powerful as a phase-one evolutionary, but could he even compare to a phase-two? In distinguis.h.i.+ng between the strong and the weak, the evolutionary level was a clear connotation.

The strength gap between a phase-one and a phase-two was so obvious.

Li Nanxiang did not know how to deal with this. He never knew that Chu Han could be such a trouble-maker.

"Kneel, for the sake of the number one of the phase one evolutionary." Chen Yufei sneered at Chu Han as he held a long cold knife in his hand, "I will give you some face."

"Brother Chen!" Li Nanxiang begged.

All of a sudden...

Chu Han's cold voice, different from the previous laziness-filled tone, rang out, "Give me some face?"

"That's right!" Chen Yufei was filled with killing intent, "You won't be able to get out of this market. Kneel down if you don't want to be tortured..."


The slight noise interrupted Chen Yufei`s speech!

The noise was very sudden. Everyone was shocked, hurriedly scanning with their eyes to see what had happened. While in the next second...


Chen Yufei suddenly knelt down. His eyes widened as he tried to say a word but his voice seemed like it was cut off. Blood surged from the gaps of his teeth, dripping to the ground.

The sudden and weird scene silenced the supermarket, no one dared to make any noise. Was there something wrong with their eyes?

What happened just now!?

Chu Han was now standing beside Chen Yufei, lowering his leg. He was casually standing there, his face was still as calm as ever.

Li Nanxiang was stupefied. What happened? What had Chu Han done just now?

The arrogant Xu Wanyan`s entire being suddenly turned cold. She did not know how Chu Han managed to move to Chen Yufei's side in such a short time at such a great distance.

Others gulped, completely forgetting the things they said before.

"You have knelt down but you still owe me an apology." Chu Han said, his voice cold and calm. But his next words shocked the crowd. "Do it and I will give you some face."

The same words was said, but this time, it was pointed towards Chen Yufei.

"Cough!" A dazed Chen Yufei was enveloped by an excruciating pain. He felt an incomparable fear when he realized he had knelt down to Chu Han.

Was Chu Han a phase one evolutionary? What was that speed? Chu Han had kicked him twice. One kick on his back suspended his breathing and another kick on the back of his knees directly made him kneel !

"You? How could you be so fast?" Chen Yufei could only keel over from the pain. He never saw Chu Han's actions clearly, "No, you are not a phase-one evolutionary!"


The words of Chen Yufei suddenly excited the dazed people.

"He is not a phase-one evolutionary?"

"An upgrade?"

"I... I just felt that the life fluctuation from Chu Han was so powerful."

"Me too, it was so powerful."

Fear and regret spread to everyone's heart. Chu Han was not a phase one evolutionary, he was a phase-two evolutionary stronger than Chen Yufei!

Li Nanxiang was dazed as he stared at Chu Han. s.h.i.+t, that guy is so powerful?!

Chu Han shook his head, his eyes as cold as ever. He never said that he was a phase-one evolutionary, phase-two was almost accurate but the common phase two evolutionary could not be compared with him.

"No, no ,no!" Chen Yufei, who understood the coldness in his eyes, knelt down on the ground heavily. "I apologize! I will beg for my life! I am so sorry to have wronged you. It was me that did not know the reason of able men behind one able man. I am a person with a narrow mind. I am so arrogant! I beg you! Please, I beg you!"

He just used the words the people said towards Chu Han and pointed it towards himself. At this moment, Chen Yufei was really afraid of Chu Han. How dare he say kneel down to such a person?

He must be really tired living!