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A+ A- Chapter 881

Chapter 881 – Holy Bell

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

When Tang Tian received the news regarding the outcome of the battles in the Desolate Continent and the WhiteFields Continent, he and his G.o.d Armor Army was already far away from White Fields Continent.

“Well done!” Tang Tian’s mood was rather good.

Regardless of Du Ke or Nie Qiu, their performances had exceeded Tang Tian’s expectations. Tang Tian did not have much worries regarding Du Ke’s side. They had cleaned up the Desolate Continent, thinning the energy in the continent, and making it suitable for Du Ke’s Sin Domain Army. Even if the army could not be unleashed, Du Ke’s perverse individual strength was enough to bring a huge trouble to the enemy. Furthermore, behind the stronghold was the Sin Domain. With Du Ke’s prestige in the Sin Domain, he could easily mobilize the entire Sin Domain.

In Tang Tian’s speculation, even if Du Ke was unable to defeat the enemy, it would not be a problem for him to delaythe enemy. But Tang Tian did not expect that not only would Du Ke win, but obtain such a huge win, Collin’s entirearmy was destroyed!

It was definitely not easy to do that.

If Du Ke’s victory made Tang Tian have the motion to evaluate the Sin Domain Army again, then the HonorableMartial’s Roar was truly an unexpected happiness. A century old wars.h.i.+p that was discarded like trash and a groupof amateurs that had never controlled a wars.h.i.+p before, with tactics that had never been tested before, actuallyachieved such a huge victory of destroying the enemy’s fleet.

When Tang Tian saw this report, his chin almost dropped to the ground.

But very quickly, he became pleased.

~As expected of the subordinates of mine. See, with this influence of this G.o.dlike young man, everyone has becomeso powerful!”

~Yes, it must be because of me!~

Being beyond pleased, Tang Tian started to consider how the two victories would affect their plans. After thinkingabout it earnestly, Tang Tian quickly realized that the victories benefited their plan greatly.

~Temple must be having a huge headache now~ Tang Tian laughed, then started to move again.

Tang Tian would never have guessed that the two victories had impacted Temple beyond what he could everimagine.

A trading s.h.i.+p flew steadily in the air with 

;its Mace Fields Trading emblem on the side, the city below clearly visible.According to the plan, they would not stop in the city, but had to quickly head over to the gathering point. Uponthinking about the fact that he could meet Qian Hui soon, Tang Tian’s heart was on fire.

~Oh man, seems like I need to do some training, Once I’m excited, I can’t sleep.~

Tang Tian, who had long felt that his skin and muscles were extremely thick, correction, with his bronze skin, steel bones and strong psychological state never thought that he would have trouble sleeping. ~Alright, to lose sleep over Qian Hui is not embarra.s.sing at all, others don’t even have the chance to do so.~

Tang Tian became pleased again.

Right at that moment, he suddenly felt something. He opened his eyes, revealing a cold glint.

His figure instantly disappeared from the boat.

Somehow at the same time, the others all rushed out of the trading s.h.i.+p.

When they rushed out, they were shocked by what they saw.

The energy above the entire city suddenly surged, as though an invisible hand was stirring it. Energy from alldirections converged, releasing ripples after ripples, forming visible white light scars in the sky, which was formedby the radiant energy rubbing against the air, showing how dense the radiant energy in the region was.

All of the wars.h.i.+ps, trading s.h.i.+ps and transport s.h.i.+ps in the air stopped, many rushed out with shocked expressions.

All the citizens inside the city had exited their homes, countless flew into the sky, the uniform thing being the sameshocked faces.

By his side, Melissa covered her lips with her eyes opened wide, her face revealing the same shock. Johnson too, hada change in expression.

Tang Tian gasped, his gaze fixed onto the location where the energy was most concentrated.

Radiant energy surged towards the same location from everywhere, and producing a halo of white light. More andmore energy surged, and the gigantic white halo light grew at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed, in the blink of the eye, a giganticbell appeared above the city.

Tang Tian expressed surprise, the majestic looking bell was completely constructed from radiant energy.


The loud chime sound resonated out across the entire land.

Tang Tian stared at the giant bell gloomily. It was his first time seeing such a technique, and the bell contained a lotof energy. If it were to explode, Tang Tian knew that half of the city would be razed.

The bell contained a unique energy undulation, which was able to transmit the energy. But what made Tang Tianinterested was that when the bell unleashed the chime sound, the shockwave could continuously absorb energyaround, continuously strengthening itself.

Tang Tian immediately understood what it was for.

It was an alarm technique. Not only could the bell sound keep on spreading, but it would become stronger, which meant that the bell could effortlessly alarm the entire continent.

It was an extremely interesting and useful technique.

Seeing that it was not for an attack, Tang Tian relaxed.

After the bell sounded out for three times, the giant bell disappeared, transforming into countless light dots thatdissipated with the wind, falling from the sky like snow.

The people who were floating in the air all looked serious and worried. Beneath them, the city had become rowdy,countless of figures were soaring into the sky, forming many arcs as everyone flew into different directions.

“What’s happening?” Tang Tian asked.

Melissa’s face turned white, as though she had lost some of her spirit: “That was the Holy Bell!”

“Holy Bell?”

“Yes Master.” Johnson carried out, his mental state was better than Melissa, and explained: “The Holy Bell is only rung when Temple is at its most critical period and in danger. When the Holy Bell is rung, all families are required to bring their local elites and head to Temple, to protect them. In the Honorable Martial Continent’s early days, Temple had signed a pact with the various families. At that time, Temple was not as strong as it is today, and it required the support of many families. After that, Temple became stronger and stronger, thus they did not ring the bell. I never thought that Temple would actually use the Holy Bell again. Seems like Temple is being forced into a corner.”

Johnson’s words was filled with emotions, in his eyes, Temple was an extremely powerful being with unfathomable power and strong foundation.

Who would have known that Temple would actually sound the Holy Bell once more.

Tang Tian looked pensive, out of all of them, only he knew Temple’s terrible situation. He, Qian Hui and Uncle Binghad discussed many times about how they had managed to stretch Temple’s forces thin. But they only thought thatTemple would recruit more manpower to build armies, and never expected Temple to use a Holy Bell.

To Tang Tian, the Holy Bell was almost similar to their trump card.

Tang Tian could not help but praise them in his heart, ~Seems like Temple has capable people. Instead of buildingnew armies, they have come up with many countermeasures.~ Who would have thought that even before Tang Tiancould fully expand on the plan, the enemy would had sensed danger and made use of the Holy Bell.

~Truly decisive.~

Melissa regained her composure and looked at Tang Tian. Johnson was the head of her protection, and naturally hadmore knowledge in terms of battles, but his train of thoughts were much simpler. On the other hand, Melissa wasmore profound, and suspected that Temple’s ringing of the Holy Bell had to do with Tang Tian.

A trace of fear swept past her heart, the respect she had for Tang Tian grew even more, but very quickly, she became more excited. The current Mace Fields Trading was already bound together with Tang Tian, and they shared a common goal. Ignoring Mace Fields Trading’ relative strength, even the Western Traders, the supposedly strongest trading organization, had to listen to Temple’s back and call. The Western Traders was completely destroyed, and even implicated those around it. This had greatly affected Melissa. Temple would never listen to any excuse or reason, as long as there was any bit of connection, there could only be one ending for them.

It was too late for Mace Fields Trading to separate themselves from Tang Tian, they could only continue walking into the darkness, and naturally, Melissa hoped for Tang Tian to become stronger.

She chuckled: “Seems like Temple has encountered huge trouble. If it is not an emergency, Temple will definitely notsound the Holy Bell, as it is not that easily activated.”

Hearing that, Tang Tian became curious: “Why is that?”

Melissa was from an aristocratic family, and naturally knew more than others, thus started to explain: “In that year,inside the pact between Temple and the various families, it was stated that upon Temple’s activation of the HolyBell, the various families must aid them. But it also states that upon being rung, if the various families are to help, allthe spoils of wars would be given to the respective families, and Temple cannot get a share of it. For this, Temple hadto sacrifice greatly. Temple has taken the Shang Continent, and obtained the pathway to Heaven’s Road. If they didnot ring the Holy Bell, this pathway would completely belong to Temple, and Temple did not need to share it withother families. But, now that Temple has rung the Holy Bell, that pathway doesn’t belong to Temple anymore, butwill belong to the various families.”

Tang Tian was surprised: “How can Temple give up on the Shang Continent?”

Melissa did not reply, but spoke to herself in her mind, ~That will depend on what you’re going to do to Temple, theway I see it, Temple was forced to ring the Holy Bell.~

Tang Tian did not believe that Temple would just give up on the Shang Continent, but he could not understand theulterior motive behind it. Being unable to think about it, Tang Tian stopped. ~I have many intelligent friends, I canjust ask Qian Hui or Uncle Bing.~

He then asked: “How many people can they gather?”

“I do not know.” Melissa shook her head: “Temple hasn’t rung the bell for a long time, it is hard to estimate how manypeople they can gather. But even the families with a bit of strength will be going. Just in case Temple will be givingout the remuneration, even if they have to strut around, they will all go.”

Tang Tian suddenly noticed a problem: “What about the citizens? Are they being conscripted as well?”

“Citizens?” Melissa was surprised, but she immediately corrected him: “What can they use the citizens for? Thewealth and power belongs to the large families, they are the true foundation of Temple’s unification. All of thoseuseless citizens hold no value, Temple will not care if they live or die.”

Tang Tian did not approve of Melissa’s viewpoint, his Major Ursa Constellation did not have any big families. b.u.t.temple’s way of doing things made Tang Tian heave a sigh of relief instead.

But, he did not linger on this question further, but asked: “Is Mace Fields Trading inside the conscription?”

Melissa hesitated for a moment, then nodded: “Yes.”

Tang Tian’s eyes lit up.